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​​​9th July, 2016

Jeremy's Last Stand?

On the 11th of July Angela Eagle will announce that she is going to stand against Jeremy Corbyn in a leadership race which will be determined by the Labour Party members. This will be unique in a number of ways; first it will directly pit the "Blairites" against the "Corbynites" for the soul of the Labour Party; or more precisely it will involve two mini referenda with the EU versus the British people - forgive the crude assignments - but also it will be almost uniquely Democratic; as will the Tory leadership race, since, in the end it involves only the party membership.

The Labour Party leadership contest only came about because the "remain" Camp did not win the Brexit Referendum on behalf of the Blairite faction and, of course the EU - this has been used as an excuse to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn; but it also exposes a deeper malaise within British Politics.

To put things in perspective The following comments from District Judge Morgan who presided over the "Metric Martyrs" case in 2001 - traders who were prosecuted for using pounds and ounces instead of kilograms and grams - illustrate the current position of the UK government within the EU.

"We are now living under a new legal order. The 1972 European Communities Act was a one-off, not an ordinary treaty, but a new way of life. These are new constitutional powers. The British Parliament surrendered its sovereignty in 1972. EU laws have overriding force with priority over British Laws - The Articles on the supremacy of the British Parliament are now only of Historical perspective - they are non-binding"

Britain ceased to be a Representative Democracy in 1972 and simply became an agent of a foreign power - as such Parliament has no legal right to overrule a Direct Democratic Referendum by a majority of the British population - since the British Parliament gave away its sovereignty illegally and as a result is required to act in the interests of that foreign power; so effectively Britain has no Democratic credibility.

The net result is that following the Brexit vote Cameron was ordered by Brussels to step down and have Theresa May succeed him and the EU through its control of the British political parties instructed; (a) the Tory party politicians to vote for that Theresa May succession and (b) the Labour politicians to get rid of Corbyn - and they have mustered the entire Blairite machinary (past and present) to bring that about; and replace him with and EU friendly droid like D Miliband, albeit with an intermediary in the form of Angela Eagle.

The remain campaigners do not appear to realise that Britain is simply an EU "Vassal" state – (FCO:30/1048) - that takes instruction from Brussels (or maybe they do know or don't care). Our country has been successfully occupied by a foreign power since 1972 with the acquiescence of our establishment and political class - the remain supporters have no idea what a dreadful future awaits them if they stay within the political EU. 

We sincerely want to offer Jeremy Corbyn our best wishes and a successful outcome against the forces of darkness that the EU has amassed against him for failing to dupe the British public into voting to remain - even if, as he claimed today he voted to remain.