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13th April, 2017

Negotiating an EU Exit

For the nine months following the EU Referendum vote on June 23rd, 2016 the EU insisted that they would not negotiate any aspect of the terms of the exit of the UK from the EU until after the triggering of Article 50 (TEU). They simply embarked upon a programme of direct propaganda against Britain - mostly comprising threats, intimidation and doom mongering - in much the same way as the Remain camp and its supporters have continued to do since the beginning of the EU Referendum campaign in 2016.

Clearly, the EU simply does not accept that the UK is leaving the EU, and it will continue in the same vain throughout the period of the 2 years, set aside for negotiations, as mandated in Article 50 (TEU). The EU is determined to stall off any decisions in the hope that circumstance will change in such a way as to ensure that the UK will end up staying.

Yesterday a German spokesperson called upon Britain to have a second Referendum - the EU is desperate to attempt to produce, what would appear to be a Democratic change of heart, by the UK population - in order to maintain their false sense of an EU Democratic "legitimacy" in the eyes of the International Community. 

This strategic EU plan is simply being mirrored by its sycophants and place(men and women) within our establishment, in both Houses of Parliament, and in those others who have been calling for a second referendum - effectively, to help out the EU.

Any such second vote, by its very nature at this juncture, would undoubtedly be plagued by establishment skulduggery, the likes of which have not been witnessed since the time of Machiavelli. We have already witnessed the surface veneer of the levels of treachery that are manifest within our society during the various attempts to prevent the very invocation of Article 50 (TEU) - through our courts and in the Upper Chamber, particularly, as the recently ennobled peers fulfilled the role envisaged by their enoblers.  

We must also never forget the role that is being played by the arch anti- English SNP, who have consistently sided with our enemies in the EU - even going as far to show their hatred of the English, as to sing the EU's National Anthem inside the Chamber of the House of Commons - after the vote to add amendments to the procedural Article 50 (TEU) Bill failed to restrict the negotiating position of the UK during the EU exit. There has never been any doubt that such actions were being taken in support of the EU and against the interests of the UK. 

We offer our full support any attempts by Shetland and other Scots' regions to defy the SNP and help the Shetland Islanders' to stay as part of the UK - if that is their wish.

Behind the Scenes

In reality, for the next two years, the EU exit negotiations are a side-issue, as far as the EU project is concerned - trade continues and they are still receiving our "subscriptions - and the EU is rapidly becoming an openly EU = "Enforced Union". The EU already has all the power it needs to control the 27 member states (and Britain if we fail to escape soon), courtesy of the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - (Article 48). But it is maintaining, currently, its position of following the gradual path to integration of all the facets of statehood from its members through the use of Qualified Majority Voting (QMV) and scare tactics to persuade the other members to give up more and more of their "Competences" (Sovereign Rights) - and hand over total control to Brussels (Berlin).

Only that way can the EU become its true manifestation - a "Superstate" - run by a single government (an unelected bunch of usurpers and ne'er-do-wells) - controlled by International Bankers and Multinational Corporations - with all the paraphernalia (Flags, Passport..., already in place) of a real, single Nation on the International stage. With its own Armed Forces, Taxation, Legal System controls... etc., ruling over Vassal States (former EU member states) with an "Iron Fist" (the EU's version of Federalism) - Look to the future of a Nation that will resemble more the old Soviet Union - with its Military Parades and its Presidential Motorcades (stop drooling Tony) - than a Democratic country to make you proud.

We should be more worried that this two year negotiating period will simply be two years of attempts to asset strip Britain and force new laws onto us - which are against our national interest - and designed to trap us inside the structure of the new "German Empire" that is emerging at an alarming pace - a warning from the past. This week Germany is adamantly refusing to spend more money on NATO, in order to build its own armed forces (those of the other member states) under their control - the £50 billion they are trying to extort from the UK would go a long way to help Germany to help to them to pay for their unwanted migrants, that it is trying to dump on the other member states, and to give it more cash to continue to dominate Europe - through the EU.

Germany has done well out of the EU - better than any other country - through their financial control of the Eurozone - and at the expense of the other EU member states - they are likely to continue the exploitation - and we must be very careful we do not get trapped.

At the moment the EU Treaties allow the member states to act in their own national interests in a number of areas - our respective governments, over the past 44 years (since 1973) have rarely acted in Britain's interests, and they must now start doing so - by invoking these powers to prevent the UK from being destroyed before the Article 50 's two year negotiating period is even completed.