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8th July, 2017

Last Chance to Save Britain

We would like to ask anyone planning to vote for politically Left parties not to throw away Britain's last chance to build a better future outside the EU, with a protest vote against the "Tories" - they have had to work within the constraints laid down by the EU, and the 2008 financial crash - which badly affected the UK, because of excessive borrowing by New Labour (1997-2010). The Conservatives are genuinely trying to get Britain back into a viable economic position - as it was before the Labour Party took over in 1997.

We would also like to ask the younger voters not to act like "brainwashed" young Socialists and vote for the "Pied Piper" Corbyn - who will take them to their certain misfortune within the EU - with his false promises and absurd policies; which would see Britain totally bankrupt and at the mercy of the EU bankers. Then, there would be no functioning NHS nor any other public service - nothing left for our children and grandchildren, except excessive debt - the Marxist Labour legacy.

Look at what is happening in the EU - not because of "Brexit" - just an extension of their original plans (Lisbon Treat (2007) - which is now tightening its grip on its member state populations; bringing an end to "Free Speech" - and it has now abandoned its pretence of being a bastion of peace - the EU is building a huge military force, including nuclear weapons - to rival NATO - and all under the control of Germany.

Vote Conservative for a chance at a better future