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4th January, 2017

No More Referendums

Yesterday the Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, stated that the EU was struggling with various problems and he begged the 27 other EU members not to allow any more Referendums - "people could not be allowed to decide their own future." A former member of the Communist Party, in 1999, he establish Direction (Smer), which later merged with other parties to become Smer-Social Democracy, and Smer-SD won a landslide victory in the March 2012 election, becoming the first party since independence to win an outright majority in parliament.  Perhaps they will drop the Democracy part of the Party's name after this intervention. One would think that former Communist controlled countries would have had enough of being told what to do - but perhaps, if they are the ones doing the telling, then they can see the merits of not being Democratic.

It is a fact, that the EU (as a Dictatorship) cannot abide Referendums, nor does it abide by their results, instead it either ignores them; such as the Dutch Referendum against visa-free access for Ukrainian and Georgian citizens, or alternatively, any EU member states obtaining an anti-EU result are required to keep on have them, until the correct choice arrives through manipulation and propaganda blitzes, e.g. Eire. So it is quite surprising that such an intervention was deemed necessary, except that anti - EU sentiment grows daily as a result of the financial and political mismanagement of the EU by its "elite."  

Mismanagement which finds its origins in the obsessive desire to keep the Euro weak to assist German manufacturing, to bring the finances of the members states into convergence with the Euro; to the take over, asset strip and run, those countries who do not comply with EU requirements and dictates, directly from Brussels (Berlin). 

To add insult to injury - the mismanagement extends to the destruction of the identity and culture of the member states through mass uncontrolled migration and open borders - to further destabilise the members states. Not to mention the new phases of EU expansion which will present an ever increasing burden on the taxpayer's of the EU - including those from the Ukraine and Georgia; those included in the Barcelona Treaty (1995) - countries from North Africa and the Middle East - excluding Turkey, but inevitably to be included in the expansion at some point in the future.

EU Referendum - there has now begun a major programme of propaganda in 2017 to thwart the invocation of Article 50, in the Media, by the banks, big business, the Unions and from the establishment itself, parliament and the Lords - not forgetting the more general Communist sympathising political left, infesting our society. This will continue and increase in ferocity throughout the time until the end of March, but also continue throughout the separation negotiations - in line with EU tactics to overturn Referendums.

The ultimate aim for the EU is to force a further UK Referendum which could be "fiddled" at every turn - from the initiation of a new Referendum Act to replace the one in 2015; so as to change the terms of reference so that they won't have to pretend that it was only advisory, through manipulation, as they have did this time. In addition, only those over 12 years old and under 30 years old would be able to vote (an exaggeration, but not far from reality of the kind of manipulation that would be attempted by the EU apparatchiks, who will stop at nothing to counteract the will of the British people) - this does not consider other, more direct and corrupt manipulations. One thing is certain, the Europhiles would not go for a level playing field and risk a second vote against the EU, with an even bigger margin. 

Basically, without a second referendum - which must not happen - the EU and its supporters in the UK can only really delay and frustrate the invocation of Article 50, and interfere in the negotiations to try and limit our ability to leave the EU on terms that will allow the British people to control our own destiny - stay strong and keep fighting against the destruction of Britain, and if the politicians "sell us down the river" then we must act to force a way out of the EU.