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2nd November, 2017

Martial Law in Spain?

We live in strange times, Spain is supposed to be a Democratic country, in what is supposed to be a Democratic EU, so it would be expected that its citizens would be allowed to express their wish to conduct a Referendum on Independence: without violent opposition; being treated as criminals, or being jailed for their political views - even if Spain's Constitution forbade such action.

However, the leader of the recent Catalan move for Independence, Carles Puigdemont, fled the country after the vote to declare Independence; seeking to avoid jail and perhaps set-up an opposition party in exile, in another EU member states, with four others from his administration. Meanwhile, the Spanish state has locked-up eight politicians who voted for it, and who remained behind in Catalonia to face the wrath of Madrid.

In a more sinister move the Madrid government, under Mariano Rajoy, is reportedly planning to bring back legislative code from the Franco era - in order to invoke charges of rebellion and sedition - which do not exist in the modern Spanish Constitution's legal code - these are Martial Law powers. Will Spain's new power's result, ultimately in "Show Trials" to humiliate the opposition to rule from Madrid and deter other such attempts to obtain their own Constitutional freedom?

The EU Constitution - which was hidden within the texts of the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - applies EU wide, and supersedes the constitutions of the EU member states, also contains such a legal code, known as Corpus Juris (see Corpus Juris and British Common Law), a legal system which, in the UK, takes away British Common Law protections (Habeas Corpus) and trial by Jury.

Under the Corpus Juris system the government is above the law, Police "shoot-to-kill" is allowed, and anyone can be arrested without evidence, and be detained for up to 6 months until a state prosecutor decides, whether not, to investigate the case, and trials are conducted with a panel of judges - this is what the UK population has been signed-up to by their elected Representatives - who continue to do their best to thwart any attempt to get the UK out of the clutches of the developing EU dictatorship.

Corpus Juris applied to the UK brings its legal system closer to the Continental system, which are based upon laws designed for controlling occupied countries.

The European Arrest Warrant (EAW) which Theresa May has signed into for the UK is part of the same system and EAW's have reportedly been issued for Carles Puigdemont and his four associates - meanwhile the defendants in Catalonia will be held in jail. 

It will be very instructive to observe how the Madrid government conducts these cases, since that would be the manner in which the EU will, in future, prosecute dissent in the rest of the EU when it finally decides to raise its head above the parapet and show its true intentions - right now the EU are keeping a low profile and hoping that the Catalonia "problem" will be contained without obvious direct intervention - almost certainly, the cases will be dealt with under instruction (behind the scenes) from Brussels (Berlin)

We understand and support the desire to be free and independent, as well as the need to collaborate and cooperate with others; nations and organisations, It is only when the line crosses over to an occupation and subjugation that the problem arises. We understand that the people of Catalonia have a 300 year old dream of independence from Spain, but we are confused by the desire to remain in the EU - whose primary objective is to destroy the national identity of each of its member states - whilst simultaneously building its own, German dominated, supra-nationalistic power.