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14th October,2016

Love it or Hate it

Just like Marmite it seems that you either love the EU or hate it, at least in the UK, but the attacks on the value of the pound, and the continual negativity from the EU controlled propaganda outlets  tells us a great deal about the way in which the EU is trying to bring Britain to its knees - through concerted attacks on our economy and the values of our currency by outside agencies and opportunists who seek to exploit Britain by keeping it trapped in the EU.

As if that was not enough it is coupled with a large dose of spite, in retaliation for Britain exposing the true nature of the EU and its intentions by actually objecting to the George Soros vision of his "Open Borders Foundation" supported by UN, other international agencies, investors and speculators, and by the EU itself.  

Added to this are the propaganda agencies in our Media, the Press and the BBC, including the new Lord "Haw Haw" on LBC mocking anyone who values freedom over short term financial gain; as if we have not suffered enough under the EU up to this point - creaking infrastructure, house price inflation and the breakdown of social cohesion - and the EU is certainly not a beacon of economic prowess and competent governance.

The problems for Britain resulting from the EU will extend and increase into the future, should we be betrayed by our nefarious politicians and those financial interests attempting to use our legal system to protect their own profits - which are largely derived from the exploitation of the poor from across the world.

These financial interests do not help those in Britain, since they have no concerns for the effects of their activities on our culture, traditions and quality of life - they care only for their own selfish well being, and they would be off like a shot if they saw a more attractive proposition in another part of the world - we foolishly bow to those who exploit us since they are only loyal to their own bank balances.

None of these commentators point out that we financially support the EU - it operates like a bank - using other people's money for its own profit and for providing its supporters, administrators and "leaders" a lifestyle that even King Midas would envy - there is no free lunch coming out of the EU; it is not a benevolent friend that wants to look after the welfare of the populations of its member states - it is a malevolent force which will occupy and subjugate those populations in a real and terrifying sense - as is proscribed in the Lisbon Treaty (2007).

Many who voted to leave know this to be true and want to be free, whereas, those who voted to remain in the EU are happy to be part of a Communist Totalitarian EU Police State which controls every aspect of their lives - either that or they have not looked into the true nature of the EU or are unaware of its real intentions - this is the difference between so called "Hard" Brexit and "Soft" Brexit - freedom or subjugation.  The Labour Party, several politicians in the Conservative Party, the LibDems, SNP, Plaid Cymru,and Greens those in the House of Lords, many in our Judiciary, Police, Military and more generally in the wider British establishment all know these truths and are therefore complicit in the EU fraud. 

The principle reason for the present behaviour by the EU and its apparatchiks, infiltrated within societies throughout the world during the past 43 years and more, is because they are desperate to prevent the invocation of Article 50 (TEU), since that would signal that Britain could be effectively free from control by the EU and could decide for themselves what trade agreements are beneficial to Britain and the British people, and which ones could be trashed.

This is a disaster for international business, investors and speculators who had previously been negotiating in secret with the EU on the expectation that with Britain trapped in the EU any deal would be imposed upon the hapless member states.

It is also a disaster for the EU since it is much less attractive to the international banking and business communities if it does not control Britain - and the EU is becoming ever more splintered and there will reach a point where the international community will shun investment into the EU - due to its self induced instability, social collapse and increasing terrorism. The EU reaction to which is to bring forward its Police State and Armed Forces and start to access the bank accounts of the populations of the EU directly, among many other measures, under the guise of fraud prevention - what irony. 

Businesses aspire to operate as monopolies to destroy competition by any means, and the most desirous situation for the predatory multinational corporations is a protectionist bloc like the EU which they can control - exploit its population and keep out cheaper goods and services in order to increase prices, or acquire such and sell on at a higher profit - preventing direct access to cheaper goods to the population.

Tesco made a stand against Unilever and this kind of opportunism from the EU will continue until we invoke Article 50 (TEU) because at which time they will have to accept that we are leaving and come to a more mutually beneficial arrangement. The EU and investors and controllers in the Bilderberg Group can only keep trying to impoverish Britain for so long before we stop buying from the EU and it starts to hurt them as well - when Unilever realised that we would not give in - and in fact that we would fight back by applying a Boycott of their products they caved in.

We must fight back against the combined and considerable might of the EU and its "5th Column" in Britain and around the world and invoke Article 50 (TEU) as soon as possible. In the meantime we must remain strong, resilient and steadfast, as if we were in a fight to the death - because that is the reality of our position.