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 4th October 2018

May's Conference Speech

Yesterday the British public were "treated" to a bizarre display of "dancing" by Theresa May accompanied by an over the top "effervescence" - as if the deal had already been done and she was celebrating her victory - with an assassin's smile. Perhaps it already has been concluded and kept secret - behind the backs of the British people (under the EU-UK stealth pact (see FCO:30/1048) - Disinformation)) - and a new "Treaty" has already been signed and locked away in some vault, somewhere - for 30 years.

After all, as May said at the "Chequers Cabinet Ambush" in July 2018" - which followed a meeting with Merkel in Berlin - the Chequers proposal (at least 80% of it)  can't be changed - "Merkel has agreed it" - so there it is take, it or leave it. So far though the EU have not agreed to it or the remaining 20% - but May will give all of that away as well and the EU will agree - so that it can be used in a new Referendum; involving only "Chequers" or "Remain"; which is the only way that the EU cannot lose another EU Referendum. 

Neither HMG nor the EU can be trusted when it comes to negotiations between them - for the past 45 years we have been duped by successive governments, in the worst possible way - we have been under the legal control of a foreign "power" - by dint of collusion between our politicians and Judiciary and the politicians in Brussels.

Only glimpses of what has been happening came to light, as far as the public (those who do not avidly read the Hansard) or are too busy with their own lives to follow the machinations of parliament and have foolishly put their trust in their elected representatives.  Through legal controversies though: the "Factortame"and "Metric Martyr" cases the true nature of the EEC(EU) - UK legal relationship was exposed - including the fact that our legal system and hence Parliament are under EEC(EU)  control. 

More importantly HMG is under EU control directly on matters concerning the EU (Merkel-May) and indirectly through our Civil Service, Commons and Lords and Judiciary - but they got themselves in a "pickle" through a misunderstanding about the British people and holding a Referendum: (1) to prove that our population is too "stupid" to understand anything as complex as being in the EU; (2) to put to rest the antagonisms about the EU in the Conservative Party and (3) to consolidate the EU's power over the UK - but it backfired on them. 

Contrary to the Remain narrative the British public - more than half of whom voted (a) valued freedom above all else (b) were not fooled by Project Fear nor promises of Veto's or Opt-outs if we stayed in the EU and (c) were more aware of what was really happening in the EU than the politicians realised.  

It is true that legally the 2016 EU Referendum result was only advisory - but that status changed with the votes in Parliament, and the subsequent Manifesto inclusions in the Conservative and Labour Party in the 2017 General Election.

Note: Even Manifesto promises are not legally binding, as was discovered after the legal case ruling related to the Labour Party failure to allow a Referendum on the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - but, of course, our courts are controlled by the ECJ; so we could never win a case that would go against EU interests, so it could never have succeeded. The Gina Miller case fits in the same category - she won because it was in the interests of the EU - our "Supreme Court" would have been overruled (though not publicly) in any potential outcome which was not in the EU's favour.

What the politicians fail to realise is that sovereignty is really about trust and after the shenanigans surrounding the EU Referendum they will not be trusted again - and the only solution is to rid ourselves of those EUphiles at the next opportunity - Conservative, Labour, SNP, LibDems etc. - only vote for those who support the UK's true sovereignty and intergovernmental relationships.

May's Speech

We have previously discussed what we believe is the current situation regarding the "Chequers Proposal" and its "Implementation Period" under "Setting the EU Trap" , so we look at the May speech itself - which does not even mention Chequers - and we attempt to glean whatever is available through "leakage" - the give away signals of her real intent and loyalty - towards the EU and the UK rather than the actual gung-ho delivery and the reassuring words.

Before her speech the newly appointed Attorney General Geoffrey Cox QC declared, in his an upbeat introductory, speech for Theresa May, declared "...that he voted Leave because "the political and democratic price of ever closer union was just too high" and had waited 41 years for the chance to do so." (see Brexit Central for more)

May's speech started with a respectful tribute to those who had fought for Britain in WWI and went on to say that "Twice in a century, Britain came together to beat the odds and build a better future. A stronger democracy in the Mother of Parliaments – where every person, no matter their gender, no matter their class, has an equal voice. A fairer economy in the home of the free market – where enterprise creates wealth to fund great public services.​ A more secure future in the post-war world – where former enemies become friends and the trans-Atlantic alliance makes our world a safer place. We must recapture that spirit of common purpose." Sorry, but we won't find that by being in the EU - we have plenty of "Common Purpose" in the UK - on huge salaries undermining our society on behalf of the "EU Project"; courtesy of Blair and New Labour, and our Parliament is subservient to Brussels, as is Blair's "British Supreme Court".

Under a heading of:"Something wrong with Politics" - May spoke about abuse of opposition colleagues and even their families - e.g. Rees-Mogg's family, Diane Abbott; going on to point out "That getting things done requires working together – within parties and beyond them. When our politics becomes polarised, and compromise becomes a dirty word, that becomes harder." For the word "compromise" we should really substitute "capitulate" - and compromise is just a call to Parliament to vote for Chequers. 

"The Jeremy Corbyn Party" - May separated it from the Labour Party itself with the following comments:

"Every Labour Government left unemployment higher than they found it.  Every Labour Government ran out of other people’s money to spend. Every Labour Government left the economy in a mess." 

"But at least they had some basic qualities that everyone could respect. They were proud of our institutions. They were proud of our armed forces. They were proud of Britain."  Really?

