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Merkel the Dictator (Continued)

Brussels (Berlin) is not interested in whether the migrants are refugees or not, or who they are or where they are from as long, as they are potentially ready to work and can be exploited - except as refugees they cannot be required to work. This could lead to other neighbouring states joining the EU by the back door, by accepting their migrants, en masse, without the formal accession processes and potential objections from other EU countries.

It is all about Germany
Clearly every action taken by the EU is on behalf of Germany and its economy, however as Germany does not wish to be flooded with migrants, the rest of the EU has to take in the excess by order of the EU Commission (Berlin). What Juncker essentially said in his speech on the 9th of September, 2015 was that all actions within the EU must be for the benefit of a greater Germany, and all other EU states must sacrifice whatever is necessary in order to achieve those objectives. Meanwhile Sutherland at the UN is actively encourging mass migration from Africa into the EU, at the same time.

Those objecting to these policies are targets for EU apparatchiks embedded within the EU nation state Establishments, and infiltrated into their national cultures since 1972. In the UK, they are embedded in the Labour Party (Blairites), the Lib Dems, the Greens, in Plaid Cymru, the House of Lords, the SNP, the BBC, the rest of the liberal Left Media and elsewhere in the British Establishment, our Civil Service even in our local Councils.

Merkel has calculated that this crisis is an opportunity to:

(a) Force closer EU integration
(b) Extend the EU into new countries by the back door   
(c) Entangle migrants within the populations of Europe to create disorder, which will provide the impetus for truly forced EU integration (when all national borders are taken over by EU security forces to ensure compliance) into its final, intended form - total control over the former member states, as described in the Lisbon Treaty (2007)

Current events illustrate that we are getting ever closer to that situation at the moment

Update: This is from a BBC report in June, 2012 by Brian Wheeler
Peter Sutherland, non-executive chairman of Goldman Sachs International (former chairman of oil giant BP) and head of the Global Forum on Migration and Development, told the UK House of Lords that,

"The EU should "do its best to undermine" the "homogeneity" of its member states" in his role as the UN's special representative for migration.

He went on to state that ageing and declining populations in countries such as Germany was the key argument for the development of Multicultural states. 

So there we have it the world's financiers have decided who should populate the national states of Europe, including the UK, to suit their own economic agenda; capture cheap labour, depress wages in the host nations and expand the customer base of the global corporations – all without any concern for the social, cultural, security and environmental cost.

Meanwhile the existing populations will be required to sit back and do as they are told, so that the ambitions of the multinational  corporations can be realised.

This is the true nature of the EU and we need to get out while we still can. 

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