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27th September, 2017

Labour plans to Destroy the UK - On behalf of the EU

To the political Left, Orwell's "Animal Farm" and "1984" are instruction, training and operating manuals; their weapons of choice are Cultural Marxism, skulduggery and intimidation. Their modus operandi is the subjugation (through violence (revolution) preferably) of the population (coercive government) and economic incompetence - and all of the above have been demonstrated by the Labour Party, at their conference this week.  They did go further though, by singing, effectively, "Oh Glorious Leader" - how very North Korean.

Perhaps the most worrying aspect of the Labour Party's campaign is the use of the Grenfell Tower tragedy for their own political ends - just as the NAZI's had used the Reichstag Fire in 1933 - it seems that there are no depths to which the Labour Party will sink in their attempts to overthrow the Democratically elected government.

We should be worried for our safety if Corbyn and McDonnell ever gain power in the UK - since, they seem to be attempting to recreate past, failed visions, encompassing the 1917's Russia, 1930's Germany and 1970's Britain - which, evidently, haunt their tormented minds.

UK National Debt

We are still trying to pay down the effects of the economic incompetence of New Labour (1997-2010) - except it wasn't incompetence, it was more likely a deliberate sabotage of the UK economy - an attempt to destroy the Capitalist system by Blair, Brown and the PLP - as part of a wider political Left plan developed in the US - with the deregulation of the financial services  (regulations that were designed to prevent a second Wall Street Crash) and the subprime mortgage debacle. This was what McDonnell - Labour Shadow Chancellor - was celebrating, allegedly, when caught dancing in a video, after he thought that the 2008 Financial Crisis had brought down the world's Capitalist system - and now the Old Labour Party plan to finish the job.

The June'17 Election

Corbyn claims to have led a successful campaign in order to gain his current position - but in reality, he owes much of his success to Theresa May, following her holiday - who, we can only assume was instructed by the EU to have the election in the first place, along with her attacks against her own Conservative voters. 

Corbyn obtained many of his votes through a barely disguised lie - he fooled a large section of the student population into believing that, if elected, he would get rid of tuition fees and pay off student debt - more importantly, Corbyn fooled their parents, who are desperate to make sure that their offspring are not saddled with such debt. The Conservatives need to phase out, and stop tuition fees - find another way to finance Universities - and concentrate on quality. 

Corbyn went further by promising to honour the EU Referendum result, but clearly he will say anything to get into power.

After the Election

Since that election, two major changes have taken place: - Corbyn went, with Starmer and Abbott, to have talks with the EU, and completely "changed his staunchly held views" on the EU; and May went on second holiday, in Italy, rather than Wales - in the same area as Merkel's holiday venue. After which, she suddenly gave away major concessions to the EU - payment to the EU of 20 billion Euros, over a two year "faux" transition period - obviously designed to overlap with the next intended General Election - it must be the change of water on these holidays.

What is becoming crystal clear is that (since. more than 80% would vote to stay in the EU) effectively our politicians are under the control of the EU, and we are being duped - it is an orchestrated deception by our elected Representatives and the UK establishment - little more than the same deception that they have maintained for the past 44 years. This behaviour is in line with the instructions in the 1971, FCO:30/1048 document - advice to Ministers (secret under the 30 year rule) - effectively stating that - the government and major political parties in the member states must protect the EEC (EU) from scrutiny by the populations of those member states. (see FCO:30/1048) 

We seem to be living within a giant theatrical production, whilst being played for fools, as our elected Representatives collude with the EU, and seek to force a second EU Referendum, which they can easily manipulate - by changing the Referendum franchise and / or the points of reference - to let them "off-the-hook" - since,  by such a device, they hope to escape blame should they be, otherwise, forced into having to keep the UK in the EU through open treachery.

Labour's Plan "B"

From the moment that New Labour were elected in 1997, they set about reorganising the UK, in order for it to be totally absorbed within the EU, that was Plan "A". New Labour's Blair, Brown and the PLP were close to being successful, but they were kicked out, in 2010. Then the LibDem/Con coalition and Cameron government kept it ticking over - by not applying sufficient austerity levels to rid the country of its financial burden - because of their perceived political fragility - which has led us to this point in our history. 

We offer the following attempt to predict the actions of Corbyn's Old Labour, if elected, which is based upon the available information, and our estimation of how Plan "B" could develop - we believe It would (if the UK population are so completely duped by the Labour Party, as to elect them to government) involve a great deal of spending and massive borrowing - obviously - so people would be kept on side, initially.

But, based upon Corbyn keeping the UK in the EU, as he has plans to do, as he outlined his speech today - in effect, to pay whatever money the EU wants 100 billion or more , stay under full and complete ECJ (EU) rule (full EU rights to EU citizens in the UK), and unable to obtain free trade arrangements with any other country in the rest of the world - by staying in the Customs Union.

Such arrangements would lead to total integration within the EU, including the Eurozone, and most importantly the source of money for the Labour Plan "B" - in particular their Nationisation programme - would have to be borrowed - and the most likely place (or only place) to borrow would be the Quadriga (European Central Bank (ECB), European Commission (EC), International Monetary Fund (IMF), European Stability Mechanism (ESM)) - which would place the UK in precisely the same position as Greece was before the Eurogroup called in its loans, and forced the sale of the Greek state assets just to pay interest to German banks.

Total integration into the EU would also mean uncontrolled, unfettered mass immigration, and the inevitable acceleration of borrowing in order to prevent the total collapse of the UK infrastructure, in an unsustainable  orgy of exponential borrowing. 

The UK population would live like the Greeks did before they were subjugated by the unaccountable Eurogroup in the EU, and when the repayments to the EU cannot be met or the EU decide to take all of the Nationalised UK assets - which the Labour party, would have, so kindly bundled into a collateral package for the loans, would hand them over to the Eurogroup for disposal to the highest bidder, just to pay the interest back.

To further subjugate the UK population, severe austerity measures would be forced upon the UK (see Greek Crisis) - and money would be taken directly from our bank accounts (as was the case with Cyprus) - Juncker's State of the Union Address (13th September, 2017) included plans for an EU wide National Insurance  card - and as part of earlier  plans, ironically "to counteract fraud in the EU" -  it plans to have everyone's bank account details as well.

The main beneficiary of Labour Party policies will be the EU - not the British People.