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5th November, 2017

Negotiations - What Negotiations?

The revelation that the government is willing to give 53 billion Euros to the EU, as a price to begin trade talks - is just plain madness, particularly, since we have nothing guaranteed in return. This is just the same as the Remain - Labour, LibDem etc., position - give the EU anything they ask for, and then the UK populations can take the punishment as well. 

The primary objective of the EU is to destroy the member state identities and rule over their populations with an iron rod, in perpetuity - they have stated as such in the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - we are in a fight to the death whether we are in the EU or not. Does anyone really believe that even if we do have trade deals with the EU that they would honour them? They will only look after their own EU interests, not even the interests of the member states - they will also be subjugated.

Unfortunately, and also fortunately, we have arrived at a time in the development of the EU that its real ambitions have come out more into the open, and more people have started to question its intentions - mostly because of the EU's reaction to the EU Referendum vote, which sent them scurrying to defend their partially built empire, by prematurely attempting to enforce integration. Rather than through, their usual (more stealthy) reduction of voting "clout", through "share" dilution, and financial warfare methodologies (e.g. Italy, Greece)

Enemies in our Establishment

The EU Referendum has also shone a light upon the workings, attitude and demeanor of those who run the EU; and exposed Britain's enemies within our own establishment; more than we anticipated.

We say that they are Britain's enemies not as a simple slur on otherwise Anglophile MP's, Peers and Judiciary - but because any MP, Peer or Judge (or other legal practitioner) who has read the EU Treaties knows full well that they provide a foreign power, the EU with the right (our sovereignty) to rule over the people of the UK with impunity, in perpetuity.

The EU has the power to overrule our Constitution, our Laws, our Social order and anything else they wish - and those powers were given to the EU by the predecessors of those very same Politicians and Peers - and they have maintained and enhanced the EU's powers over us for the past 44 years.

More worrying, relatively large numbers of them (PLP, SNP, LibDems) are refusing to repatriate those powers to whom they rightly belong; the people of the UK and are actively working to help the EU to destroy the UK - as many others have done since the Reformation.

Meanwhile, our Judiciary administer British Law under the scrutiny, and by the dint of, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) - effectively our entire legal system owes its loyalty to the EU and many of them have also sworn such oaths - even though they also swear an oath to the people of the UK, but the latter is only a secondary consideration.

An oath to the EU is necessarily more important to the EU than an oath the UK - otherwise the EU would not be able to control its member state populations; using the armed forces of those member states!

Those who collude with the EU are enemies of the UK for the reasons given above above.

Why the Delay in Leaving?

In 1971, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advised the Heath government in FCO:30/1048 that upon joining the EEC(EU) there would be a major responsibility on the government and other main political parties to protect the EEC(EU) from scrutiny by the UK population, in particular "... not to exacerbate public concern by attributing unpopular measures or unfavourable economic developments to the remote and unmanageable workings of the Community."

This is the reason why Clegg could not admit that the EU was building a massive military organisation (armed forces) on the backs of its member states, the British people do not want to be part of such a force, which requires our armed forces to swear an Oath of Allegiance to the EU.

However, in other countries in the EU - such as Germany, France and others, their politicians will openly push to regain their past glories through rearming on a grand scale - as long as they are in control of all the resources of war - which should be our, and Europe's, worst nightmare.

It is also why all discussions during the EU Referendum only, or mostly, revolved around economics - for a number of reasons.

Our politicians (mostly) want to avoid getting into discussions about the effects of the EU Treaties (that could be dangerous ground for some politicians) More importantly, economic propaganda is easily manipulated, by governments, the EU, banks and international organisations, all with vested interests - and, guess what? -  the arguments, statistics, predictions, reports, analyses and forecasts are always in favour of the EU and against Britain leaving.

The simple truth is that Britain is too powerful to be outside the EU and not under its control - so it won't negotiate in good faith.

The UK Political System

By the very nature of Politics there is a desire to maintain a favourable "status quo" for the politicians, and that was deemed to be with Britain inside the EEC - as confirmed by the 1975 Referendum, whose result was based upon belief in the published lie, that by staying in the EEC our sovereignty would not be at risk  - even though it was simultaneously being held hostage by Parliament, on behalf of the EEC at the time, and had been since 1973.

