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26th February 2019

Merkel's Inferno

We are rapidly approaching the zenith of Phase I of the treachery to be visited upon the British population for their decision to not continue membership of the European Union; a joint enterprise between the UK establishment - HMG, Commons, Lords, Civil Servants and Judiciary on behalf of moneyed vested interests - and the EU Commission, advised by Tony Blair; but under the control of Angela Merkel, who is soon likely to become EU president. - though not Democratically elected.

For the past two years and eight months, since the 2016 Referendum they have worked, not on negotiating a "deal" with the EU in order for the UK to leave the EU with a mutually beneficial outcome - but on the best way to prevent any such eventuality - and get away with it.

For the past 46 years we (the UK population) have been treated like the Proverbial "Boiled Frog" continuing membership of an organisation that we did not vote to join and for which we have had no say in its development - which has taken place behind our backs; through establishment acquiescence - as the "temperature of UK commitment" has been relentlessly increasing with little hesitation - as we are systematically placed in ever increasing danger as a "Vassal State", under the EU's Constitutional Lisbon Treaty (2007)

Basically, the British people are being "played" by their own elected representatives; including the Prime Minister, her Cabinet, Civil Servants and opposition parties - who are colluding with the EU in Brussels and Berlin - in order to overturn the 23rd June 2016 EU Referendum result. The recent manoeuvring by the parties, including  the new "Independent Group" is being coordinated with the EU negotiators in order to force a 2nd vote.  

It is even easy to show that it is the case from the comments by Anna Soubry and Chuka Umunna, following their visit to the EU negotiating team in 2017:

"Following the meeting with Barnier Anna Soubry was reported to have stated “It’s all sorted, we’re staying and Chuka Umunna said that:

  • "he believed Barnier had recognised the good that an activist Commons could do. “What they do recognise is that the UK legislature has a distinct and sometimes different voice from the UK executive and we’re not going to behave like some simple rubber-stamping mechanism,” he said. “Parliament is not just a bystander."

  • “It’s all well and good coming up with a withdrawal agreement with the government, but if they can’t get it through parliament that represents a problem for all involved.” (Comments were reported in the Guardian in January 2018 - almost a full year ago - and we see the effect taking place in the UK today.)"(for more see "Collaborators' Parliament")

In Parliament we now see how they are very willing to work against the interests of their own country on behalf of a that foreign power.

The worst part is that they don't even try to hide their contempt for the British people while they "suckle at the teat" of the British taxpayer - the very same people who pay their salaries and expenses and elevate them to their much exalted  status - quite wrongly with the majority of our elected representatives.

The "Independent Group" should stop lying about their true motivations; they are not Rebels - Rebels don't support the status quo and that is all that they are doing.

It is even worse with Corbyn who went over to Brussels last week and now we see clearly that he was instructed by the EU to back a 2nd EU Referendum!

But the ultimate betrayal has to be reserved for Theresa May, her Remain Cabinet, Remain politicians and the Civil Service - EU puppets par excellence.

Why are our Politicians betraying the British People?

So the question really is why are our shameless politicians acting in this way?

That is actually very easy to answer and to prove - it is simply because Britain became a Vassal State of the EU with a puppet government (and Parliament, Lords, Civil Service and Judiciary) courtesy of the European Communities Act (1972) and has been for the past 46 years.

The status of the UK establishment under EEC (EU) rule was succinctly spelled out in "Advice to Ministers" in the 1971 Foreign and Commonwealth Office Documents FCO:30/1048 - a series of documents which were kept secret from the British public under the Thirty Year Rule - though they have subsequently been made available to the public since the early 2000's.

In particular, one aspect is most relevant to the question of trust in the UK political system and in trust in the establishment more generally:

  • After entry (to EEC, 1972) there would be a major responsibility on HMG and on all political parties not to exacerbate public concern by attributing unpopular measures or unfavourable economic developments to the remote and unmanageable workings of the Community.

Those comments are a specific instruction, among a number of others, to the UK establishment - that it is required to deceive the British people about the true nature of the EEC(EU), and about its intentions and the fate of the UK, if it joins the EEC - Nick Clegg was one of the best examples of the deceit from our politicians - when he denied that the EU was planning to build its own Armed Forces.

Article 42.3 (TEU) 2007 provides the proof and explains the EU's intention - to build an EU Armed Force by bringing the Military and Civilian capabilities of the individual Member States under EU command and control. This is one of the most worrying prospects of the entire EU enterprise - which can be used to suppress the Member States under any unelected  EU President who is so inclined.

The reason that FCO:30/1048 was locked out of sight of the British people for 30 years was that the EEC-UK anticipated that after such a long period of time the UK would be so completely absorbed within in the EU that it would be impossible for the UK to escape.

As it has turned - not enough time has passed  for the EU to take complete control of the UK (only controlling its Establishment) - and it has required the Lisbon Treaty (2007) and a Referendum on Remaining in the EU to illustrate just how completely that UK establishment has deceived the people of the UK - a deception which continues apace today - through "Project Fear" which is designed to simply frighten the public into staying in the EU - the British people should very much more afraid of staying in the EU than leaving it.

Interestingly, FCO:30/1048 never mentions peace in Europe - that was never the ultimate aim of the EEC (EU) - even though it is that pretence, through which, the EEC (EU) has made most progress on the International stage.

FCO:30/1048 is mostly about the EEC taking over and controlling its Member States and building a European superstate - to be centrally controlled from Brussels (Berlin)

For a more complete look at FCO:30/1048 see an annotated version of the full document below - and a short form version.

