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​​20th July, 2016

May or Maybe Not

Theresa May has finally met Merkel and there seems to be rather an overly keen desire to reach a compromise regarding not just Article 50 but also when it would suit the UK and the EU or should that be when it would suit the EU to actually invoke Article 50, if at all - Article 50 was always designed to prevent any potential leaver escaping the clutches of the EU and there is plenty of scope for shenanigans on behalf of the EU with a compliant Remain Campaign British Prime Minister.

It is worth remembering that the Lisbon Treaty (2007) was the first EU Treaty to include any get out clause from the EU, and it was only included because it had been noted that whilst the EU were searching the range of International treaties for ideas for what to include for the EU Treaties, to cover all foreseeable eventualities it was noticed that other Internationally recognised treaties always included such Articles - that said, following the British Referendum vote it is unlikely that any other get out clause, in any form would ever be included when the next round of treaty changes that takes place. 

Be in no doubt that the EU leadership is seething and looking for some way in which to get revenge on the British for their desire to escape the shackles of the EU; and is directing counter moves at every level of British society (in order to maintain the illusion that the UK is still a Democracy) through its Marxist "droids" in all the British political parties; the controlled media and the establishment; the legal system, the banking industry, the IMF, the House of Lords and numerous celebrities and many other stooges - which daily offer some new reason or excuse to overturn the Brexit Referendum result in favour of their masters in Brussels (Berlin).

It is a particular annoyance to the EU leadership when so many other populations in Europe seem to be blindly unaware of their fate or, as in the case of Eastern Europe, and before them the Greeks and southern European countries could not resist the lure of what they perceived as "free" money, and the chance to move, unhindered across the sovereign borders of other, very much more wealthy nation states and taste the low hanging fruits on offer.

Populations which seem to have little understanding that the price for their "free" money and unlimited travel is their real freedom; their sovereignty - their ability to make their own laws and repeal them when they are unsuitable; along with the law makers themselves - and their ability to define the direction of their lives without having that thrust upon them by others with whom they have little or no affinity nor common vision. 

We think that Farage is wrong to cast May as an inspired choice because trust has to be earned and there is little on May's cv that suggest she is anything but EU compliant - this is reinforced by reports that May and Merkel have agreed to work together on an EU-UK military cooperation and "deepen our bilateral military partnership (Express report today)  - an EU army by any other name? under the control of Germany? which will take over the borders of the EU member states? - a long held plan to remove the final vestiges of their sovereignty - on the road to the Military EU Police SuperState. 

May meets with Hollande tomorrow and any talks with Merkel and Hollande must be transparent and we must be vigilant and aware that no matter how friendly the EU appears it is not interested anything but its own objectives.

More after that meeting.