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26th May, 2017

Not because of Police Cuts...

On the 7th of July, 2005 Islamist terrorists attacked  our transport system, killed 52 people and injured 700 more. It was the worst attack since the 1988 Pan Am flight bombing over Lockerbie, and the first suicide bombing in the UK. The police numbers then were 142,794, compared to 124, 362, as of the 31st March, 2016 - a reduction of 18,432 officers over the past ~11 years (with a peak in 2009 of 144,274) (Annual changes in police officer strength (excluding secondments Consistent like for like basis - FTE, England and Wales March 1980- March 2016  SN/SG/2615) 

Clearly, it is clumsy for any politician to push the idea that having large Police numbers keeps us safe; more interestingly, it was the previous Labour government which changed the oath that the Police swore, in order to ensure that EU citizen's could join our Police service, without having to swear allegiance to the people of the UK via the Monarch; and simultaneously destroying any notion of Community Policing in the traditional sense of the term.

Following the 7/7/05 bombing the government then set about establishing a network of surveillance cameras throughout the country, notably in London and embarked upon a programme of intelligence-led Policing which continues today. More recently our Police service has been morphing into a Paramilitary force - no-one could now easily tell the difference between them and the EU Paramilitary Police, apart from their badges, when they patrol our streets. If Corbyn gets in to power then our Police could comprise those, not even from our country, let alone our own communities - under EU Corpus Juris the Police would be simply an agent of the State, and effectively above the Law.

Higher Police numbers did not prevent the 7/7/05 attack, nor has mass surveillance, not even intelligence-led Policing - but Corbyn wants us to think that if we go on a massive spending spree we will all be safe - but the Political Left were the ones who got us into this mess in the first place and he plans to continue where Blair left off, on the road to bankruptcy  - and, in addition, to remove every last means that the British people have to defend themselves - our armed forces.

In 2004, Jack Straw introduced the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) which requires our Police forces to act on complaints from anyone in the population of any, and all of the 27 member states (24 members in 2004), thereby tying-up our Police time in the UK on behalf of the EU. (see Corpus Juris and English Common Law)

If money is the only problem then HS2 - which is an EU project Directive for a pan-European network could yield some estimated £56 Billion and only the EU would complain - since it is of little real benefit to the UK.  Which brings us to the most important factor governing our ability to do things differently from the past, and that is our being under the control of the EU; which prevents us from acting in a new direction until after we leave - which won't happen if Corbyn gets elected.

It is also worth noting that it is with the Political Left's obsession of respecting anyone but the native British population that led to the recent Rochdale grooming scandal - it was not lack of reporting that kept the criminals out of jail - it was because the Police either ignored or protected the local Asian perpetrators from prosecution and blamed underage English schoolgirls!  Clearly, Community Policing would not change that or stop terrorists - without a change in attitude of our establishment, at local and government level - and that would get much worse under Corbyn.

The real cause of our inability to properly stamp out the terrorism that we are experiencing in the UK though is Multiculturalism, which encourages segregated communities to exist in isolation, and hence develop within their own ideological microcosm - contrasting with their surroundings in the wider Christian society, British culture; particularly our Democracy and personal freedom, which some despise. This was encouraged and supported, through the benefit system and facilitated by Blair and New Labour; - who allowed "hate" preacher's to walk freely among our communities without challenge, whilst enacting Laws to elevate the rights of immigrants above the rights of the native populations.

This same Multiculturalism is being actively promoted by Sutherland at the UN, and Merkel in the EU; which facilitates, through open borders, the free movement of terrorists, their supporters, their weapons and those who provide them with succour, encouragement, financial support and expertise, developed from within their own countries of origin.  (Multiculturalism)

In the wider sense of UK intervention overseas, as an excuse for terrorist acts in the UK. Unfortunately, Corbyn is not the man of peace he pretends to be - no-one who truly seeks peace offers, however phrased, excuses for the violence that we have seen in Britain recently. He should instead follow the example of Gandhi's success; in his struggle against the British in India, and recommend that way to the terrorists - but he just wants to be a little rebel, and support any cause that he deems to be acceptable or appropriate - or, perhaps his default position is simply that he is against the British people and its establishment, on principle.

Spend, Spend, Spend

New Labour set about recklessly spending money in the UK on behalf of the EU between 1997 and 2010, and the terrorist appeasing Corbyn is just a continuation of that earlier programme by Blair and Brown - except in presentation style.  John McDonnell was even "caught out", allegedly, dancing to celebrate, what he thought would be the  the fall of Capitalism in 2008 - in a 2013 video  (Exclusive: John McDonnell welcomed the financial crash and called himself a Marxist, newly found footage shows, by Ben Riley-Smith, Telegraph political correspondent 15 September, 2016)

McDonnell went further and offered a copy of Mao Zedong's "Little Red Book" to the Tories in the House of Commons to provide advice on economics - does anyone need any further information about the true intentions of Corbyn's Communist Labour Party (Old and New) and where they sit in terms of the Communist dominated EU.

The Labour Party's last attempt at Economics ended with a note from Liam Byrne, in 2010, stating "I am afraid that there is no money left" - which is the final destination of all Communist States - perhaps even the EU on its present trajectory.

To elect Corbyn is to elect a New, (old) Labour, with the same outlook and philosophy as the original New Labour (apart from being closer to Communism) - which places everyone else above the native population - and all to just to use taxpayer's money to buy votes from ethnic minorities, and those feckless Brits who were dumbed-down by the New Labour's education system. Votes to offset the loss of votes from those who have seen through the thin veneer of civility and pretence of caring for Britain - into the darker recesses of the Political Left - back to a future of despair within the political EU.