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27th March, 2017

Not Liberal, Democratic or Truthful

The political Left continues its assault upon the Democratic decision of the British people, taken on the 23rd June, 2016 resulting in a vote to leave the EU - beginning with attempts to make the EU Referendum vote null and void by various underhand efforts to have it dismissed as "only advisory" - despite all the documented evidence to the contrary. This has followed by the attempts to break down the simple Leave or Remain decision into bite-size pieces which could be argued over like rabid dogs fighting over the entrails of what was left of the Remainers' dreams of Britain being subsumed within the proto-Totalitarian EU Police State system - without opposition following the anticipated vote to Remain.

Such a vote would have been accepted by the Leave voters with disappointment, but otherwise with good grace - but not with the greatest assault since the days of the Blitzkrieg, which the EU controlled establishment Left have mounted against those who support and cherish Britain, its traditions, heritage and its identity.

Of course they haven't given up on overturning the Democratic decision, even now, as if it is acceptable to undermine, or to "disrupt the Brexit process", without any Democratic or other mandate, save that of being able to use money in order to ask the EU controlled "British" Courts to effectively "intercede" in British Parliamentary procedure - and even after that interference takes place, and the triggering of Article 50 (TEU) is not actually prevented - the interference continues.

Apparently, even "Super Woman" has joined in with the Remainers' attacks on the Democratic will of the British people - where will it end?

Elsewhere the Labour Party, and in its various disguises in the other Left dominated smaller political groups, such as the LibDems, and in the, not so small, House of Lords are now hell bent of preventing Britain leaving the EU, except in a form acceptable only to the establishment Liberal (aka Socialist aka Communist) Left (and others) - who created all the problems in the first place, through their sustained 44 year deception about the true nature and ambitions of the proto-EU (the EEC) that was perpetrated against the UK population. They were originally warned by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in FCO:30/1048 (1971)of the consequences of joining the EEC - that by signing up to the European Communities Act (1972) (ECA) - they were also signing up to all terms and conditions contained within the Treaty of Rome (1957), Including everything that has so far come to pass - brought into force through more detailed subsequent EU Treaties - up to and including the Lisbon Treaty (2007).

That same deception that has brought Britain to this point in its history continues today, with these new attempts to prevent the UK from being a real beneficiary of any deal with the EU - since the UK establishment Left and the EU are intimately entwined and will not easily give up their mutual dreams of a "European Empire" at the expense of the EU Member States - particularly at Britain's expense.

So, in the coming days and months, every attempt will be made to help the EU to gain advantage over Britain during the negotiations. They will also do all they can to prevent Britain from unshackling itself from the EU legal system, which it can achieve by repealing the ECA (1972). By limiting the effectiveness of the repeal of EU Laws, the establishment Left hope that they can enslave the UK population and their offspring within the EU in perpetuity - the Lisbon Treaty (2007) does not have an expiry date.

We are in the midst of EU quislings, who, through their predecessors, allowed, and now continue to allow, the EU to usurp our sovereignty and claim dominion over our lives. The EU is now in turmoil, brought about by its own self-deluding ambitions, incompetence and sheer arrogance, and those who seek to stop the UK from leaving the veritable "EU Titanic" are not acting out of the interests of the UK, but they are simply demonstrating their abiding loyalty to the EU project, which they plan to save at all cost - not forgetting, any personal gain that they accrue through their worship of Mammon.