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6th February, 2017

Anti-Brexit MP's do not have a Mandate to force Britain to Remain in the EU

Conservative Manifesto - EU Referendum Promise

"We will hold that referendum by the end of 2017; it will be a referendum on an in-out basis – do we stay in a reformed European Union or do we leave?"

Cameron tried to Reform the EU and discovered that it could not be Reformed 

Labour Manifesto - EU pledge

- "Reform the EU so it "works for Britain"

 - "Allow no further transfer of powers to Brussels without a referendum"

Miliband, must have known that the EU could not be reformed and, not only did the Labour Party renege on the promise of a Referendum on the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - Brown enacted the treaty without Parliamentary scrutiny, with the use of the very same Royal Prerogative, that the so-called "British High Court and Supreme Court" refused to allow Theresa May to use in order to invoke Article 50, and get us out of the political EU.

The Lisbon Treaty (2007) is the most dangerous treaty in the history of the development of the EEC (EU) - it represents the greatest danger to the EU member states - since, hidden within its texts are the Terms and Conditions of the rejected Constitution for Europe (2004); which Tony Blair and Jack Straw had previously signed, and which supersedes the Constitutions of each member state.

The Labour Party knew that their second EU pledge was meaningless too, because, after the Ratification of the Lisbon Treaty (2007), in 2008, New Labour had already given the EU all the power it needed - including an "Enabling Act" - contained in Article 48 (TEU), with which the EU could acquire any further powers it needed to attain its objectives; effectively, without reference to its member states. 

For the EU, having Britain under its full control was its greatest prize; and that was handed to the EU by Gordon Brown, David Miliband and the rest of New Labour - in 2008, see  (What Remaining in the EU Really Means)

The 23rd June, 2016 EU Referendum. 

In the event, the Conservative Party won, albeit with a small majority, and set in motion the necessary legal framework to conduct a Referendum upon leaving or remaining in the EU - a Parliamentary Bill was passed by the Houses of Commons and House of Lords, each with very large majorities, in fact by 6 to 1 in the Commons. The Referendum produced the greatest turnout of any election at 72.2%, with 33.6 people voting.

The 52% in favour of leaving the EU and 48% in favour of remaining in the EU - shook the establishment to its core and left them attempting to understand why they lost; whilst simultaneously, and desperately, searching for ways to thwart the result - most notably by the use of a device to nullify the effects of the Referendum - that of declaring that the result was merely a "Poll", and "Only Advisory" - and was oft repeated by Kenneth Clarke.

According to Lady Hale, "British Supreme Court" Justice though, as reported in the Guardian, the result was declared only advisory, after someone had remembered that Parliament had been told, some six years earlier, that Referendums are only advisory. This despite the Referendum Bill (2015) authorising the EU Referendum and effectively agreeing to abide by its result, which was further endorsed by a government propaganda leaflet, at a cost to the taxpayers' of about £9.3 million, which clearly stated that they would act upon the result, and leave the EU, if that was the result of the EU Referendum vote.

What we have seen, subsequent to the EU Referendum, is that certain sections of the Establishment are devoid of honour and should not be trusted to hold high office again.

At no point was there any doubt about the actions that the government had agreed to take, should the vote be to leave the EU, nor its effect, by the British population, and at no point were those who voted to remain in the EU, officially or unofficially, mandated to prevent the UK from leaving the EU; Not by voting against invoking Article 50 nor by voting to keep Britain as a Member of the EU Single Market, nor any other method or device, which would give the EU control over our Laws or actions.

The actions of those who voted to remain, and more particularly, the losers in the Conservative Party, Labour Party, Liberal Democrats, SNP, Greens, Plaid Cymru etc., who claim that the leave voters do not have a mandate to take Britain out of the EU, and they then act, by devious intervention and skulduggery, to keep Britain trapped in the Totalitarian EU Police state, are totally undemocratic, and demonstrate a total contempt for the population of the British Isles - expressed through their over enthusiastic support for Britain to be ruled over by a foreign power.