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​15th June 2018
Lords' Amendments Defeated
On the 12th and 13th of June the Commons defeated the 15 Amendments which the Lords had “attached” to the “Withdrawal Bill”, though it required compromises. In particular related to the Amendment 19 - proposed by Douglas Hogg – relates to a “Meaningful Vote” by Parliament.

Which is actually designed to stop “Brexit” by allowing Parliament to take over the negotiations with the EU: essentially deciding which deal the British establishment (Remain Camp) prefer with the EU - and two fingers up to the Leave voters.

Of course, this situation has arisen because of deliberate interference and collusion between the Remain Camp in our Parliament and Brussels; essentially undermining the government’s Lancaster speech and manipulating the terms of reference to prevent the UK leaving the EU in any “Meaningful Way”-
see details of the Commons votes below - courtesy of

This is the scenario that the Remain Camp (the British establishment) have been working towards since the invocation of Article 50 on the 29th March 2017; a plan devised soon after the 23rd June 2016 EU Referendum defeat by the vested interests within our society – although the EU’s preference is a for a “rigged” second Referendum and this is also being moved up the list of their priorities.

A “rigged” second Referendum is particularly desirable for the EU, and would be disastrous for the UK, as would a “Soft Brexit”, since that would weaken the resistance of the UK to the total integration of the EU; put pressure on other Member States to conform and give the EU the excuse that they have "a mandate from the British people". 

Mrs May had to make concessions to gain this particular victory on Amendment 19, but that has been rejected and will be added once again in the House of Lords – which no doubt will lead to further Lords' amendments to try to block “Brexit”.

The main promulgator of dissent towards "Brexit" in the Commons is Dominic Grieve and Amendment 19 was his “baby” - despite the fact that he fought the General Election on the Tory Manifesto to take Britain out of the EU Single Market, Customs Union and control by the European Court of Justice.

Common Purpose?
Mr Grieve though was seen in the company of an anti-Brexit "Nest of Perfidious Vipers" from the Remain Camp following a secret meeting (under Chatham House Rules), at the EU Commission’s Smith’s Square building in London - we make the following comments:

The only way to show that a conspiracy does not exist is to publish minutes of the meetings between the EU promoters and our MP's / Lords or have them in public - otherwise the suspicion will build, and trust will be lost.

Once the trust disappears then Democracy will die, and it is then the government against the people.

British Sovereignty resides with the people who are governed, not with the government or
politicians or Lords or even the Judiciary; except temporarily; they are changed in General Elections if they lose the trust of the electorate.

Sovereignty is the bond of trust between the governed and those who govern.

Those who govern make the laws and the governed abide by them - but only if the people trust their Representatives.

The British people did not give their permission for their elected Representatives to give British Sovereignty to the EEC(EU) - it was done behind their backs in 1973 and has been maintained that way ever since.

British Sovereignty must not reside with the EU (held hostage by our elected Representatives and Lords) - it must be given back to the British people - by repealing the ECA (1972)

Losing that trust is a slippery slope towards anarchy and the British establishment is moving headlong into a situation where all trust is lost.