To be honest as far as one can see the Labour Party (PLP) has only ever had one objective - to bring down the "Capitalist System" and replace it with coercive "Socialist System" - on-route to building a fully-fledged "Communist State" - in that regard the PLP and Corbyn are no different. Any differences are in presentation, scope, speed and manner of reaching that end goal.

"A Party for the Whole Country"

​​"They (the people) want to support a party that is decent, moderate, and patriotic. (A bit rich considering we were taken into the EU without being asked)

One that puts the national interest first. (But Chequers puts Merkel's interest first)
Delivers on the issues they care about.
(We care about Freedom more than anything else - Chequers does not deliver that)
And is comfortable with modern Britain in all its diversity.
(We are more interested in a united society with common values)
We must show everyone in this country that we are that Party.
(Not credible - nor are any UK parties that supports EU control)
A Party that conserves the best of our inheritance but is not afraid of change.
(Such changes need to be spelt out in detail)
A party of patriotism, but not nationalism. (This is EU Mantra - instead of condemning government violence against Catalan Independence voters - Juncker labelled Nationalism a "Poison" - independence is not a "Poison';  and the EU is all about promoting its own Nationalism; now he arrogantly uses the term "small nationalism" to belittle the EU Member States)
A party that believes in business but is not afraid to hold businesses to account. (Chequers is driven by German business and EU interests)

BUT Labour, SNP and LibDems etc., would simply overturn the 23rd June EU Referendum without batting an eyelid and fully sign the UK up to anything the EU suggested, and more - just like Blair and Brown did for 13 years - but Corbyn would not be allowed to Nationalise anything or help any UK company that would, in any way, disadvantage Germany.

"Security, Freedom, Opportunity"

This section is all about promoting staying in the EU and being "safe" - but it is all just nonsense - it is about handing over our capabilities to a foreign power and taking a subservient role - shameful claims that we would not be free otherwise.

"Security for the nation with strong defences against threats from abroad, and protection against threats at home. Security for communities, upheld by the brave men and women of our police forces. Security for individuals and families, provided by a good job, a home of your own, and dignity in old age." We are in the EU now; under EU enforced austerity: we are protecting the EU at our expense; crime is out of control in London and elsewhere; the young can't afford to buy a house of their own, and the elderly fear for their future - all because of EU liberalisation and its "four freedoms" (leading to privatisation of public services, sale of public assets and housing stock to foreign buyers, mass migration through the EU and the resulting "gig" economy)

"Freedom of thought, freedom of expression, freedom of action. The freedom to make decisions for yourself, rather than have them made for you by government. The freedom that our grandparents and great grandparents fought for against tyranny." This is an insult to those who fought and died for our freedom and our Common Law protections. Being in the EU and ratifying the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - now known as the "Constitutional Treaty" following an ECJ ruling - means the EU overarching Constitution supersedes our Constitution and Common Law as well as our English legal system - an open door to tyranny.

Our freedom to even think has been severely eroded under EU rule mostly through devices such as "Hate Laws" and "Political Correctness" and our traditions are being marginalised through the overzealous application of "Health and Safety Laws" and so-called equality rights, where anything goes as long as it undermines our society. All initiated by New Labour and continued by the LibDems/Con Coalition, then Cameron and now May. 

Over the past 45 years we have been under Brussels rule with over 120,000 regulations to-date, rules which the government is trying to bring into Domestic Law under the pretence that we would be leaving the EU. They have singularly avoided repealing the European Communities Act (1972) - which would free us from EU tyranny for good and make all the treaties null and void - pushed back now until after the very flexible "Implementation Period" section of the Chequers agreement - in 2020.

And if we are secure and we are free, then opportunity is opened-up. (Yes, if we are not in the EU we will be secure and free)

"Long Term Plans for the NHS"

This section contains promises on future NHS funding - in particular a promise of "£394 million per week for the NHS and increased action on Cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment."  Be in no doubt though - as long as we stay in the EU the NHS will be privatised.

"Putting the National Interest First"

Mostly about 'Novichok", our response, allies response, with Corbyn's response heavily criticised - for basically defending Russia or at least not criticising it, and also reference also to bombing in Syria in response to Assad's use of Chemical weapons.


After this point we do not follow the detail of the speech. Instead, the sub-titles for the rest of the speech are listed below - we don't go through those in any detail, but we include single comments; and the entire speech is available below:

"Honouring the Referendum"Chequers does not honour the Referendum - despite May's claims

"Our Proposal"Chequers is the only proposal - but not mentioned​ by name

"Time to Come Together" May wants Parliament to pass Chequers on behalf of Merkel

"Brexit that Works for Everyone"Works best for Germany 

"A Moment of Opportunity" - To stop the UK leaving the EU 

"The Power of Free Markets" The EU is not a Free Market - it is a centrally controlled protectionist bloc

"​Ten Years On" - Since the 2008 Financial Crash

"Labour's False Promise" - Comments on Corbyn's Speech

"Fixing Broken Markets" - Toughening up laws to protect consumers

"Cost os Living" - Prelude to the next Budget

"End of Austerity" - Analysis of HMG achievements in bringing down the National deficit / debt - then new ways to increase it - like Corbyn would do!

"An Economy for the Future" - Increasing spending and investment - wait for the budget

"Our Future is in our Hands" - Promises for more spending, more houses etc.

A long-winded speech - with much rhetoric and many promises - but short on the what is important now - stopping Chequers. Theresa May has likely sold-out the UK and Parliament could be part of that stitch-up; which could still end up with another Referendum being forced upon us - without any WTO option.