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8th October, 2017

May Should Not* Stay (9 Oct17)

We apologise for suggesting otherwise - but based on her behaviour in Parliament today we conclude that Theresa May must not be allowed to complete the "Brexit" process - not if she is pushing for an undetermined transition period under ECJ rules - that would allow the EU to keep us trapped in the EU, allow the EU to flood Britain with laws that would prevent us from obtaining trade deals outside the EU, and keep our borders open to terrorists for an unspecified period - that is totally unacceptable.

So far too much has been offered to the EU by the UK, and it is clear that the EU has no intention of negotiating anything - it dare not, because if it does, it will open the door to a mass exit from the bloc.The EU negotiators are desperately looking to those traitors in the UK, mostly in the Labour Party (PLP), LibDems, SNP and the ubiquitous Peers in the House of Lords to bail them out, so that the talks collapse and hope that the UK parliament will be forced into calling a 2nd Referendum - which can be easily manipulated.

How Did We reach This Point

The populations of Europe were never supposed to become aware of the true purpose of the EU, and like sheep we were supposed to follow what our elected representatives told us, as they collected their rewards for their treachery - which continues today. What was envisaged in the 1950's was that we would be led blindly into a trap, which would only be discovered after it was too late - they could not have envisaged the development of the internet nor the impact of social media. 

Even so they could have got away with their plan had it not been for a number of recent events - the publication of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (F&CO) Advice to Ministers (1971) -  warning of the consequences of Britain joining the EEC - secret for 30 years and released in 2001. This document exposed the EEC's ambitions for Europe. This was not widely read or even understood by many people, but formed the basis for a deeper analysis and investigation - by this same document it is clear that the government and opposition parties are actually required to protect the EEC(EU) from scrutiny by the populations of the member states.

The EEC has always had its opponents in Parliament and their influence has waxed and waned over the past 44 years, but for most people especially in the UK the EEC was just a trading bloc, with irritating rules and regulations, but nothing to be concerned about - until Blair opened up Free Movement of EU Migrants to the UK in 2004, and Mandelson began scouring the world for Muslim immigrants to come to the UK, and Multiculturalism started to take hold - which was a pre-run of the illegal Merkel, Juncker, Sutherland and Soros controlled mass immigration into the EU.

People began to see their neighborhoods change and began to ask what was happening to their country - then as our public services became stretched, and people could not get GP appointments for days or weeks, and school places became difficult to find and housing stock was being reduced and cheap labour was reducing wages - people wanted to know why we could not control who was coming into the country or how many - it was because Britain had become an occupied country, subservient to a foreign power.

The UK population suddenly wanted to know more about the EEC(EU), but they were successfully fobbed off for several years - through Cultural Marxist techniques and the widespread use of the word  "Racist" to prevent debate - so people turned to the internet and social media and anti-EEC groups formed, the most influential of which was UKIP - which led to tensions within Parliament, as more people left the traditional parties to join anti-EEC(EU) parties.

In order to protect themselves and their cosy lifestyle, our elected representatives and the rest of the UK establishment devised a plan to get rid of the opposition to the EU in the UK, and offered a Referendum, but first the EU wold be offered a chance to Reform (offer concessions) to the UK - of course the EU (since 2009) arrogantly refused, so the Referendum date was set for the 23rd June, 2016.

During the Referendum build-up the UK establishment, its compliant Media, its worldwide supporters, together with the EU and its worldwide supporters unleashed the "Hounds of Hell" on the British population, vehemently attacking the Leave supporters in a "Blitzkrieg" of EU propaganda, lies and biassed expert analyses - in a brazen attempt to break the will of the British people and "persuade" the population to stay in the EU - using tactics based upon government manufactured fear and uncertainty.

Since the Referendum these same tactics have been adopted by the opposition parties, Peers and other vested interests in the Media. 

The EU-UK establishment deception failed and the Leave campaign won the Referendum vote - and ever since - many of our nefarious elected Representatives have tried every conceivable means to keep their EU "baubles" by overturning that vote whilst attempting to ensure that that they are not blamed for doing so - it has become clear that very few in our establishment, or their associates can be trusted, since most are controlled by the EU.

Not Acting in Good Faith

We are afraid that May is too willing to bow to the EU. Contrary to her Lancaster House Speech - her speech in Florence appeared to be little more than appeasement and that has been shown to be the case today by - opening up the UK to unremitting abuse by the EU for an undetermined period,

Clearly her earlier speeches have proved to be worth very little, and she should allow someone in the Tory Party, who cares about the UK to take over the negotiations - if any such person can be found within our current nefarious Parliamentary system.

Those nefarious politicians and all others in our establishment - Peers, Judiciary Civil Service, and more widely - who oppose "Brexit" need to be brought to book after we do manage to escape from control by the EU.

The Labour Party has already sold out the UK to the EU, simply by conducting talks behind the back of the UK population - and the fact that they refused to debate "Brexit" during their party conference strongly suggests that they do not wish the British people to know the true extent of their clandestine sell-out; a total capitulation, in terms of any and all demands by Merkel.