31st May, 2017

Labour's destruction of the UK

The Labour Party was disappointed by the failure of New Labour to destroy the UK's economy, through mass unfettered immigration, particularly from the EU: Through reckless spending, expansion of PFI indebtedness, enlargement of the public sector, expansion of the benefit system, sale of our gold reserves and the destruction of our private pensions system, the overwhelming of our public services; schools, NHS, GP surgeries, transport system and reducing the available housing stock - not forgetting the banking bailout using public funds, to name only some of their economic effects.

The connection between our current difficulties and the actions of the Labour party (1997- 2010) are easy to correlate, as are house price inflation with population inflation. Corbyn is even further to the Political Left than Gordon Brown or the rest of New Labour, and (if elected to power) Corbyn's actions will be far more damaging for Britain than anything that Brown ever did, or even dreamt of doing; apart from his signing of the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - it isn't Rocket Science.

All of these actions were celebrated (mistakenly) by the current Labour Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell in a 2013 video, when he thought that the 2008 sub-prime mortgage induced crash, which was precipitated by Left wing American politicians under President Bill Clinton, had done its job; by bringing an end to the Capitalist System. If McDonnell's behaviour is anything to go by, the current Labour Party is intent upon a second attempt at finishing that job; by following on where the Labour Party had failed in their last attempt (1997 - 2010)

The chart below shows how the financial fortunes of the UK (inside the EU) changed under Blair and Brown.

Throughout the General Election Corbyn has, through his rhetoric, signaled that if he (and it is also also true of all the other UK Left wing Political parties) were to be involved in EU negotiations, he (they) would simply capitulate to any, and all, demands from Brussels, without any notion of fiscal responsibility or care for the future of the British people inside the Communist dominated EU bloc. Even to the point of unilateral acceptance of the EU's, outrageous and ludicrous, terms for the rights of EU citizen's in Britain, which include them being subject to ECJ rulings (whilst inside Britain) - to laws which would override UK law. In return, no guarantees for the rights of British subjects living in the EU, would be given by Merkel.

In the terrifying event, that Corbyn might ever be in a position to negotiate "Brexit", or any other agreement on behalf of the UK, it leads to an intriguing question - if that happened - would Farron and the rest of the Political Left push for a second Referendum to decide on the merits of the "deal"? Of course not - the motives and objectives of the EU and the Political Left in the UK are identical - so why would they risk an upset?

UK Government Net Borrowing Between 1994 and 2015

Going forward

In February, 2017 the Daily Express reported that Bob Lyddon had published a paper - "How the £30 billion cost of EU migration Imperils Pensions and Benefits" - by the think tank "Global Britain." The report debunks the myth that mass migration is needed to supports our Pension system.

The report highlights that the fact that the annual net cost of 3 million EU migrants is £31.5 billion based upon official figures - which shows that the government spends £10,500 per head. Of those 3 million, only 2 million work, contributing £500 each in tax on average - amounting to £1 billion - which includes negligible National Insurance contributions; which underpins the UK state pension system. Bob Lyddon went on to point out that "EU freedom of establishment and movement means that "tax efficient" multinationals can flood Britain with cheap foreign labour and avoid paying corporation tax money to the Treasury" - in effect UK taxpayer's are subsidising low paid jobs for foreign workers through Working and Child Tax Credits, to the detriment of our pensions system - no wonder our population are having to work - basically until they drop. (see also EU THREAT TO PENSIONS: Mass migration blamed for £30 billion a YEAR 'economic catastrophe' By David Maddox)

According to a leaked report the current Labour Party, under Corbyn, are planning to continue to flood the UK with cheap Labour - in a replication of the earlier New Labour disaster - and none of this can be stopped as long as we are in the EU.

Corbyn has spent his whole life siding with those who hate Britain and its people

he hasn't changed, he can't be trusted

don't waste your vote

see   Back to Labour's Roots

"Brexit Flash Card"

Mr Lyddon, who is a specialist in EU banking, has produced a series of "Flash Cards" answering questions about the economic relationships between the EU and its Member States, including those highlighted in above report, and others aspects; which include the terrifying number and scope of liabilities that the UK has been signed up to in the EU, (without the permission of the British People) by some of our nefarious (so-called Representative) politicians; notably, those on the Political Left. (see The failure of our Representative Democracy - (bottom of page*))

If you want further proof that our financial future is in danger, by our continued membership of the EU, then please take the time to read Bob Lyddon's analyses of our perilous EU position, and pass on the information to others.

These "Flash Cards" are available to download and distribute from BrexitCentral.com  - The contents of the "Flash Cards" can be viewed on the following pages.


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The above image shows how UK net borrowing has changed since 1994/1995 to 2014/2015 - in particular, note the enormous change between 1997/98 - 2010.

What is the most interesting aspect of the image on the left, though, is that it was contained within a 2016 UK government financial report to the EU; in which they explain how they are complying with the restraints contained within the Maastricht Treaty (1992) - this illustrates how completely under the control of the EU we really are, but our politicians aren't allowed to critise the EU. (FCO:30/1048 - Disinformation)

Corbyn et al., are planning to complete the earlier programme, that New Labour began in 1997 - using the same techniques that failed the first time around - but this time (if they get into power) we will be under, open and direct control from Brussels - and inside the Eurozone, our currency will be the Euro and we will be at the mercy of the German controlled Eurogroup - which is emaciating Greece through austerity measures. The massive New Labour borrowing resulted in escalating repayments, and left Britain with a totally  unnecessary, added burden, at a time of recession. Which has been made worse by continued mass immigration. Tory austerity was a requirement under EU rules to solve the economic problems which New Labour had created - partially thwarted by the LibDem link-up.

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