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6th May 2018

John McDonnell's Marxism Speech - Rebuttal
Reported in the Sunday Mail (6th May 2018)
“The Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer gave a strident defence of Marxism at an event in London to commemorate 200 years since Karl Marx's birth.”
“John McDonnell has called Marxism 'a force for change today' and one of the biggest influences on Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party.”

McDonnell went on to state:
'In an open and democratic society there should be no fear of discussing the ideas of Marx,' he said, declaring he wouldn't allow 'the media' to 'silence him with a culture of 'self-censorship.

'I am here to reject the politics of fear promoted by the British establishment who don't want us to discuss the ideas of Marxism,' he said.

He paid tribute to Marxism's tradition and 'relevance to changing today's world', listing it as one of the most important influences on Corbyn's Labour.

Followed by:

“Marx's ideas confront many of the issues that affect our people... this system is crisis-ridden... as Marx said, the massive extension of credit will only make it worse,' he said.

'Now we are entering the fourth industrial revolution, where networks confront hierarchies' and the rise of the 'gig economy' and 'lies' about Marxism needed to be disproved.”

Our Comment

The Capitalist system wasn't "crisis-ridden" until the Democrats (Clinton ran as a "New" Democrat - 1996-2001) and Blair ran with "New" Labour (1997-2010)  gained power at the same time - the Clinton Administration brought in the "Sub-Prime" mortgage contagion which infected the World's Financial systems and Blair/Brown went on a massive spending spree  which overturned the stable UK economy – a hard fought stability bequeathed to Britain by the previous Conservative government.

The US Democrats and the UK Labour Party are both Left wing political organisations pretending to be centrist - "Wolves in Sheep's Clothing" – Marxists / Communists - who nearly brought the collapse of the World Capitalism - which would not have been "Crisis – Ridden", but for their intervention.

Fortunately, the Democrats were displaced by President Trump – but a new US Democrat menace is attempting to bring their Marxism / Communism out into the open courtesy of Bernie Sanders and old Labour (Corbyn) in the UK – which is only different from "New" Labour by virtue of their presentation style.

Corbyn even borrowed the same slogan from Sanders’ US Presidential campaign “For the Many not the Few” for his UK 2017 General Election “Communist” Manifesto and they continue collaboration using the Sanders' “Playbook”

Britain's current debt problem is entirely down to the US Democrats and UK Labour Party - with a little help from the UK being trapped in the EU. Meanwhile the Marxist Peers in the Lords and politicians in the Commons are the ones attempting to ensure that the UK never leaves the EU.

Getting the UK out of the neoCommunist EU would go a long to solving the UK’s problems without risking the UK turning into Communist state.

Karl Marx’s Bi-Centenary
There are no good reasons to celebrate Marx’s Philosophy or Economics which his supporters have followed and have resulted in the murder of an estimated - more than 100 million people worldwide – in the USSR, China, Cambodia and elsewhere brought oppression, torture, poverty and despair to countless more - and continues more recently in Venezuela, for example.

Marx’s predictions can only be shown to have been “true” by manipulation and distortion of 20/20 “hindsight” – Nostradamus has a better record of prediction than Marx does.

Every invocation of Marx’s theories have been abject failures - and for those who pretend that “it will be different next time” the failure of Communism is best exemplified by the contrast of West and East Germany – each with the same approximate population demographic and external global conditions.

Democratic West Germany became an economic success and Communist East Germany suffered an economic collapse.

The neoCommunist EU
That fact that the presentational leader of the EU aka J C Juncker should wish to honour and venerate the achievements of Marx basically shows the EU for what it really represents.

The recent Article 50 negotiations have shown that the overarching belief in the EU is central control and planning – its structures copied from the old Soviet system – and only limited because the EU has not yet managed to take total control of its Member States – so it has to rely upon using the European Court of Justice (ECJ) to bring reluctant members to heel.

