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4th July 2018

NHS is Not Safe in the EU

This article is based upon information from the Campaign against a Euro-Federalism which reflects the position of the Left in UK politics regarding the EU and related to its effects upon the well being of the populations of the EU Member States. (after Brian Denny - EC Pushes Privatisation of Healthcare in the "Democrat - September 2006 (Number 97) -"

Because the EEC(EU) has been an ongoing project since the Treaty of Rome (1957) - and it adopted the Fabian Society, long term approach (Wolf in Sheep's Clothing) to obtaining its objective through stealth - it has developed with the collusion of the establishment of each Member State; and certainly behind the backs of the British people.

As such it is necessary to search back through earlier Treaties and ECJ Case Law to establish the methods by which the Member States are being taken over and brought under the control of a single government in Brussels (Berlin).

This article looks at the techniques and methods that the EEC(EU) is using attempts by the EU to Privatise the NHS.  

​"Following the exclusion of healthcare from the Services Directive, the European Commission announced plans for a new separate directive by the end of 2006 to open up health services to free market competition." This followed a landmark ECJ ruling that:- 

"... British national Yvonne Watts was entitled to claim money back from the British health service for treatment carried out in France."

This requires countries to pay for treatment in other states and effectively opens-up healthcare in the EU to market forces.

Government Compliance
"Just after this statement was made the UK Department of Health invited private companies to bid to spend vast sums of the multi-billion pound NHS budget." 

"A six-page advert in the Official Journal of the European Union asked private health insurers to apply to run key roles in Primary Care Trusts. PCTs control 80 per cent of the annual £80 billion NHS budget, funding GP surgeries, hospital operations and drugs." 

"The move effectively lets outside companies commission health services and represents a further break up of the NHS without any parliamentary debate or consultation." 

"Following an outcry from MPs and groups like the British Medical Association, the advert was withdrawn due to a 'drafting error'.

"Ministers insisted the contracts were only related to financial management, public relations and human resources - and the companies would have nothing to do with clinical services."

"However, only firms with experience of managing £300 million-plus health budgets have been invited to bid - meaning only US giants such as United Healthcare and Kaiser Permanente will be eligible."

"The restriction on bidders also suggests that they would still have significant influence over the £65 billion NHS primary care budget." 

Wider Implications

This is what the European Commission is doing across a huge range of services and industries which includes ports, railways, insurance and postal services - Services Directive.

"Governments across the European Union are putting austerity policies in place which include: massive cuts to welfare states, pressing down wages and pensions, and raising unemployment. The public sector is to be handed to privatisation with loss of accountability and no regard whatsoever for the social consequences."

"The ConDem Government has agreed that national budgets and therefore austerity policies be vetted by the European Commission. The budget must be in line with the EU’s Growth and Stability Pact where Britain has exceeded the limits on government borrowing of 60% of GDP and deficit of 3% of GDP - currently and respectively 71.4% and 11% (Office of National Statistics). EU Member States are to be fined if their budgets are not brought back into line with the Pact." (afterBrian Denny - EC Pushes Privatisation of Healthcare in the "Democrat - September 2006 (Number 97)", for more see also "Democrat September-October 2008 (Number 110)", Healthcare Directive, and "Democrat - May 2009 (Number 113)" How the EU Operates: Privatisation of the NHS all at at the website - Note that the "Democrat" is )

Remember all of this was happening under the Labour Party (1997-2010); which continued with the LibDemCon and continues today - our politicians are working with the EU to destroy everything that our forefathers fought and died to protect for us.

The EU Four Freedoms

The above is an example of how the EU Commission and the ECJ work together to bring about the Free movement of Capital, Services, Goods and Labour” within the EU super-state. The EU operates at multiple levels developing a "Spider's Web of Deception" in order to pretend that "There's nothing to see" - so "Stop asking questions" - "Do as your betters' tell you". 

Except they will not tell you what the EU is up to behind your back - for obvious reasons. The formation of an EU run rapid reaction force is a huge step towards the European Army to fight the resources wars of the 21st century called for by former European Commission President, Jacques Delors. It is a distraction to say this force is for humanitarian and peacekeeping purposes.

They won't tell you that each Members State will be asset stripped and "everything will be owned by the few in the EU - off the backs of the many" it has already happened in Greece and Italy, Portugal and Spain are also on the list.

Corbyn's is not a "Messiah" he was just misleading everyone using Bernie Sanders' Mantra as a title for his 2017 General Election Communist Manifesto - "For the Many not the Few"- Corbyn is just like the rest of the power hungry cabal in the Labour Party, the Conservatives and the rest of the EU minions in the minor UK political parties. 

The Freedoms that the EU offers are purely and simply for the benefit of Multinational Corporations, Bankers and other vested interests - the rest of the 500,000 millions are just "Cattle" to be farmed - "worked and milked" for the benefit of their masters in Brussels (Berlin)

The Left's View of the EU

The Campaign against Euro-federalism ( presents the Left wing view of the European Union - and explains how the EU is a Capitalist economic model - courtesy of the EU Treaties.

Nothing will get in the way of the EU's drive for profiting from the exploitation of the people of Europe and the wider world: from exploiting the environment and exploiting natural resources - neither Human Rights nor workers' rights mean anything to the EU - look at Article 6 (TEU) of the Lisbon Treaty (2007)  -  Article 6.1 The Union recognises the rights, freedoms and principles set out in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union of 7 December 2000, as adapted at Strasbourg, on 12 December 2007, which shall have the same legal value as the Treaties.

The provisions of the Charter shall not extend in any way the competences (powers) of the Union as defined in the Treaties - the EU only cares about Human Rights as long as they don't interfere with its objectives.

The Freedoms that the 500,000 enjoy in return for their undying loyalty and the price in Austerity that they pay for the privilege of being able to travel across Europe without having to show their passport come at a price that they will soon regret - because the only way that the EU can keep control of its "Cattle" is by taking away other Freedoms from them:-

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Association

Freedom of Peaceful Assembly

Freedom to Strike

Freedom to be presumed Innocent until proven Guilty

Freedom to be tried by a Jury of ones peers

Freedom of Religion

Freedom to follow their Traditions

Freedom to criticise the EU

Freedom from Persecution

Freedom to Dissent

Freedom of Choice

Freedom of expression

All of these freedoms and more are under threat in the EU.

The most astonishing thing that we heard recently - from the Campaign for a Second EU Referendum - who are working to keep the UK in the EU for the benefit of British big business and at the same time suggest that staying in the EU will also protect workers' rights - the two are totally incompatible - ask the rioting French if there is any doubt the EU's real intentions regarding the "workers' rights".

The EEC(EU) has always played the long game, in order to manoeuvre around objections, its intentions are written in the pages of the Lisbon Treaty (2007)  - nothing will stand in its way - sooner or later it will subjugate the populations of Europe unless the populations wake-up to its real threat.

The most important thing to remember though is that the vested interests - our elected representatives, Conservative, Labour, Lib Dems, SNP etc., our Judiciary, the activists paid for by Soros and others, plus the Trade Unions - who are trying to trick us into staying in the EU are all fully aware of what the EU has planned and they are leading the "workers" into the EU trap whilst being amply rewarded themselves.