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14th December, 2015

Germany and Multiculturalism 

Merkel's is trying to mitigate the effects on her career of her deliberate propagation of a disaster in Europe. Instead of controlling the immigration on the borders of Europe, she deliberately set in motion a mass migration across Europe in order to undermine the homogeneity of the nation states of the EU on behalf of Peter Sutherland (UN) and the rest of the Marxist fraternity. The Leftist groups have never been able to understand why the rest of Europe did not follow the 1917 violent overthrow of the Russian Establishment and this in turn led to the development and use of the techniques of "Multiculturalism", "Political Correctness" and "Stealth" as alternate routes to forming a new Communist Dictatorship - the EU. 

What else would you expect from a Communist trained leader in control of the EU – less propaganda? 

Germany has been "importing" labour from other countries within the EU for several years but still it wants more, this makes no sense because they have had the pick of the best that Europe can offer. They also "imported" labour from other parts of the world, notably from Turkey (Guest workers) in the "boom" years of the 1950's and 1960's, but when the oil crisis hit in the early 1970's the German economy declined. Germany was then left with unemployed Turkish former workers who had taken up German citizenship bringing multiple dependents into a low performing economy struggling to support them.

The problems created by these actions were described by Wolfgang Schauble the German Finance Minister when he stated that "Germany had made a mistake in the 1960’s by expecting foreign workers to integrate." He also stated that "Multiculturalism had been a disaster for Germany. (German finance minister says too many “Gastarbeiter” were allowed in – Guardian 18th March 2011)".

Merkel has been known to make similar remarks - that is until she opened the door; knowing full well what problems that action would create. 

Welfare Provision
Immigration is a proposed solution to the problems of pension provision but it is simply a Ponzi scheme relying on "new blood" to pay for the upkeep of the older generation, in countries with low birth rate – but the pension deficit isn't magically remedied by importing other people, especially if they don't want to work, but instead want to share the benefits from those who worked before and paid into the system. It also involves importing a large population of dependents (a multiplier of up to 8 times in terms of some non-European immigrants) who also grow old and want pensions, together with ongoing medical care; requiring further rounds of immigration in a never ending cycle of dependency. A welfare commitment which rapidly spirals out of control and is clearly unsustainable even in the short term; as now acknowledged by Merkel. 

​Thus the Ponzi welfare system sponsored and promoted by the UN (Peter Sutherland), provides no long term benefit to the host country; it makes no sense to claim that it does since the vast majority of immigrants and refugees and their dependents will not contribute to the cost (according to the OECD 74% of immigrants in Germany are unemployed) for two reasons (a) they have no desire, and no reason to contribute and (b) as refugees they cannot be required to contribute, at least within the national taxable economy. This is why the Germany wants to mitigate its losses by spreading the problem (that it deliberately created, at the behest of the UN) around the individual member states. That won’t be enough though and we will rapidly move into a situation where the resources of the entire, low growth, EU are required to keep up with the welfare costs. The EU could easily fall into internecine warfare as a result of EU belligerence towards its member states, as it attempts to force unwilling member states to take in immigrants, who would rather go to Germany, Sweden or the UK.

The problems don't end there though, Merkel also insisted that the immigrants must integrate (even though they did not do so previously) and to some extent the situation can be contained in its early stages, however, the problem is really a function of relative population size. Initially, it is a matter of the immigrants integrating with the native Europeans, but as the immigrant population reaches a "tipping point" then the roles will be reversed and the native European populations with be required to integrate within the immigrant population. A situation which could well transform into the native populations of Europe working only to support its immigrants - a very EU style of slavery.

One solution would be for the native European populations to increase their own birth rate which would remove the Leftist excuse for mass migration, and such programmes could be easily facilitated with government initiatives - but only for those states who are willing to leave the EU, since the EU is complicit in native European population dilution for its own ends.

Another solution would be for a revolution in health care provision, to find ways to care for the sick and elderly without importing cheap, less qualified labour from abroad. Such innovations need to be able to help the elderly to lead more active, healthy and productive lives, instead of seeking to find means of quietly removing them from society.

New EU Border Force
The "new EU border force" is now being used because some member states are refusing to allow refugees into their countries, because of their legitimate concerns about their own national territory, culture and identity. 

The EU cannot allow the member states, including Britain, to maintain their own borders, or keep their own culture and identity as the EU moves towards its goal of a single multicultural (Neo-Communist*) state under one government. The "new  EU border force" isn't designed to stop or regulate immigrant flow for the good of the nation states and protect the outer borders of the EU, it is to prevent the nation states from maintaining their internal borders within the EU and to force them to take immigrant quotas, which will be decided by Brussels (Berlin). In that way the EU can flood Europe with even more immigrants whilst controlling any internal opposition.

