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2nd October, 2016

Keep up the good work

Mrs May's announcement today, along with a commitment to invoke Article 50 (TEU) before March 2017, will define her Premiership and the future of the British people - for the first time we are now able to openly discuss the EU "Warts and All" with our own politicians and Peers - many explanations of their actions and activities are long overdue. 

So far, so good, assuming it is genuine, but the hard work is just beginning since our establishment, Parliament and the House of Lords, among many others will do everything they can to prevent the English from escaping from the spider's web of deceit that is the EU.

The most interesting part of today's announcement that Britain would repeal the European Communities Act (1972) which the Heath government, with the help of a few Labour MP's entangled (sold out) the British population into the EEC under false pretences and gave away part of our sovereignty - even after they have sworn an oath not to give that sovereignty or any part of it away to any foreign power, subject to the laws of Treason. Legislation, from which Blair and New Labour removed the section relating to the death penalty soon after they were elected.

What is even worse is that for the past 43 years our MP's have continued to allow the European Court of Justice (ECJ) to rule over our courts (vicariously) through our MP's - a fundamental act of Treason by the complicit politicians - that is to say, that at any time our MP's could have repealed the ECA (1972) and taken back our full sovereignty, if such a desire existed - barring opposition from MP's whose loyalties lie with the Communist dominated EU.

Don't tell Sturgeon that we have not been a sovereign country since 1973, otherwise it might get back to the Scottish population who seem to think that she will lead them into an Independent, sovereign Scotland, inside the EU.

We look forward to hearing from our current politicians about how the treacherous New Labour politicians (Brown and D Miliband) signed the Lisbon Treaty (2007) with the full knowledge that it was, de facto, the previously rejected Constitution for Europe (2004) signed by Blair and Straw and, is in fact, an "Enabling Act" (Article 48) - through which the EU can acquire any power it needs in order to obtain its objectives. Just as a reminder - courtesy of the Lisbon Treaty (2007), the EU became an independent  legal entity in International Law, separate from, and superior to, its Member States.

We have been quite surprised to see comments in the press by people who did not realise (or believe) that our politicians had given away our ability to make, and uphold, our own laws (our sovereignty) to a foreign Dictatorship. This information has always previously been suppressed following the advice contained the Foreign and Commonwealth Office documents FCO:30/1048 (1971) (kept secret under the 30-Year-Rule) which established the precedent, required by the Treaties that Heath's government signed, that our successive HM Governments and Opposition Parties were effectively sworn to "Mislead" the British people about the true nature and intentions of the EEC (the EU Trojan Horse) and, how much had been given away and /or changed in order to comply with the Directives and Regulations from the EU during the past 40 odd years.  

We look forward to a new enlightenment regarding the EU - including an admission that unlimited, uncontrolled mass migration, being pushed by our politicians, is really about destroying British social cohesion, its Culture, Traditions and Heritage; the destruction of our public services, infrastructure and "Green Belt"; the recreation of Dickensian squalor and criminality, and ultimately the downfall of our economy, on behalf of the EU - no doubt the various commentators in the BBC, and elsewhere in the Media will be happy to expose the EU for what it really is, "a wannabe" new Soviet Union in Europe - something that the Eastern European Member States quite wrongly believed they had unshackled themselves from by joining the EU.