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8th January, 2017

Mealy-Mouthed (Re)Moaners

Yesterday we reported that a new website had been established "Open Britain"- which is basically the spawn of "Britain Stronger in Europe" but with new propaganda angle - gone are the up-front threats, ridicule, taunts dismissive comments, rudeness, false accusations of Racism, false claims and doom-mongering; which so spectacularly failed on the 23rd of June, 2016 - well not really.

There has been a coordinated shift in approach from these "New Remoaners", who now appear to have a different attitude, one of seeing the other side - understanding the concerns of the Leave voters and wanting to make sure that a better Britain can be built by working with the "Brexiteers", to ensure that Britain gets the best deal from the EU.  Except that the better deal they really seek is a better deal for the EU; for it is the EU that they truly represent, they certainly do not have any interest in a better future of Britain.

Don't be fooled by this deceptive "New Labour" approach to "Brexit", in which they pretend to care about Britain - even Corbyn has had a volte-face.- does anyone really believe that it is genuine?

Certainly the main protagonists of the Remain camp are fully aware that staying in the EU represents the end of Britain, the end of British Culture and the end of all British influence in the world; it means that Britain, and more particularly the English, will be stricken from History and Geography - to be ruled, with an "Iron Fist," from Brussels (Berlin).

It is probably unlikely that the majority of the Remain Camp have even considered the negative effects of staying in the EU; particularly, since a lot of them could not even be bothered to vote - preferring to hold on to the false "Security Blanket" of Britain having "Vetoes" to protect them from the, now quite obvious Totalitarian instincts of the EU and the Marxists in Britain.

That assessment is borne out by the Lord Ashcroft analysis of the reasons for voting to Remain in the EU - which was the second most common; after fear of the unknown (scare-mongering was clearly the most successful Remain strategy - particularly since it appeared to have worldwide support and multi-agency connivance). 

Clearly the Remain camp have carried out a detailed analysis of the EU Referendum statistics and their "experts" have advised that the Remain tactics should change - the guiding principles of the political Left and the EU have always been similar, to obtain their objectives by stealth (Wolves in sheep's clothing as the Fabians would say) rather than confrontation, although street protest with screaming / chanting mobs have always been a favorite of the Left. 

Does anyone really believe that some celebrities and Politicians, or the PLP have really gone through a "St. Paul on the Road to Damascus moment"? and now accept that the Leave camp are correct in their assessment of the damage being inflicted by the EU on the population of Britain, and in mainland Europe; or even deign to subscribe to their point of view - answers on a postcard to Mrs Merkel.

The new "Open Britain" website has been established to recruit more "novices" to their ranks, and inculcate new EU apparatchiks to their cause. They seem to be wanting to set-up Trotsky style propaganda units, to seek out any "Brexiteers", and "turn" such Leave voters that they encounter to their cause of keeping Britain in the EU - an organisation which has a single objective - to rule over Europe at the expense of its member states.

After claiming to accept the Democratic EU Referendum vote, the Remain camp continue to undermine Democracy and put all their efforts into reversing the will of the British people - their " Better deal for Britain" is nothing less than the reversal of the EU Referendum vote - similar to the actions taking place to overturn the US Presidential Election results by the political Left in the Democratic Party - the Left are only interested in Democracy when they get their own way.

Obviously, there will be a lot of Nationalistic EU flag waving and street marches to remind us all that we should want to be part of the new Empire that the EU are building; mostly behind our backs and without our consent. No doubt several Europhile celebrities, Politicians, Peers, and their pals in the wider world of Commerce, will become more prominent; as they seek to further their own ambitions in the EU - at the expense of the poor in Britain and in the rest of Europe.