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27th July, 2017

Not in Good Faith

It has been clear for some time now (since 2014) that there was more of an impetus to take over Europe, Russia and the Middle-East, and even the USA, by the political Left.  That appears to have been thwarted, perhaps temporarily, by "Brexit" and the election of President Trump. It was also clear that, in 2015, the EU was on a "home-run" with mass immigration into Europe and the the expected election of Hilary R Clinton in the USA. In 2016, her predecessor, Barack Obama  had already displayed his "NWO" credentials with his backingof the EU and his declaration that - if Britain wanted to leave the EU, he would personally ensure that Britain would be placed at the back of the queue - if it aspired to any kind of free trade arrangement with the United States - and had the audacity to spurn the EU. 

The destabilisation of the Ukraine by the EU (2014) and others should have left anyone living in the EU or any of those wishing to join the EU, that it was nothing even close to being a movement for peace in the world, since it directly assaulted the sphere of influence of Russia, and that would be expected, even by the dimmest of observers in the rest of the world, to lead to a direct confrontation with Russian military, at some point in the future, as the EU encroaches ever closer to Russia.

The faux refugee crisis in the EU (2015) which was precipitated on the say-so, i.e. solely on the decree of Angela Merkel (though ably assisted by Juncker and Sutherland at the UN) - apparently, without any consultation with any other EU member state, nor even her own governing party - and was an act of aggression against the EU member states - by any other name. The results of this action have long term effects on all the members states in the EU, not least in terms of the cost - at one point estimated to be some at 50bn Euro's in Germany by 2017. The problems related to the distribution of refugees, now and in the future is causing political problems in the eastern EU states, and could well lead to a confrontation.

The anti-Democratic activities in the USA have shown how the so called political "Liberal" Left were angered by the election of Donald Trump in the USA - but their anger wasn't really because Donald Trump was elected, but because Hilary wasn't elected, and just like with "Brexit" in the UK, because the Remain camp lost the Referendum vote. It quickly became clear that, whatever was said about Donald Trump or "Brexit", it was only because they did not get their own way - disdain for Democracy only "fires" their subversive activities, which will continue until they do get their own way - with their attempts to get rid of Donald Trump and thwart "Brexit". We live in worrying times because of the rise of the Left - left behind with the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989 - they have since worked tirelessly to take over and develop a neo-Communism model throughout the world, via the UN and its affiliates.

But what if Hilary Clinton had won, and the EU Referendum vote had gone to the Remain camp?

If Hilary Clinton had won, the so called "extreme right" (disenfranchised ordinary working men and women) would not have rioted and sought to undermine her position as President, who would, like Donald Trump, have been elected in a free and fair Democratic system, but would simply have regrouped in order to be ready for the next election. But times are changing and these next changes will mark the end-game of the neo-Communist movement, which aspires to control most of the world - if the Left get into power in the UK and the USA, with the help of activist groups supported by the Left wing benefactors, numerous charities and works closely with the Communist dominated EU.

If the US "Democrats" had been elected she has stated that she would have placed William (Bill) Clinton in control of the US economy - this is the same Bill Clinton who during his administration repealed the Glass-Steagall Act, which was designed to prevent financial institutions from getting too big to fail - and designed to prevent a repeat  of the Wall Street Crash in 1929.

The administration went further and encouraged banks and lending institutions in the US to give mortgages to poor people on low incomes, with little or no collateral (sub-prime mortgages) - this  led to the 2008 Financial Crisis, which John McDonnell was allegedly so pleased about - believing that it represented the end of the Capitalist system.  We don't know, as yet, what the Clinton's would have in store for the rest of the world, but it is clear that they would be in total support of the EU and against the UK leaving the EU - ensuring that the UK would be under the control of the EU for a "Thousand Years" - to quote the aspiration from and earlier attempt at the overthrow of the European Nation States.

If the EU Referendum vote had gone to the Remain camp on the 23rd of June, 2016 then the EU would have been given "Carte Blanche" to subsume the UK, in its totality, into the EU administrative structure - into the Euro, the EU Armed Forces and, of course, under the financial control of the German ECB and the rest of the "Quadriga". The Four Freedoms would run rampant across Europe and the UK - which would be turned into a veritable third world multicultural country - with all semblance of sanity extinguished; all symbols of Britain destroyed and Britain removed from every Geography and History book; in the statutory orgy of uncontrolled Left wing avarice; matched only by the Bolshevik Revolution and the subsequent purges. No EU member state would be spared - their cultures would only exist on "Reservations", set aside in remote areas - so as not to upset the disparate majority population, roaming freely throughout Europe.  

