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22nd July 2017

No Transition Period for Freedom of Movement from the EU

Any extension of Freedom of Movement from the EU, beyond the 29th of March, 2019, is a betrayal of the majority of the UK population who voted to leave the EU, and a breach of trust between the people and their elected, so-called "Representatives" - if true, then the UK has sunk to the level of third world country with politicians of the same level of integrity as politicians in such countries. This is political corruption at its lowest level, and the most base of all interactions between a government and its electorate.

Such an extension can only be designed to ensure that the UK can never leave the EU, because it will be hamstrung, and financially "sucked dry" by the EU for a further 5 years; as the EU spends on its own projects at the UK's expense. After Merkel is re-elected in September, the floodgates to the EU will open again, and most of the immigrants will be channeled to the UK; in revenge for the UK's temerity in trying to leave. in addition to increasing the number of EU citizens that the UK will be forced to financially support, the UK population will rise exponentially, leading to Britain's bankruptcy and the breakdown of civil society - at which point the government will call the EU paramilitary forces to help control the UK population - but the EU will never leave the UK; which will become the EU's "Devil's Island.

Meanwhile, business will simply sit back and carry on as usual - they will have no incentive to "up their game" and train our youngsters - when they can just bring in more cheap labour - until they find a more lucrative location to operate - at which point they will desert the UK.

We had hoped that this 'new development', if true, had come about behind the back of the Prime Minister and that when she found out it would be corrected - if it isn't, then Mrs May needs to explain why she is selling the UK "Down the River" - into the hands of the UK's enemies in the EU, and then she needs to resign, for she would then no longer have the trust of anyone in the UK who believes in the UK, and wants the best future for the children of the UK.

Philip Hammond's position has long been well known, he is just an automaton following orders from the EU, as he illustrated in his last budget speech - and any argument that British business needs time to adjust is entirely bogus, as are all the arguments for staying in the EU. Many British businessmen are keen to exploit cheap labour, without any care for the welfare or well being of their employees - and they are supported by the "holier than thou", pseudo liberals on the political Left, in the Labour Party, LibDems, Greens and Plaid Cymru, not forgetting the SNP.

None of whom think anything about the plight of the employees of these businesses who could be sleeping 20 to 40 per slum house; in rotating shifts, on slave wages, so that the fat cat bosses, and landlords (many of whom are earlier immigrants) can drive around in their over polluting German cars, whilst extolling the virtues of the "four freedoms" of the EU - an organisation which has consistently maintained an unemployment level at twice that of any country in the OECD (8), particularly among those between 15 and 24 years old (see EU Single Market)  - so much for the wonderful future of the young in the EU - or workers' rights - which have never been anything but a political stick to be used to help the Left to gain power.

It is time for British business to get off its fat arse and start competing in the real world, instead of selling out its countrymen for a quick Euro; start training Britain's youth instead of filling up the country with foreign nationals on low wages who don't pay taxes, but use our benefit systems, public services  and infrastructure, to the detriment of those who do actually pay taxes - as so succinctly expressed by Rachael Maskell, Labour MP in September, 2015.

British business is the problem, not the poor of Europe and the rest of the world - but Britain cannot keep relying on this cheap labour and hope to survive in the real world, nor can the EU, in the longer term - all Ponzi schemes break down and leave chaos and destruction in their wake.

The real problem that the UK has with the Article 50 negotiations is that the EU is trying to enforce conditions on the UK that it could not enforce on any other nation outside the EU, including Canada, Japan etc., and which have no legal basis in Article 50 - freedom of movement, ECJ jurisdiction and payments for projects that are being initiated throughout the EU, while the negotiations proceed - even though we had no say in their initiation, nor have we endorsed. The EU are clearly operating on the basis that they have so many EU quisling infiltrators in our parliament, that we will be forced into accepting their terms and conditions or be forced to keep returning, by our own parliament until we do accept their terms. 

We are clearly dealing with a gang of nefarious opportunists - we should not accept any of their games, walk away from the talks - and pay them what we calculate to be a fair and reasonable settlement.

We sincerely hope that we are wrong about Theresa May, but we fear the worst - in which case, Jacob Rees-Mogg for PM - and let's get out of this sclerotic EU organisation, bent upon world domination at any price, and leading the charge for the destruction of Europe; in the first instance.