These quotas, in terms of "quality" and quantity will be varied based upon how much resistance is encountered by each state - with the highest quotas in each category being forced upon the most resistant nations.  Quality will be determined by education, health, age and aptitude of the immigrants, not upon need nor suitability for the host nation, with the most skilled and best educated, young and healthy siphoned off to Germany. Britain’s borders will be increasingly controlled and patrolled by EU border forces to ensure that Britain cannot control its own immigration quotas, which will be dictated by the EU; in terms of quantity and origin.

This UN "Multiculturalism" programme as applied to the EU member states is, in effect, a re-run of the methods used for the "Russification" of the Soviet Satellite States as practised by Stalin; whereby the cultures of those states were suppressed through mass migration in favour of the Russian Culture, or in this case, the eradication of the European Culture in favour of an intolerant and repressive Middle Eastern monoculture, wholly supported and encouraged by the so-called "liberal" Left; and a million miles away from any concept of a United States of Europe.

Let's be clear though it is not the Muslims who, out of the blue have sought to bring discord to Europe, but they are being used as pawns by the Marxists in the EU, UN, British and European political parties who have set-out to deliberately create division within Europe and to keep the borders to the west open to all and sundry. Just as was the case in Britain with Blair/Brown/Mandelson (1997-2010) seeking to undermine British (English) culture and Christianity using multiculturalism - as a means of dividing and polarising previously settled, mostly English communities; partly to foment disunity and undermine the established society and partly to increase support for disreputable left wing political parties; all aided and abetted by propaganda produced by their equally disreputable left wing media outlets. 

Even Merkel believes that multiculturalism is a "sham" - and the Germans know that it is from past experience.  This present manifestation though is designed as a replacement programme for the indigenous Europeans, which is beginning in earnest under the smokescreen of the manufactured migration crisis. This leaves the EU, UN and other Marxist organisations complicit in what can only be described as ethnic cleansing of the white European populations; which makes them in effect institutionally racist.

Interestingly, Israel has protected its own population from the effects of mass migration according to, "Israel does not have laws and regulations enabling foreigners who wish to come and settle Israel the opportunity to do so"  whilst simultaneously encouraging uncontrolled mass migration into the European populations, from within Europe and externally through propaganda. This is despite having claimed that anti-semitism within Europe was increasing, even before Merkel invited, and continues to encourage, uncontrolled migration into Europe - what a strangely contradictory world we inhabit.

Britain's Prospects in the EU
It is clear from recent events that none of the EU Treaties or Agreements are sacrosanct as far as the EU and Germany are concerned; such niceties as changing terms and conditions are reserved only for the dictatorship to apply as deemed fit.

As a result Britain’s prospects within the EU will continue to deteriorate as it will be required to provide escalating funds to prop-up the increasingly dysfunctional EU.

Meanwhile, on December 16th, 2015 John Major claimed that Britain would be isolated outside the EU. 

Britain cannot  get much more isolated than it currently is within the EU with 25 out of 27 member states voting against any attempt by Britain to limit its current burden of supporting the already overwhelming number of EU member state dependents. A situation that Britain is unable to extricate itself from because of anti-discrimination rules to which New Labour deceitfully paid homage, when it designed and reorganised the UK benefit system to include Child and Working Tax Credits in 2003 in favour of EU and other migrants; just prior to the opening of the UK borders to the EU in 2004 by Blair Brown and Mandelson et al. 

This was done precisely to place any future government in the position that Cameron finds himself today - redistributing our own scarce resources, not only through overseas aid, but also supporting an international underclass, which also includes large populations of the EU member states, in perpetuity, whilst our population suffers EU induced austerity.  The EU will steal the clothes from our backs, the food from our plates and leave us destitute and homeless in their relentless pursuit of an EU Superstate. We need to close our borders so we can begin to take control of our social and economic costs, protect our own population and re-claim our country, before we reach the tipping point.

Just to clarify one point: Few people object to immigration when it is a benefit to the host country and to those entering, if they are willing to play their part within the society that they alight upon.

Most problems relate to the impact of the scale of mass immigration (propagated by the EU, UN and the other usual suspects) and an unwillingness to contribute from sections of immigrant populations - taken together with an unwillingness of small sections of the host communities to be accepting of new arrivals

The Referendum needs to be brought forward to a date no later than the summer of 2016 - we need to get out of the EU while we still can.
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