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19th January 2018

One Way Negotiations with the EU

It has become clear that negotiations with the EU will only continue to be one way - but this seems to be because we have a Remain Prime Minister - who claims, even now, that she would vote to Remain again in the event of another vote, this is hardly an inspirational outlook for any kind of negotiation. 

Theresa May should have more interest in supporting the UK's position, than that of the EU, or take a back seat to someone more committed to leaving the EU. 

That position is compounded by the behaviour of our elected Representatives inside and outside of Parliament; together with vested interests in the business community, a fifth column of Europhile (mostly Labour (PLP) the SNP and LibDems) along with the BBC.

By this stage in the Article 50 process we know for certain that we will not get a deal that suits us, so we must leave and pay nothing - let's face it even if we agree to their terms we will still be hounded and persecuted - so we might as well "be hanged for a sheep as for a lamb" 

The EU will not forget that we spoke out against them and held them to account for their ambitions and, in any event the EU has only ever earmarked Britain as one of its Provinces inside the EU, just as the other Member States will become - former Sovereign states - we have everything to lose if we stay in the EU.

The consequences of not leaving the EU include; losing our sovereign currency and being forced into the Eurozone, the acceptance of a new Constitution "The Fundamental Law" of the EU which includes the loss of control of all important functions associated with sovereign statehood, including;

  • Armed Forces,
  • Police,
  • Security Services,
  • Our Laws and Common Law Protections,
  • Tariffs and Charges,
  • Our Fishing Grounds,
  • Legal System (Courts, Prisons, CPS), 
  • Fiscal and Financial,
  • International influence and Diplomacy (lose all of our Embassies and Consulates, positions on International bodies),
  • Education,
  • Employment,  
  • Immigration and Asylum, 
  • Public Works,
  • Health,
  • Safety,
  • Morals, 
  • Religion (EU is an Atheist Enterprise)
  • Free Speech,
  • Free Press,
  • Any say in how we are governed.

The looming imposition of the above controls from Brussels, and others already in existence, were precisely the driving force which lead to the Leave vote.

The British people want to rule themselves - they do not want to be part of a subjugated EU population - just so that they can move freely (for now), along with criminals, people traffickers and terrorists, throughout Europe and not pay roaming charges.

Trade Barriers

The barriers to trading with the EU are all artificial - politically motivated and only designed to bring about a single EU government to control the populations of Europe - trade would continue whether the EEC(EU) existed or not - which is why the UK can happily trade under WTO, with lower tariffs and fewer restrictions (those designed to keep prices high). 

What changes because of the EU is principally that an elite Bureaucracy in Brussels can act to negotiate external deals with its own clients, which can then be imposed upon its members (once the Member States have signed up to the next phase of EU integration - its new Constitution) - currently the EU has to persuade all of its members to agree - which is why the EU can't easily close trade deals and desperately wants to get all the members under its control.

Without the UK under its control though, the EU would lose its credibility and it would likely fall apart very rapidly, since a number of its members are having second thoughts - especially after they witnessed how easily a Dictator can take over the EU and cause untold devastation; after Merkel unilaterally opened the EU outer borders in 2015 - and allowed uncontrolled access across the sovereign borders of the Member States, without any consultation or approval.

Member State populations were already becoming anxious about the way that Germany and France are taking over and the increased bullying attitude of those in Brussels.

This why the Remain Camp in our establishment are becoming so desperate to do anything to stop the UK leaving the "sclerotic" bloc, which is rapidly turning into a financial "black hole", devouring the resources of its Member States - and all chivvied along by Blair, who with the help of his "friends" plans to become President of the EU (endorsed by Hilary Clinton - hence the Left's chagrin over Donald Trump's election success) - unfortunately, he could wreak havoc in the world with the EU's armed Forces, if he was ever given the opportunity.