The idea that the economic problems in Britain; the “gig economy” and poverty are down to the present government is easily shown to be entirely false – since when it comes to “zero hours contracts”, “food banks” and homelessness Germany takes centre stage with 860,000 reported to be homeless – and all because of the EU’s Public Services Privatisation drive (Liberalisation) which resulted in our UK Royal Mail privatisation see below:

"Liberalisation - Some essential services — energy, telecommunications, transport, water and post — are still controlled by public authorities rather than private companies in some countries. EU governments can entrust specific public service functions to a company, conferring on it duties, specific rights and financial compensation. This must comply with state aid rules. When these services are liberalised — that is, opened up to competition between several companies — the Commission will see to it that the services remain available to all, even in parts of countries where they are not profitable. Moreover, it is essential to ensure that the liberalisation process is done in a way that does not give an unfair advantage to the old company that had the monopoly before the liberalisation." 


Of course it is a small step for the EU to include the health services and every other aspect of society - since the EU controls all such aspects within each Member State - the Privatisation of the UK Royal mail came through and EU directive - which the UK Parliament was powerless to oppose (ECA (1972) - Section 2(1) and 2(2)) - not they cared about the consequences on British society.

Article 3 TFEU - Lisbon Treaty (2007)

1. The Union shall have exclusive competence in the following areas: i.e. EU is all powerful regarding the following
(a) customs union;
(b) the establishing of the competition rules necessary for the functioning of the internal market;
(c) monetary policy for the Member States whose currency is the euro (including the UK which is in the ESM)*
(d) the conservation of marine biological resources under the common fisheries policy;
(e) common commercial policy.

– for more see “Poor Germans”  -  and discover what the EU policies have created in Germany and the UK.

The Appeal of Marxism 
To quote Marx:
“'There is only one way in which the murderous death agonies of the old society and the bloody birth throes of the new society can be shortened, simplified and concentrated,' wrote Marx in 1848, 'and that way is revolutionary terror'.

"Here he his addressing his conservative adversaries:" 'We have no compassion and we ask no compassion from you,' he writes. 'When our turn comes, we shall not make excuses for the terror.'

"The truth is that Marx's vision was inherently violent. How could it be otherwise? How, without bloodshed, would you get your revolution? How would you abolish private property?”
(After Dominic Sandbrook Daily Mail 5th May 2018 “Titan of Terror:…”)

But Marx's "Revolutions" had taken place before he wrote his books - the French Revolution (1789-1799) being the closest to what he envisaged - so what he was saying wasn't new anyway - he was just stirring up hatred - class war - which his followers took to mean - grab power "For a "Different Few" - but not for the "Same Many" - as portrayed in Orwell's "Animal Farm".

Where have we seen the use of violence being advocated in British politics by the Labour party recently?

  • John McDonnell inciting insurrection (violent uprising) because of an accidental fire at Grenfell Tower – which he and Corbyn used to claim that the subsequent deaths were murder by the Tory government.

  • As for Corbyn he was ready to have the properties of the well-off residents in Kensington forcibly removed to house those who had survived the fire. A small step from taking away anyone's property to suit the Corbyn / McDonnell agenda to create - as followers of Marx's misplaced vision of Utopia - a Totalitarian State.

Marx’s 200-year-old ideas are certainly alive in the minds of the Labour party - as ever, but they were previously, at least recently, not so openly expressed – nor has such class division been so openly exploited for political gain - an attitude in the Labour party that the Political Labour Party (PLP) were so desperate to hide under Blair's "New" Labour shroud of political expediency.

Corbyn claims to be, or exudes the mantle, of a Pacifist - and wants to totally remove Britain''s defence systems including our nuclear deterrent - but he supported IRA terrorists who killed and maimed innocent men, women and children. He also supports Hezbollah, Russia and Iran - and other oppressive regimes around the world - he is no Pacifist nor a defender of the weak and the disenfranchised - Corbyn wants Britain defenceless to any potential aggressor - there can be no other explanation.   

The idea that Corbyn and his ilk could ever build a better more equal society has never been more at odds with what the Labour party really have planned if they ever regain power. 

*ESM = European Stability Mechanism - Even though we are not in the Euro the EU still controls our monetary policies - we have to report to Brussels each year - after each Budget.