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9th September, 2016

Labour QT "Debate"

In last night's QT "debate it became clear that there were no circumstances that the party that Owen Smith is seeking to  represent - which is either a New New Labour - or one based upon its principles, methods and techniques - would  have any  qualms about overturning the Democratic will of the people of Britain in favour of the wishes of, and into the control of, a foreign power; in precisely the way that Sturgeon is acting in the interests of the EU, not Scotland.

Make no mistake the EU is not some cosy little club of which we are a member, courtesy of our nefarious politicians, the EU really does mean us harm, and that extends to every other member state and anyone who does not do as they are told - however, some of the other member states are just beginning to realise that; rather late in the day.

Smith went on to peddle the so called virtues of the EU; such as protecting workers' right - tell that to the those caught up in mass youth unemployment in southern EU member states - deliberately created by the EU austerity programmes in Europe  - and he went on to proclaim that if he was elected he could help out those affected by the uncontrolled mass migration in Britain with a massive programme of borrowing to the tune £200 billion for investment in Britain and pledged £60 billion for the NHS over the period of a single parliament - this sounds like he has had his script written by Gordon Brown and Tony Blair and the rest of New Labour.

A Labour party who burdened the country and, in particular, the NHS through Private Finance Initiative (PFI) , with so much debt that the only option would have been to privatise it, had they not been turfed out on their ears. The NHS remains in a perilous state, not helped by the Marxists in the BMA subverting attempts to keep the NHS afloat - and TTIP is nowhere near dead - so vote for Smith get another New Labour - as Smith pointed out Labour needs to get votes from Tory voters and Jeremy is only appealing to disaffected Labour supporters.

The bottom line is that Smith wants the Labour Party to pretend to have middle class aspirations in order to get back into power, then revert to type, and do as much damage to Britain as it can on behalf of the EU, in preparation for the EU's (Bilderbergers') other damaging "Free Movement" projects - all designed to asset strip the public services and infrastructure of the member states through privatisation; so they can be rebuilt within the hybrid Neo-Capitalist EU Superstate.

Unfortunately, Jeremy Corbyn who seems to have his heart in the right place and sees the EU in its true light appears to be duty bound to say that he thinks that we should stay in a "Reformed" EU - even though he knows or should know that when he refers to moves by the EU to bring in privatisation throughout the member states that these are not new ideas they were contained within the original Treaty of Rome (1957) - along with many other, far more worrying designs in the Lisbon Treaty (2007) 

There can never be any reform of the EU - all the member states signed the EU Treaties - they are legally bound to accept that the EU will destroy the nations that they claim to represent - many of the politicians in the UK and Europe are complicit in that programme.