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​​​1st May 2018

Lording it over the "Peasants"

There can be no greater arrogance than the current behaviour of the House of Lords and their attempts to stop the British people leaving the clutches of the EU - the attitude of the Peers was perfectly portrayed by Lord Shinkwin when he spoke out against the Amendments tabled by Remainer Lords during the debate on the government's "Withdrawal Bill" on Friday the 27th of April 2018.  

Lord Shinkwin (Conservative Peer)"The people have spoken and they have chosen, by a clear majority, to leave the EU and to take back control of our laws. The UK is their country, not ours; the UK Parliament is theirs, not ours. We may have been their masters once; we are not now. We are their servants. They are the masters, and they have spoken in a once-in-a-generation referendum."

The fact is that Lord Haleshom put forward an Amendment yesterday to attempt to ensure that the Commons and Lords would take over the negotiations with the EU instead of allowing our elected government to finish them unhindered.

The actions of Commons and Lords which comprise a majority of Remainers clearly illustrate the attitude of our elected and unelected representatives towards the British people - one of utter contempt - reminiscent of the Feudal Lords - but today they are largely "place-men" Lords in fancy dress and without merit. For more about how the House of Lords is organised see(A Stain on British Democracy) 

Lord Haleshom is the same Douglas Hogg - an MP caught-up in the Expenses Scandal where he charged the cleaning of his castle Moat to the taxpayers. He was ennobled by David Cameron on his departure - appointed with others - to fight a rearguard action to ensure that the EU is protected and to prevent the "Brexit" that Cameron had promised when he splurged £9 million of UK taxpayer's money on a propaganda blitz to fool the British public into believing that the establishment would carry out their wishes whatever the result? 

Cameron's promises were as worthless as Corbyn's promises are to work "For the many not the Few" - a slogan he borrowed from Bernie Sanders's US Presidential Campaign.

These current Parliamentarians are deliberately holding the Sovereignty of the people hostage on behalf of the EU and they have no fear of the British people since if they are ousted they will find positions within the EU - to which they owe their true loyalty - and they will get their pensions paid for by British taxpayers. 

Sleight of Hand

A large number of our elected representatives and their "place-men" are conniving together to arrange for the EU representatives in Brussels(Berlin) to simply negotiate Britain's departure from the EU with the EU's representatives in the UK Commons and Lords - so as to effectively block "Brexit" and keep the UK and its population trapped in the EU - under the pretence of Parliamentary Democracy.

Their behaviour is no better than that of other "con artists" in our society when they pretend to accept the result of the Referendum and do everything they can behind our backs to prevent it at all costs - they believe quite simply that the majority of the population are too stupid to realise and that they will be fooled by their trickery.

This is all part of the plan initiated in the first "attack" on the government in 2017 through the EU controlled artificial "British Supreme Court" - a court which is required to defer to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) - which was set up by Blair in 2009. 

Blair is orchestrating a deception against  the British population on behalf of the EU - using a plan which was leaked to Labour MP Austin Mitchell (see Blair's "Secret" Plan to Stop Brexit) 

The UK has been under the control of the EU for over 45 years - ever since our elected Commons and unelected Lords handed the sovereignty of the people of Britain to the EEC in 1973 - and during that time every part of our administration has been infiltrated by EUphiles whose loyalty is only to the EU. We have reached a point where very few of those in positions of power can be trusted - and those who want to see "Brexit" through to the final departure and our true freedom are in the minority everywhere.

FCO:30/1048 made it clear that the EU would develop by stealth and that it was the responsibility of government and the leaders of the other parties to protect the EU from scrutiny by the British people - and they have achieved that goal - and now they have come together to betray anyone who believes in British sovereignty, identity and freedom - and continue with their Faustian Pact with the EU.