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20th April, 2017

Pointless Election Debates

With the newly inaugurated General Election having more than comfortably passed the first hurdle in the House of Commons (even with all the SNP EUphiles abstaining) the mass media hysteria trigger has been pulled and we are about to be saturated with show after show repeating the same old bias and misdirection.  Mrs May has decided not to take part in live TV debates and this has left the media companies involved seeing their potential earnings in danger have seemingly responded with attacks to protect their potential profits - but what would be on offer in any event?

What is the point of having debates involving multiple political parties when the political Left is just a odd-ball mixture of all the minority parties with the same "Socialist" (Communist) aspirations, outlook and nonsensical programmes - distinguishable only by their party names.

Such programmes, which mainly comprise poorly conceived plans involving spending money that the country does not have, nor can afford to borrow, which would provide work for idle hands to manage for exorbitant salaries, overseen by equally overpaid supervisory busybodies - unless, that is, that their real plan is to simply destroy Britain through financial mismanagement, at a stroke (an oft-practised Left wing speciality) and a fervent desire of the UK's opposition parties.

This latest round of pointless debates though will involve more than its fair share of Zombie politicians from the various minority political groups, as well as previously lost members from the Labour and Conservative parties. While doing the rounds and collecting a bit of extra cash, they also see an opportunity to do down the properly elected government and attempt to block the will of the British people - as they express their undying loyalty to the EU. Even "superwoman" will not be left behind in the mad rush to show how much they love being under the control of the EU.

The only debate therefore that makes any sense would be between our government and one spokesperson from the rest of the political system - but that would be a lot less rewarding for the media.

What will not be Debated

According to FCO:30/1048 (1971) - the Foreign and Commonwealth Office document advising the Heath government of the dangers of Britain joining the EEC (proto-EU) prior to the signing of the European Communities Act (1972); including loss of sovereignty, and the fact that the British establishment would be required to protect the EEC(EU) from scrutiny by the population of the UK as the project moved forward, as indicated below:-

"After entry (to EEC, 1972) there would be a major responsibility on HMG and on all political parties not to exacerbate public concern by attributing unpopular measures or unfavourable economic developments to the remote and unmanageable workings of the Community."(FCO:30/1048) - (FCO:30/1048 was kept secret under the 30 year rule, and only released in 2002)

So, by and large, our politicians are not able to place the true blame for our problems where it belongs - the  interference by the EU, in its push to dismantle our country (and all the other member states) by using the "Four Freedoms" of the Treaty of Rome (1957) - all of which have adverse effects on our lives, whether it involves enforced mass migration (housing, schools, GP surgeries, public services, workers rights); austerity (benefit system and public services); privatisation of our public services (Royal Mail) or dictating the routes of our infrastructure (HS2) - and their effects increase on a daily basis.

Yet the politicians are bound by the rules that the Heath government tied them into in 1972 - in much the same way that former EU employees in our House of Lords are bound to act in the interests of the EU - so they keep quiet about the EU's actions and intentions in order to protect it from public scrutiny. A House of Lords that must be reformed as a matter of priority, so as to remove the many who were placed in there to thwart the best interests of the UK, and who show no loyalty to their fellow countrymen and women.

So the debates are pointless unless they start exposing the EU for what it really is - and all the politicians know, or should know, exactly how dangerous the EU is, not only to Britain, but to every other EU member state - but those on the Left (Communists) see their future in the EU and are happy to sell out their fellow countrymen to the foreign power that is the EU - a dictatorship which seems to daily threaten and intimidate, as it seeks to force its will on the populations of its member states.

That said, when Mrs May achieves the mandate that she needs to successfully negotiate our exit from the EU, a true debate about the real EU will be needed in order to repeal the European Communities Act (1972) and ironically that will be when the UK population finally know all about the exposed EU and its intentions.