Merkel's Inferno

In Brussel's on the 6th February 2019 Donald Tusk stated “I’ve been wondering what the special place in hell looks like for those who promoted Brexit without even a sketch of a plan how to carry it safely.”  Referencing Dante's Inferno:

The current situation with the Article 50 is leading to a 2nd Referendum - in which the UK is being driven into a special place in Merkel's Hell where there will be only be two options available; the Hell of being trapped in the "WA Treaty" given to May by Merkel to be controlled by Merkel or the Hell of being trapped into an EU; run by an out of control Megalomaniac  - the one and the same Angela Merkel.

Even the suggestion that "Remain" should be an option on any new Referendum is an insult to the UK population who voted to leave when offered the choice - "Remain" can only be considered in a second Referendum if it also includes a Referendum on the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - using the same reasoning that is being used to claim that Leave voters did not know what they were voting for - must equally apply to Remain voters not understanding what "Remain" really means - since the Lisbon Treaty (2007) has never been subjected to public scrutiny; nor open debate outside Parliament.

Since the 2016 EU Referendum the UK population has already spent a considerable amount of time in at least one form of Hell:

  • in the First Circle of Hell - in Limbo;
  • Second Circle of Hell - contains politicians who (lust) for power;
  • Third Circle of Hell (Gluttony) - where the EU Commission will reside;
  • Fourth Circle of Hell (Greed)  - MP's / MEP's who refuse to account for their expenses;
  • Fifth Circle of Hell (Anger) -  just full to the brim with Remainers and their supporters;
  • Sixth Circle of Hell (Heresy) - this is where Donald Tusk would reserve for those who refuse to bow to the cult of the EU;
  • Seventh Circle  (Violence) - those who support the establishment of EU Armed forces controlled by politicians in Brussels;
  • Eighth Circle of Hell (Fraud) - the EU is a gigantic fraud;
  • NInth Circle of Hell is reserved for those who commit Treachery - Tony Blair, Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn - and the majority of the UK Establishment.

Note: It is disingenuous to suggest that the Leave Campaigns did not have properly researched plans to leave the EU with a deal, they did, but they were sidelined by Theresa May and the Civil Service - on behalf of the Merkel's options - the "Withdrawal Agreement" or a 2nd Referendum.

Update:  26th February 2019

Today Theresa May's displayed her true colours - when she committed to offer Parliament; a vote for either Leave with No Deal; Accept Merkel's New Treaty (WA); or Remain (Accept the EU's Constitutional Lisbon Treaty (2007)) - which has supremacy over our Constitution and Laws.

Still, in a Parliament under EU control it was never going to be likely that a Leave supporting MP would have ever been Prime Minister or really in charge of negotiating to leave the EU - so we got what we should have expected - all rather predictable in the end. However, the excuse that May should appease both Leave and Remain sides is totally ludicrous - if Remain had won, Leave would have been totally marginalised; it is insulting to claim otherwise. The real reason for May's actions was to keep Remain MP's in control at the heart of HMG.

But there will not be just one vote one the three options; first would be a vote to accept or reject Merkel's "Withdrawal Agreement " - and if that is voted down then the government would put forward an amendment which would be for Parliament to vote on either leaving on WTO rules or accepting a "short extension" to Article 50. This plot has clearly been given to May by Merkel in Egypt - behind the scenes.

Meanwhile, Corbyn was given instructions by the EU - when he went to Brussels last week - to back a 2nd Referendum - even though that would require a longer extension. So the EU expects or "knows" that the MP's will vote for an extension for the Article 50 expiry date - which May and the Merkel will then keep extending - to keep us trapped and paying into the EU coffers to support its profligacy; rather than keeping the money and looking after the interests of the UK population - and our MP's think that that is acceptable..

The Merkel - May "WA Treaty" is just an extension of Article 50 by another name - it costs us £39 billion ++  with no guarantee of the UK ever getting a trade deal with the EU - it would have supremacy over our laws (as in ECA(1972) Clause 2) - it will last in perpetuity - no escape clause - under worse conditions and will allow the 27 other Member States to asset strip the UK - e.g. Fisheries, Gibraltar etc., and will provide for unrestricted free movement from within the EU - and from its outer borders through the EU into the UK. In terms of fishing they have been asset stripping the UK since 1972 - making deals with Russia to buy our fish from the EU.

2nd EU Referendum

A second Referendum cannot have any legitimacy nor credibility, if it is not explicitly requested by those who voted to Leave the EU - it cannot be forced upon the general UK population simply by those who voted to Remain in the EU - but don't like the result. That just makes the UK (and the EU) no different from any other Third Rate, Tin-Pot, "Banana Republic" run by a Dictator (Merkel) -  which is what the UK has become in the EU; the legacy of being an EU occupied country with an EU Puppet Parliament, and Civil Service for the past 46 years.

Theresa May's actions (and those of the Remain supporting politicians) to-date represent the worst deception ever perpetrated against the British people - even more barefaced than when Heath took the UK into the EEC (EU) - they are just Charlatans; and for those actions alone their names will live in infamy. And should our politicians vote against leaving the EU on WTO rules, or for an extension of Article 50 - they will end Democratic rule in Britain and intensify the moves for the UK to leave the EU by other means.

The British people will not be subjugated by a foreign power - and certainly not at the hands of a bunch of nefarious, ne'er do well politicians, who are only looking after their own interests whilst pocketing their "30 pieces of silver" - for selling out their own countrymen (women).