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14th June, 2017

London Tower Block Fire

We are shocked, appalled and deeply saddened by this tragedy at the Grenfell Tower, and hope that those who are missing are found safe and well. We offer our heartfelt condolences and pray that you can find the strength to endure this terrible disaster.

20th June, 2017


As more details of this tragedy emerge, the true horror of this raging fire shows the unimaginable distress and fear of those caught up in its midst - no words of comfort can take away the pain and grief from these residents - who expected to be safe in their homes.

Instead of political infighting, point scoring (both main political parties played some part in this tragedy), and the mad scramble to avoid blame - those responsible should come forward and admit their part in this terrible catastrophe, and own up for their actions.

We understand that the fire is being investigated by the police and hopefully those responsible will be brought to justice quickly.

Equally more should be done to better coordinate the relief efforts, the distribution of food, clothing and money, together with the resettlement of the survivors, locally, where possible - they deserve no less.

Never again should our governments, local councils or any developers be allowed to build housing blocks which exceed the access capabilities of generally available fire appliances; and with only a single access entrance / exit - how could anyone even propose such a building containing 24 floors and over 120 flats - and without sprinklers, fire alarms and regular fire drills.

We must ensure that all safety certification records are kept accessible to the public, and safely stored away from access by those making the decisions  - they should only be allowed to hold copies of such documents.

More immediately, the government has ordered a list of all potentially vulnerable buildings and their immediate inspection to ensure that such buildings are safe for their residents - we must hope so.