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15th June, 2016     

Out of the Political EU
In theory it is possible to make certain predictions about what would happen in either event following the Referendum on the 23rd of June, 2016. The reason for that is that the EU is built upon its Treaties and so its Treaties give the direction of travel and its future destination. ​

It is easier to layout what will happen if we stay in the Political EU rather than for our leaving the Political EU - In terms of leaving we can either follow the Article 50 provisions and after the "tantrums" from the 27 others have subsided we will come to some mutually beneficial trading arrangements - as sovereign nations.

Alternatively, we could repeal the European Communities Act (1972) (the best option) and take back from the EU everything that our corrupt politicians gave away illegally - either way we need a majority in Parliament (Details)

If we stay in the Political EU

The political consequences of Britain staying in the EU are much easier to predict because that is laid out in the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - which contains, hidden within its texts - the terms and conditions of the rejected Constitution for Europe (2004). The first moves will be to push forward a single EU government - The EU Totalitarian Police Superstate which will increase its efforts to take from the nation states the final vestiges of their sovereignty - total control of their borders, Police  and Armed Forces (Article)​

​If Britain votes to stay in the EU - freedom will be elusory and a long distant memory that will exist only in folk tales told to our children.