Of course, this would not happen overnight, they don't want to get people rising up against them, they are not quite ready for that yet - except on a small scale. It would be an accelerated version of the current Psychological Warfare that has been taking place over the past, mostly through our Labour controlled Education system and the UK media, particularly the BBC. This takes the form of undermining British Society at every level, encouraging anti-British sentiment (Colonialisation and Slavery - even though it was also common practice by European countries and had existed for 700 years in Islam prior to European intervention and is still widespread today). Demeaning and subverting the nuclear family (promoting single parents on benefits as a lifestyle of choice - subsidised by the taxpayer). Promoting misogyny by supporting the subjugation of women in foreign religious groups - under the guise of freedom of expression - and mostly promoted (by default) by the Feminist lobby, of all people - because they will not confront the practice.

We even have presenters (but many others too) at the BBC who are paid obscene amounts of money, at least 10 times what they could possibly be worth if the BBC were not splurging taxpayer's money without any scrutiny (until now), whilst at the same time they operate a system of discrimination which defies belief. Some of these "notables" use their positions to laud the EU and dismiss out of hand any notion that the UK government and other political parties should be bound by any Democratic decision, unless it actually suits them. Thankfully, we have not descended totally into this Left wing nightmare outlined above - yet, but it may only be a temporary respite.

They are not Acting in Good Faith

As the Article 50 negotiations have proceeded and the government has lost its overall majority, in its own right - the EU have continually made demands that they know are not acceptable to the population of the UK - a Divorce Bill, Rule by the ECJ and Interference in UK Sovereign matters, such as the Northern Ireland Border. Further the demands grow, and the EU expands its spending, on the assumption that they can steal more money from the UK to fund their petty extravagances, as others are added, day by day - each one more outrageous than the previous one, and these are accompanied, more often than not, by threats.

For the British side our politicians are equally anti-British, in their attempts to subvert, not only the EU Referendum result - which we all know was not supposed to happen, but they failed to persuade the British public (their fault not ours); and not because of any perceived lies. The Establishment were caught with their collective trousers down - caught on the lie that they really would support a decision taken by the majority of those in UK in a Referendum, and ever since they have worked, through, any and all devious means, to try find a way of thwarting that Referendum result.

The majority of the British people know full well the dire implications of staying in the EU - we are not so stupid that we cannot look into a future of enforced subjugation by those who operate the EU on behalf of their financial backers, Multinational Corporations and International Bankers - we have seen how others are treated; in Greece, Spain, Portugal etc., we have seen how Germany has sucked the life blood out of the weaker EU states. How our manufacturing industries have been sacrificed while Germany's have grown - and Germany has grown fat and dominant at the expense of every other member state, where it now "Lords-it" over the EU member states with a single voice. We also see that unemployment in the EU has been higher than elsewhere in the the wider world, throughout the development of the EEC (EU) and that it is a protectionist bloc - a throwback, a relic, of an bygone age - the 1950's, and we know that it operates through subversion and infiltration of the parliaments of the members states. 

We also know that the EU is manipulating the Article 50 negotiations and coordinating a crude show of dominance with its supporters within our society - the EU has never acted in good faith, nor have any of its followers, either within the EU "elites" or within the majority in the EU member state parliaments, or their establishments - particularly our Parliament and Establishment.

The latest appeasement of Germany though, is taking place during the current negotiations and is being led, shamelessly, by Philip Hammond and Amber Rudd, who are each operating newly devised ruses; by which they can keep the UK in the EU. Does anyone seriously believe that Amber Rudd's attempt to con the British people by producing a study, then a report, extolling the wonderful EU and mass immigration; whilst instilling fear of imminent doom, if it does not continue - is anything, but an extension of the ruse used by David Cameron and George Osborne. To produce a hurried Treasury report (2015), stating without any data, just a manipulated economic model (without merit) showing imaginary "benefits" of being in the EU (Single Market and Custom's Union) whilst simultaneously attempting to instill the fear of economic doom into the minds of the British public - a total "flimflam" by the Cameron government?  (see EU Single Market  

Once again we are being manipulated by politicians, incapable of acting in good faith, after all, we already have information from HMRC and NI receipts - which indicate that 2 million EU citizens contribute an average of £500 each in tax per annum, with further 1 million not employed (Bob Lyddon report), and they all have full access to all our public services and infrastructure - the government should publish the figures that they already have (1993 to 2016) - not produce a new, fudged report, just to dupe the public - the EU way of operating, or more likely, at its instruction, certainly for its benefit, not ours.

There cannot be any acceptance of the freedom of movement after the 29th March 2019, nor can there be any extension of freedom of movement because that leaves the EU in control of the UK - for one simple reason. The EU will use this time to extend all of its powers over the UK, with the connivance of our politicians; behind the backs of the British people, and then absorb the British political parties into the EU - wide political groups - so that, by the time that the extension period is about to expire, there will no longer be any political means for the British people to escape from the EU.

The EU, along with our politicians and our establishment, are just playing for time and operating at full speed behind our backs: finding ever more ways to steal money from the British taxpayer; and new ways to ensure that the British people cannot escape from their "fate" at the hands of the EU, because of over willing accomplices - our UK politicians.  There will never be any agreement - it is all a giant confidence trick - we need to walk away now.