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31st January, 2017

It is not about Refugees - It is about the destabilisation of the Nation States of Europe.

The majority of people agree that genuine Refugees and Asylum Seekers should be helped and that everything should be done to give them succour and protect them from harm, and certainly the problems with the Middle-East, which came about through the ambitions of the West to interfere in otherwise Sovereign Nations, have generated a great number of them. In Africa, for various reasons, many have also been displaced through conflicts within individual countries. There are also many migrants who simply seek a better life and all of these are worthy of our help in their time of need.

In 2012, the UN Special Representative for International Migration attended the British House of Lords Committee on Migration and declared that the European Union (EU) should do its best to undermine the homogeneity of its member states and make them Multicultural, in order to offset the effects of the ageing populations in western Europe.

This is not some Conspiracy Theory, the UN Special Representative is Peter Sutherland, former Attorney General for Eire, former EU Commissioner, former Chairman of BP, former Chairman of Goldman-Sachs, and now at the London School of Economics (LSE), and his comments were reported in 2012 by Brian Wheeler for the BBC.

Basically, claiming that Europe needs mass uncontrolled immigration to pay for the pensions of the European elderly is the answer to the problems of an ageing population was always the big lie; in reality, Europe is simply taking in a mass influx of dependents who represent a further drain on its resources - as was the plan all along - what better way to destabilise the EU member states.

Nothing New

This was not the first time that we have seen Multiculturalism in use for political ends either - when Blair came to power in 1997, he set about undermining the homogeneity of the UK - by numerous methods - but for the purpose of this present article; through Multiculturalism - by stealth, without the knowledge or consent of the British population. Andrew Nether later reported that it was a New Labour policy - to rub the noses of the right in diversity, in order to make their arguments invalid - more importantly for them though, it was also to increase their core vote, since the Labour Party had been steadily losing its core British vote, once the British working population realised the true nature and ambitions of the Labour movement. Meanwhile, in Germany, Gerhard Schröder, an unpopular leader, used the Turkish immigrant vote to regain power in 2002.

To achieve a new large core voter base, New Labour gave the new arrivals greater rights than the native population; funded and encouraged the spread of Islamic culture within Britain, including the acquiescence of hate preachers openly advocating the overthrow of Democracy and the imposition of Sharia Law in Britain. Multiculturalism is little more than the imposition of alien cultures into previously settled communities, and is designed to elicit tension and create division in society. 

Germany, 10th September, 2015

Angela Merkel opened Germany to Refugees from Syria and this was quickly followed by Juncker inviting anyone wishing to come to Europe to simply arrive in Europe - travelling across Sovereign borders en route, without consent - and they would be welcome, and it was at this point that Sutherland began a campaign to encourage uncontrolled mass immigration into western Europe, though he seems to have concentrated upon immigrants from Africa; stating that, immigrants should not be required to change their way of life in order to fit in with the settled population in Europe.

​Interestingly, Merkel did not ask anyone in the other 27 member states, the usual excuse for EU inertia when someone wants something from the EU, before essentially making them responsible for quotas of migrants, even though no provisions had been made to accommodate them. Further, it quickly became clear that very little effort had been made to properly check those arriving - many of them were using false Syrian passports or destroying all evidence of their identity - more particularly, further, uncontrolled migration was encouraged, which has resulted in despair and even death for many who had been encouraged to travel to Europe for the political ends of Merkel, Juncker and Sutherland.

The resulting chaos, and cost in financial, as well as social and cultural terms in Germany and the rest of Europe was always predictable, and so designed; and it is having precisely the effect that Sutherland advocated - Merkel knew from the outset that the immigrants would not integrate (from their experience with the Turkish "Gastarbeiter" programme in the 1950's to 1970's) 

Going Forward

A European Union was never the intention of the EU, which seeks to eliminate the Nation States of Europe, in particular, their National identities, in order to build a Federal Superstate, run by a single government in Brussels (Berlin); under the pretext that this would also eliminate any future wars. But, of course, the EU itself has ambitions for its own super Nationality - with its own Flag, Motto, Anthem, Armed Forces, in waiting, and other paraphernalia of Nationalism. The EU is a giant, corporate "Ponzi Scheme", which, courtesy of the Lisbon Treaty (2007) has the Constitution of a Dictatorship and the Laws of a Police State - it was designed to make a few people very rich, and force the multitudes in to abject poverty - the EU is devoid of morality. This "Great Migration" is a favourite with George Soros and the Jewish lobby, as well as Saudi Arabia, as long as it does not impact on them, and the entire EU project is supported by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and other US Democrats - their supporters account for the majority of those opposing President Trump - who actually does see the dangers that the EU represents.  


The EU Referendum result was a response to this blatant attempt to flood Europe with immigrants in order breakdown the societies of Europe, and destroy the identities of the EU member states, including Britain. This process is actively taking place throughout Europe now, and this is why normal; ordinary people, in fear of losing everything they hold dear - not NAZI's - are rising up against the tyranny of the EU. The backlash began when it became clear that the "Refugees" were not families, escaping war, but military age men running away from their own countries instead of fighting for their homeland - and astonishingly -  leaving their families behind.


In Britain, the Europhile House of Lords attempts to equate the crisis with the use of the emotive "Kindertransport" programme; then it became clear that it was nonsense to compare Europe in the 1938 to 1940 with Europe today- and the final straw came when the so-called child refugees turned out to be, once again military aged men, and older, pretending to be children - at which point all credibility in the political system in Britain collapsed.  Now of course they resort back to stealth to obtain their political ends, and the programme continues while we remain trapped in the EU.

The EU is not fit for purpose and we need to form alliances with like minded countries in Europe, and begin free trade with them - We also know from this great migration scandal, that we do not have to deal with 27 different countries in the EU, if they see that our offer of free trade is better than subjugation under Germany and France, they will join us.

The Refugees and Asylum Seekers, together with those just seeking a better life are just pawns in the hands of a few voracious, self-centred, largely failed politicians, who through their inadequacies lust for power, wealth and glory at the expense of everyone else.