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18th April, 2017

A Necessary Decision Mrs May

Whilst June 8th is not quite the anniversary of D-Day it could could nevertheless prove to be almost as significant, in terms of, not just our future freedom and prosperity, but also for the future freedom and prosperity of other members states of the EU, particularly in western Europe. Some of whom seem blissfully unaware of their impending demise - seduced by false assurances, from Donald Tusk and Nicola Sturgeon, of retaining their independence and sovereignty within the EU. Others are reassured by the Mrs Merkel's calculated attempts to show that she understands the concerns of the the people in the EU have because of uncontrolled mass immigration - just in time for her re-election campaign - but it will be business as usual after she wins.

Despite the self-induced turmoil in the EU nothing has changed - when exposed the EU goes into "Fabian" stealth mode (which has succeeded for the past 44 years) while it continues its relentless, behind the scenes, activities - such as bringing in new member states (Ukraine and Georgia through visa free access).

They continue (mostly on the quiet), for example, with their Barcelona Process (1995) (relaunched in 2008) - the EuroMed ("Eurabia") - "Union for the Mediterranean" (UfM) programme to bring into the EU all the countries around the Mediterranean  Basin - North Africa and the Middle East and grant them all the "Four Freedoms" of the Treaty of Rome (1957) - all in order to change the Demographics of Western Europe through mass immigration and destroy the national identities of the EU member states - as mandated by the UN.

The Union for the Mediterranean (UfM)  programme has official UN backing - Resolution adopted by the General Assembly on 14 December 2015 (70/124) Observer status for the Union for the Mediterranean in the General Assembly

Once Again...

We do again, as we did so long ago, find ourselves surrounded by enemies and opportunists at every turn - all apparently with a common purpose - to destroy the UK - either by trying to keep it trapped within the EU or by breaking it apart along lines based upon ancient grievances and/or racial differences.

Just as the entire EU Referendum debate in Britain during 2015 brought all of these various groups together and exposed their true nature - they have also exposed how much they really despise Democracy and refuse to accept the Democratic will of the British people, unless it delivers their own objectives and - as Mrs May has pointed out - this has led to the point that we now find ourselves today.

We anticipate that - even though the propagandists on the "Remain" side (with all their resources and International backing previously failed to prevent a vote to leave the protectionist EU bloc) - this General Election campaign (as mounted by the EU supporters) will be no different and is likely to continue to simply be a re-run of the earlier failed "Remain" campaign.

The only difference will be that their pretence at acceptance of Democracy is once again exposed as the lie that it always was.

During this election campaign we (the government) must expose the EU and its plans to dismantle every aspect of its member states and rule over them as a single government; as is laid out in the Lisbon Treaty (2007)* -  and expose those who are simply working for the EU, against Britain's best interests. We must not become distracted by issues such as trade and regulations or rights at this time - issues over which we have no control as long as we are ruled over by the EU and its ECJ legal system. None of those can be changed to our advantage until after we leave all of the EU's institutions - or to put it crudely "Hard Brexit" is the only way to escape from EU's legal controls over our lives - anything less is simply not leaving the EU at all. 

Even Phillip Hammond acknowledged the EU's role in the governing of our affairs and daily lives, during his last budget, when he announced that Juncker would be pleased that his spending plans were within the required EU constraints (of 3% of GDP) - as mandated by the Maastricht Treaty (1992)

This election must rid the UK of EU quislings within our Parliamentary system and society more generally - whether inside the Commons or, through reform of the Lords, or in the devolved administrations - anyone who prefers to remain in the EU are welcome to stay there - as long as they keep out of our lives and our political system.

*Following the signing of the Lisbon Treaty (2007) Merkel stated:-

"The fundamentals of the Constitution have been maintained in large part … We have renounced everything that makes people think of a state, like the flag and the national anthem.” Angela Merkel, El País, 25 June 2007.

A comment from Juncker is also of interest:-

"There is a single legal personality for the EU, the primacy of European law, a new architecture for foreign and security policy, there is an enormous extension in the fields of the EU's powers, there is Charter of Fundamental Rights. Jean-Claude Juncker, Le Soir, 2 July 2007, page 18

Even if the supporters of the EU in our establishment and political system in the UK deny its ambitions - some of the EU politicians themselves are less coy about their intentions to rule over Europe and beyond, through a single government in Brussels (Berlin)

The above article was written on the assumption that Theresa May is acting through her own free will - and that she is not following an instruction from Merkel, to hold a General Election. This comment is based upon the rather bizarre action by Merkel who claimed that she was asking advice from the UK on preventing terrorism in Germany when she made a recent visit to the UK (15th April, 2017) - we thought is was odd anyway.

After all , we understand, that Merkel does have "previous form" - she visited Brown at the time of the LisbonTreaty (2007) to make sure that he did not hold a referendum on that treaty. Merkel took over the EU project in 2005 and after the Constitution for Europe Treaty (2004) was rejected by France and Holland  (2005) - she took a personal interest in having the Terms and Conditions (Articles, Declarations and Protocols) of that rejected treaty hidden within the Lisbon Treaty (2007). If Merkel believed that Mrs May might lose a General Election, or become weakened by it,  she may well have intervened.