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23rd April, 2016

Obama's Contribution

President Obama inadvertently made it clear that Britain is more important to the EU than the EU is to Britain, by revealing that the EU is less attractive to the USA without the UK as part of the package. The reason is that the USA does not want to negotiate deals with individual countries when it can negotiate deals with the hierarchy of a larger bloc (EU) and have the results of those negotiations (e.g. TTIP) imposed upon the members of the EU who have had their individual sovereignty ceded to it by their elected representatives in the 28 current member countries. But this is just a bluff since the UK is a big enough prize in its own right and the EU represents an ever enlarging region of abject poverty where currently half the countries have a greater than 20% youth unemployment and Croatia (~40%), Italy (~39%) Greece (~49%) and Spain (~45%) with the largest(, Feb.,2016).

The vehemence of the rhetoric and the magnitude of Obama's threats are simply symbolic of the enormity of the prize that awaits the predatory and rapacious multinationals when they gain access to the treasured assets of the developed EU member states through their masters in Brussels (Berlin) - whilst the EU's idolising populations watch with increasing incredulity as their quality of life is reduced to the that of Feudal peasants, and, at the insistence of the Marxist Left they wave their EU flags in adulation of their leaders in the Politburo in Brussels (Berlin).

Fundamentally the USA has no desire to obtain trading terms with any individual country that does not wish to hand over its public services and institutions to the free market - which is why the EU is so attractive to the USA, but not anywhere near as attractive without Britain, even though the EU is currently in the process of handing over its other unwitting members to those multinationals.

Judging by the reactions of some of the members of the EU to recent events, brought about by the UN - EU manufactured migration crisis, their elected representatives have either not understood the terms and conditions of the Treaties or they consider the treaties as benign, for example the Dutch thought that there was some means of objecting to the inclusion of countries such as the Ukraine joining the EU and now realise that there are none. The EU can invite any country to join without a "by-your-leave". Poland and other EU members clearly did not realise that when it comes to migrants they have no sovereignty other than that granted by Merkel. Perhaps they were ill advised or did not anticipate such scenarios would occur within the EU.

For their information: within the Lisbon Treaty, for example,  there is a Declaration 17 which states that EU Law has primacy over the laws of all its members - in simple terms that means the EU is separate and superior to its members and is, in fact, a Dictatorship - if anyone cares to look deeper they will find that this Dictatorship has the Laws of a Police State(Corpus Juris)a legal system based upon Martial Law; the legal system imposed upon countries under occupation by a foreign power. So when these Politicians signed these treaties they signed their populations into special kind of EU slavery (EU_Fodder) within a new entity called the EU - not into a system of co-operating European Nation States (EEC), which their populations assumed would be the case; the EU continues trying to get everyone conned into believing that they are the same. 

Unfortunately, and with some sadness, this brings us to the notion of the special relationship between Britain and the USA, which we understand was explained by President Obama as a relationship between the Presidents of the USA and our Queen - if true then can there be any doubt that the Queen endorses our position within the EU and ergo wishes that it should continue since she, instead of abdicating, has signed the "Instruments of Ratification" of all the treaties which have taken us into this perilous state of affairs within the EU. If that is not the case she should explain her position and reasoning and why she has been, apparently complicit in the loss of the sovereignty of the most loyal population on Earth and condemned their offspring to the mercy of the EU - we would dearly love to believe that she had no choice.

It is time for Elizabeth II to become the new Elizabeth I and lead our country out of the EU.