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Mrs Merkel (circled) who was 17-year-old Angela Kasner when the picture was taken in 1972, is shown in fatigues marching with a group of friends and an East German officer. 

​2nd August 2018

Mrs Merkel

There seems to be a consensus that Angela Merkel has lost influence since her interference in the UN promoted migrant crisis where, in 2015 she unilaterally opened Germany's borders to largely uncontrolled and unlimited immigration (ostensibly to Syrian Refugees) - the problem being that she acted without any consent or discussion with her own German Parliament nor were any of the other EU Member States' governments involved consulted either.

Acting as a de facto "EU Dictator", in all but name, she encouraged the breakdown of the Sovereign borders of other Member States in order to allow unfettered access to Germany,  and in doing so created havoc within the EU and alienated her own German population as well as other EU populations more generally, who did not take kindly to having their borders trampled over by an alien culture - imposed in vast numbers upon their unwary populations without any warning, consultation or consent.

To all intents and purposes her actions appeared to be purely Humanitarian, however, that belies the fact almost simultaneously Juncker also added to the mix by offering EU "Green Cards" (equivalent) to any migrant from anywhere in the world wanting to come to the EU. 

This was coordinated by the UN under the now deceased (January 2018) Peter Sutherland, UN Migration Chief, who was promoting mass uncontrolled immigration into the EU from Africa; essentially to breakdown the borders of the EU Member States (which he openly advocated) - but under the guise of offsetting the effects of the ageing populations of the EU - a fallacious idea.

Ironically, Germany had tried this before; during and after the Turkish - and other -  "Gastarbeiter" ("Guest Workers") period between the 1950's-1970's, after the guest workers took-up residence and brought their dependants into Germany instead of returning to Turkey. Angela Merkel and Wolfgang Schäuble (Finance Minister) had already admitted (in 2011) that Multiculturalism hadn't worked in Germany before - so why were they doing it again?   

The net result of Merkel's actions was to alienate many ordinary people in various EU states, who decided that they did not want their countries to be exploited in such a manner - resulting in those ordinary, decent and hardworking EU citizens being deliberately unfairly labelled as "Far Right" and racist (more "agitprop"); including populations in Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece and has resulted in a standoff between the EU (Germany / ECJ) and Hungary/Poland.

Merkel's actions, and other factors also probably led, in part, to Britain's vote to leave the EU - once it was realised that the EU's "Four Freedoms" were not really Freedoms at all - simply a means for the EU (Germany) to exploit the EU Member States even more that they had done up to the present time.

Even though Merkel's popularity dropped because of her actions in 2015, she has not gone away and she is still holding onto the programme of increasing immigration into the EU and the UN is at it again under new management (William L Swing) - more importantly she is still running the EU and controlling the Article 50 pretend "negotiations"; with a view to overturning the UK's EU Referendum vote to Leave - by stealth.

By pretending that the UK are leaving the control of the EU when that is plainly false under the "Chequers Agreement"; but it is being spun to look like it (agitprop?) - though one would have to be rather dim not to see what is really happening.. 

So who is Mrs Angela Merkel?

Merkel was appointed German Chancellor in 2005 and according to Wikipedia "Merkel has been widely described as the de facto leader of the European Union, the most powerful woman in the world, and the leader of the Free World."

​Angela Merkel, born Angela Kazmierczak, changed to the German form Kasner from the original Polish, she was brought up in Communist East Germany, but she was born Hamburg in 1954. A few weeks after she was born her father, Horst, who had converted from the Catholic to Protestant faith and who was a committed Socialist moved with his wife and daughter to Communist East Germany.

It was a very unusual occurrence considering that many people did not want to stay in Communist East Germany and tried to flee to the West - she was brought up in a Communist State practically from birth; she excelled at school including competing in the Russian Language "Olympics"

"Merkel studied physics at Leipzig university and went on to complete a doctorate at East Berlin's Central Institute for Physical Chemistry in quantum chemistry. In 1977, while on an academic visit to the Soviet Union, Angela Kasner met and subsequently married fellow student Ulrich Merkel, the man who was to provide her with the surname she now holds.

"The marriage appears to have been a failure because the Merkels divorced in 1982. But Angela hung on to the name even after meeting Joachim Sauer, her reclusive physics professor husband, whom she married in 1998."  

"She joined the Communist Free German Youth movement – which some critics still describe as the socialist answer to the Hitler Youth – but also learnt Russian, the language of East Germany's ultimate rulers."


