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20th August, 2016

May's Brexit Stitch-up

It is now clear, following the announcement of the senior Civil Service allocations to the Brexit unit under David Davis, that May has no intention of Britain leaving the EU under any terms that would be acceptable to the Leave voters or anyone else in the country with an ounce of common sense. 

Three key appointments illustrate May's intentions regarding Brexit: The first in James Chapman (19th August, 2016), who masterminded the ex-Chancellor’s divisive Project Fear campaign, will take up a position as a top aide to new Brexit minister David Davis, according to an Express report.

The second is the appointment of Oliver Robbins as head of the Cabinet Office Brexit unit and the third is the appointment of Antony Phillipson; "responsible for building post-Brexit trade and partnerships for Britain"

Robbins was formerly at the Home Office, responsible for immigration, free movement and oversight of borders and citizenship - and we know how that worked out - he was also former private secretary to to Blair and then Brown.

Philipson, a senior Diplomat, former British High Commissioner to Singapore was also Blair's private secretary for Foreign Affairs in the mid - 2000's; he is also former private secretary to Mandelson and according to Peter Oborne at the Daily Mail 15th May, 2016, "Philipson apparently maintained links with Mandelson and acted as a bridge between the Tory and Labour wings of the pro-EU campaign" - he is also described as a fanatical supporter of the EU.

​These appointments alone destroy any credibility that the Brexit unit may have initially possessed, since they simply allow the Blairite Fabian cabal to take control of the Brexit negotiations vicariously, and force the remain camp position onto Britain or failing that, to create obstacles to invoking Article 50 - the Brexit unit is a sham - controlled by the remain camp and reporting to Blair and Mandelson. 

Theresa May should resign as she has now lost all credibility with regard to taking Britain out of the EU on terms acceptable to the majority of the British people - she needs to be replaced by someone who wants to live in a Democratic country which respects the will of the people: not someone wishing to live under a dictatorship controlled by the vested interests of the EU; its Bankers, big business and its, part built, all powerful single government.

Do the "remain" supporters really want to live under the all encompassing control of the EU? - at the mercy and fickle whims of the multinational corporations, who in their lust for profit destroy industries, livelihoods and communities or EU controlled Trade Unions and Political parties who profit from fomenting division to gain power - and who seek only to exploit and control the working (slave) classes / and imported foreign nationals alike for their own ends. 

Is the sinister globalised socialist - Marxist / Capitalist hybrid "EU Utopia"- which, in reality, is only designed for the benefit of the so called "elites" in industry, politics and banking - what the "remain" supporters truly seek to bring about for their children and grandchildren...?