In order to maintain the "status quo" MP's of the main parties were almost certainly selected by dint of their favourable leanings towards the EEC, and climbing the ladder in the parties depended upon their loyalty to the EEC project - hence all the leaders and most of the their cabinet were most likely selected to ensure that none would be so reckless as to call an EU Referendum.

Those who did speak out against the EU were therefore mostly in the minority in parliament, approximately 80% of our Parliament would vote to remain in the EU. Peers would be selected in a similar manner, so as to ensure that in the event of a crisis, the EEC(EU) would win out over any conflict of interest and the EU's position would be secure.

The Judiciary would also be more likely selected based upon their views on the EU - once again to ensure a balance in favour of the EEC(EU) project. Britain would not have been kept inside the EU otherwise.

Those in the real positions of power, are also very likely to have sworn an Oath of Allegiance to the EU, and that is certainly the case for any who have held positions of power in the EU (former Commissioners etc) and who now inhabit the Lords - ready to fight on behalf of their true masters - aided by promised pensions, which would be at risk should any of them side with interests of the UK.

The EU's Control of our Politicians

Which brings us to the visits of Corbyn, Abbott and Starmer, following the 8th June, 2017 General Election, and the subsequent visit of Adonis, Clarke and Clegg to meet Barnier in Brussels. Barnier is the one in the wrong - he is (on behalf of Merkel) interfering in the internal politics of the UK in order to prevent the UK leaving - his behaviour shows how much the EU controls our parliament.

It was made to appear that these respective visits were instigated by Corbyn and then by Clegg, on the pretext that they were trying to help the UK negotiations, but the reality is more likely to be that they were summoned by Barnier (Merkel) - the two meetings can be treated differently, but each was convened to discuss strategy and be issued with instructions passed on from Merkel.

Corbyn's meeting - Corbyn is different from the others because he was a life long "Eurosceptic" who was "turned" after he was summoned to Brussels - no doubt told that he would not be endorsed as UK prime minister unless he swore an Oath of Allegiance to the EU - which, judging by his subsequent behaviour he did exactly that; with alacrity.

His only concessions to his former life was to say that he "wanted to save jobs" and "protect workers rights" - what irony, since we have lost most of our manufacturing because of the EU, and the UK is much better at preserving rights than the EU - we fought for them in WWII. 

Corbyn is a fraud, and  a "Pied Piper" who would lead our young into poverty and subjugation at the hands of the EU in return for his Faustian Pact with the EU.

The rest are just the usual suspects who seek to undermine the UK and simultaneously accept UK funding, prestige and parliamentary privileges - whilst they also benefit from their own Faustian Pact with the EU - not a symbiotic relationship with the people of the UK.

The EU control must also go right to the top, and it is likely that Theresa May is acting under instructions from Merkel - perhaps contacted during her holidays - which usually end with some sudden shift in the UK's position - to its detriment.

Back to the Faux Negotiations

The Negotiations are little more than an EU choreographed "Dance" in which the UK is slowly being brought to accept the worst possible deal because of EU collaborators within our establishment - the best solution for the UK is to walk away and the best solution for the EU is that they can bring about a second Referendum.

The problem for the EU is that a second Referendum might bite them back - the UK is not like Ireland, which was in receipt of funds from the EU, and therefore benefited from being in the EU - they had a reason to vote to stay (they my be thinking twice now that they have to contribute) - but they did not realise that they had been duped until later, after they gave up their sovereignty.

Both the EU and the UK are suffering because of uncertainty and both are being pulled apart - all because of the EU's belligerence - but the EU cannot back down - and the UK must not back down either.

We should leave on the 29th March, 2019 and walk away - we should not even entertain any longer period than that - it is the interests of the EU and the UK to keep on trading together and the infrastructure is already in place. But we must have a clean break - no further EU control of our sovereignty and no interference in our affairs by the ECJ or other EU bodies.

After all, only a bunch of corrupt politicians or fools would sign up to the EU knowing what we know today about its methods and ambitions - the EU has been exposed and found wanting - but our politicians knew all along.

After the 29th March, 2019 we need to root out those who are disloyal to the UK and those who are not - elect a new government (Not Corbyn) for the UK, carefully selecting those from each party who we know are loyal and those who we know who are not; get rid of the rampant corruption in our political system and rebuild our country.