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18th September, 2017

We are Not Safer in the EU

With the latest announcement that the UK will remain within the Europol system, it is now clear that the government's decision to take control of "Brexit" on behalf of the British people, was predicated upon its vision for Britain in which the UK "will sort of leave, and at the same time maintain all of the worst aspects of the EU." - this would be a total sell-out even to anyone educated under the previous Labour government. We simply cannot rely upon the EU to help our security - we are of more benefit to them - and we cannot be chained to any of their systems, as a ruse for not leaving.

As long as the EU does not properly administer and enforce its outer borders, and keeps open its internal borders it is the greatest danger to its own citizens - and to us in the UK - it is bad enough that our own government does not properly administer and enforce our borders - because we are part of the Free Movement rules and our courts are clogged-up with immigration cases.

Corpus Juris and English Common Law
The EU is obsessed with the idea of a Common Currency, Police Force, EU Armed Forces including harmonised Taxation; and everything else that they can get under their control. Effectively the EU will become a Dictatorship with the Laws of a Police State (Totalitarian) and it has been under construction formally, and behind the backs of most of the populations of Europe, since the Treaty of Rome (1957); and informally for a much longer period.

For the EU the Civil and Criminal system of Law is based upon Corpus Juris, though not fully developed or well tested, whereas in Britain we have a system of Common Law.
Obviously the legal systems in the UK and the EU are complex and it is not the intention to delve into the minutiae of either system, however, there are differences which are very important to point out.

Under English Common Law we are innocent until proven guilty and under the EU’s Corpus Juris style system we are guilty or thought to be guilty first, in addition the Police are not independent from the government and the executive is above the law. You may have noticed a lot of differences with the police recently, apart from hardly ever seeing them, by virtue of being part of the EU. The police's alacrity in taking the word of anyone making a complaint, then hounding the "victim", particularly high profile ones, without any evidence and effectively conducting media trials, with the compliant BBC - for example Cliff Richards.

EU Legal System and the European Arrest Warrant (EAW)

The following small extract reveals some of the effects of the EU’s legal system:

“…across the EU, people who have not been convicted of any crime are being detained without good reason for months or even years, often in appalling conditions that make trial preparation impossible…”
“…growing numbers are being extradited under the European Arrest Warrant, only to be held for months in prison, hundreds of miles from home, waiting for trial…” see “Detained without trial: Fair Trials International’s response to the European Commission’s Green Paper on detention October 2011”

This is what happens to normal citizens, but of course any criminal will be exempt because they have a right to a family life in order to take care of "Tiddles" their Persian Pedigree cat, that they recently adopted. Normal citizens can always apply to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) though, and good luck with that, and with battling the thousands of other people trying to get Justice, and assuming you're not locked away without access to anything resembling legal representation.

English Common Law
Our Common Law system does not allow such treatment, but our system is being subverted by the European Arrest Warrant (EAW), courtesy of Straw, and Blair, (yes almost ever change in our legal system is down to Blair and New Labour, adapting our system to that of the EU's systems) and if Britain votes to stay in the EU we will all be under the Jurisdiction of the EU's version of Corpus Juris.

Since 2004 anyone in the EU can file a complaint against a British Citizen or other Nationality in the EU - without any evidence, and that can require the British Police to arrest that person and hand them over to the Police force of another EU country without any requirement for checking evidence or formal extradition procedure. 

You should be aware that an 800-strong paramilitary police force called the European Gendarmerie Force (EGF) already exists and will be at the disposal of the EU (or Theresa May) for operations anywhere in the EU and will have permanent bases in each EU Province, with members drawn from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Romania, France and the Netherlands - say bye-bye to any policing by consent whilst we are in the EU. See Mary Ellen Synon, November, 2010 March-Euro-police-The-shocking-powers-prosecution-EU-us.

That a British national can be thrown into a foreign prison for months or years without charge as shown above - is courtesy of Straw, Blair and New Labour, on behalf of the EU. After the interference by New Labour our Police no longer work for us - they are far too busy working for the 27 other EU member states - looking for their criminals and following-up allegations against our own citizens - true or malicious.

British Police can also be required to investigate suspected crimes on behalf of other EU countries, ever wondered why our Police are so busy, and scarce? - our Police no longer have to swear an oath to our Queen and anyone from the EU can join the Police in the UK, thus destroying the concept of Police Community cohesion - again courtesy of the Blair and New labour on behalf of the EU.  

Example of our (EU) new legal system
The 23rd February, 2016: "Today the Daily Mail reported that Hogan-Howe had refused to apologise for the behaviour of the Police investigating allegations of historic sex abuse against Lord Bramall. The Mail went on to report that "Earlier this month Sir Bernard said police should change their approach to sex abuse claims and not automatically believe the complainant, as is the current policy." - What an astonishing claim that the British Police seem to have been hounding Lord Bramall on the basis of a policy straight out of the EU's Corpus Juris legal system, whereby the accused is assumed guilty without corroboration or independent evidence - how long before these policies are applied to any British citizen for any crime - and perhaps more importantly, are the Police acting unilaterally, or are they under the direction of the EU, either directly or indirectly?  Such activity by our Police is illegal under English Common Law. Clearly Britain is now getting closer to being a country under occupation by the EU.  

Read more: 

Our English Common Laws are founded on an evolutionary process of precedence with Trial by Jury and Habeas Corpus, whereby we cannot be detained without evidence, which is our birth right.

In the EU there would only be professional Judges and Lay Magistrates, and is really more similar to Military Courts in occupied countries, which, if we stay in the EU will apply to us. The system is one of repression - with a code established by a Dictator - our legal system will move in the same direction - but more stealthily.

Staying in the EU will result in EU Prosecutors being stationed within the EU Provinces which in the case of Britain will have 12 Regions, and these Prosecutors will have the power to imprison anyone for up to 6 months, which can be extended by 3 months, pending investigation.

The appointed European Public Prosecutor (EPP) would decide whether to investigate to establish if there is enough evidence to prosecute - totally opposite to the system in Britain.

The legal system in the EU is not fully fledged and will become more and more Draconian as it evolves, we need to get out of the EU while we still can. The other main way that the EU's version of Corpus Juris differs is in the nature of the relationship between the State and the People, these are additional threats to our Civil Liberties.

Additional Threats to Civil Liberties (from
The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights gives Brussels the right to suspend any Civil Liberty in the “general interest” of the EU, under Article 52.

Europol has the right to monitor anyone alleged to be xenophobic.

More worryingly Europol is only accountable to its own management in The Hague, and its officers have Diplomatic Immunity from prosecution and can initiate and become involved in criminal investigations in any other EU countries

Under EU Law any act of Civil Disobedience could potentially be classified as terrorism and result in long prison sentences.

The voting rights of entire governments can be suspended within the Council of Ministers and political party’s "which do not sing to the prescribed EU hymn sheet" (my wording) can be denied public finding – all courtesy of Article 7 and 191 of the Nice Treaty (2001) respectively

Staying in the EU no longer guarantees that: "If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear"

Final Question - Do you feel safer in the EU? 

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