"... at Berlin's Institute for Physical Chemistry, she remained – albeit reluctantly– in charge of Communist “agitation and propaganda” (agitprop). At the same time she was living as an illegal squatter in a run-down flat in what is now the upmarket Berlin district of Prenzlauer Berg."

She would presumably remained in academia had not the Berlin Wall been brought down in 1989.

“Immediately after it happened (the fall of the Berlin Wall), three things became clear to me,” she told one of her biographers in 2009. “I wanted to get into parliament. I wanted German unification to happen quickly and I wanted a market economy.(bracketed comment added)

Apparently, many East Germans joined political parties after the fall of the Berlin Wall and Merkel was no exception, apart from the fact that she had not apparently shown any interest in politics - apart from "agitprop" - only in pursuing a career in research...

"... she plumped for Democratic Awakening (DA) a liberal conservative grouping led by the East Berlin Protestant pastor Rainer Eppelmann, who today remains one of Merkel's staunch Christian Democrat MPs. Trained in agitprop, she became the DA's press spokeswoman and has since recalled, “It was chaotic but I had the feeling I was needed. The best thing was the fact that the political direction was not completely fixed.”  

"DA was absorbed by the Christian Democratic Party" and eventually Helmut Kohl's Christian Democrats in 1990 - she was recruited as one of the few East Germans who was almost completely untainted by Communism or the Stasi " (from Angela Merkel's unlikely journey from Communist East Germany to the Chancellorship Tony Patterson, Independent 2015) - She later ousted Helmut Kohl as party leader.

Mrs Merkel denies she was close to the Communist rulers in East Germany, where she grew up.

Who is making the final Decisions on the UK-EU Deal?

Whatever the truth about Merkel's past life in East Germany she is obviously very comfortable within the EU (USSR) look-alike system. 

It is also clear that she is, and has been since the outset, the one who will decide the final deal between the UK and the EU and she has been the one who has been pulling the strings behind the scenes - if not directly involved face-to-face, say whenever May went "Walkabout" in Wales and subsequently, elsewhere in Europe - she is at least agreeing or rejecting what is being discussed in meetings in EU Member State capitals including London.

We know that the "Chequers Agreement", for example is really a "Merkel / May accord of some description" - though probably more likely Merkel dictates and May "humbly complies"; since May told her Chequers Cabinet meeting, which was ostensibly convened in order to agree the final details of the UK-EU - that it had already been agreed with Merkel beforehand and could not be changed!

Perhaps Merkel also "Schooled" May in ways to persuade her colleagues to also agree - using threats such as taking away their Ministerial cars if they did not bend to Merkel's will.  

In the latest round of "holiday talks" where Mrs May has suddenly become "aggressive" once more in order to "boss" the EU around (for the benefit of UK Press) it has been reported, in the Daily Express on the 1st August 2018 that: 

  • A top UK official has said that Chancellor Angela Merkel was ready to give Michel Barnier “more freedom” to close a deal. What!

  • Another senior EU official said: “The political declaration cannot violate our principles. But with the rest, whatever helps pass a withdrawal bill is fine.” (so, Four "Freedoms" must be included)

Such out and out collusion between EU officials​ and Mrs May shows just how low the UK government and Remainers have sunk on the world stage - they clearly have no respect for the British people nor for their own dignity and self-respect. We are now going through a complete pantomime with EU and UK officials openly lying about the true nature of the Chequers Agreement and its implications for the UK.  

We need to go for a No Deal Brexit and revert to WTO rules - as Sir Christopher Meyer, Former Ambassador to the USA said:

  • “What's this tosh about giant lorry parks after 'no-deal' Brexit? The WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement (ratified by 136, including EU, states in 2017) mandates seamless, hi-tech practices at the border."

  • “The World Bank reported in 2016 that 98 percent of border traffic went unchecked.”

So much for Veradker / EU claiming to require a hard border between NI and Eire; hi-tech borders were mandated by WTO in 2017 and any attempts to cause problems with traffic / trade flow would be illegal.

If you type "Communist Merkel" or similar into the comments section in the Independent / Guardian and sometimes the Express or Mail on EU related stories - the response is usually very quick - "No she isn't" or "You need to do proper research" or  some other defence of Merkel - it always elicits a similar response; with me anyway and makes me wonder why they are so defensive.