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25th July, 2016

No Way, May!

Regarding the attempt to apply an "Immigration Brake for 7 years" by May, Merkel, Juncker and Hollande et al., We need to remember that we have a Remain camp Prime Minister, and a Remain camp Home Secretary - and that under May as Home Secretary she allowed in 630,000 in a single year (forget about Net Migration that is just a "confidence trick" to make it not seem as bad, but unless the details of the education, health and skills levels of those leaving and arriving are published then we can derive little useful information). 

May was apparently woeful in her management of immigration and overly EU compliant during her reign at the Home Office- see Jonathan Forman's article on May's lack of achievement as Home Secretary - a Telegraph article "pulled" from publication following pressure from the May leadership campaign -

With May and Rudd in control of migration our population from uncontrolled EU migration alone could treble after 7 years - the proposed "brake" is simply a sham which would likely be "managed" by the EU and The UK government.

Free Movement of People is not necessary for the working of the Single market.

​​Uncontrolled mass immigration is of no benefit to, nor a requirement for a "Single Market" to exist - All civilised countries control their inward migration for the benefit of their own social cohesion, and their changing skilled / non-skilled needs in proper, carefully managed programmes. Even the EU, once it has "obtain" the remaining sovereignty from the Member States along its outer perimeter will introduce border controls and limit mass migration. The idea that an EU "Wild West" Immigration policy is necessary for the functioning of a "single market" is total nonsense - and belies the fact that the "Free Movement of People" is only about changing the demographics of the EU Member States and taking over control of them. 

The programme of unlimited mass migration into Europe, was openly advocated by Peter Sutherland (Former United Nations Special Representative on Migration and now Professor in Practice at the London School of Economics (LSE) - small world) in order to undermine the homogeneity of the EU Nation States and make them multicultural - on the road to a Federal Superstate. This is as defined on the plaque in the European Parliament visitor centre visitor centre as the "Final Remedy." in which the individual Nation States (National Identity) in Europe will be destroyed and replaced by a Federal Superstate - That is the purpose of EU Free Movement - nothing remotely related to single market economics. 

Try pushing for "Free Movement of People" into Israel which has steadfastly refused to take in migrants on the basis of Racial origin; because of fears for the loss of Jewish cultural identity. So it is OK for Israel to block free movement across its borders on grounds of preventing loss of cultural identity; but not to block free movement into Europe; which was already one of the most culturally, linguistically and traditionally diverse part of the planet! on the same grounds.

The diversity of Europe was even guaranteed in the Lisbon Treaty (2007) under Article 3.3 "It (the EU) shall respect its rich cultural and linguistic diversity, and shall ensure that Europe's cultural heritage is safeguarded and enhanced." - not with mass uncontrolled migration against the wishes of the host populations it won't.

This also illustrates that the many "nice" sounding Articles in the EU treaties are little more than just that, and which can be totally ignored by the EU when they conflict with its own objectives (this also applies to the European Convention of the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms - Article 6-U2).

We should trade with the EU and pay the tariffs (which can be reciprocated) to gain access to the single market without unfettered immigration and trade with the rest of the world to a greater extent, rather than have our society destroyed at the hands of the Marxist zealots in the EU and the UN.