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4th October, 2017

Power not Peace

The EU has displayed a very concerning characteristic in its response to the attempts by the Spanish government to brutally suppress the independence Referendum vote in Catalonia on the 1st of October, 2017, where more than 850 people were injured.

Quite astonishingly, the EU has failed to even express concern that an EU member state should behave in such a way to suppress dissent.

The fact that Catalonia wants to break away from Spanish rule is not new, they have a long history of wanting to be independent, the fact that Catalonia - a net recipient of EU funds, as is Spain, wants to remain in the EU, is also not a surprise - the surprise is that they are happy to be ruled by the EU; since that also means that they are not independent - the only difficulty is that Spain joined the EU as one single country.

This places Catalonia in a similar position to Scotland, as part of the UK, and which also wants to be part of the EU and, for some bizarre reason wants to continue under EU control - this is probably true for other regions of other member states. None of these EU member states seem to really understand that the EU is about forming a single state - with a homogeneous population under common rules, laws, all fiscal and financial controls, common armed forces and justice system - Corpus Juris.

Assuming that each EU member state has signed the same Lisbon Treaty (2007), and hence are bound by all the same Articles, Declarations and Protocols, then they have each given the EU "Henry VIII Powers" over their parliaments, and as such the EU can impose any law, binding their citizens, without any member state having the legal power to amend of repeal such laws.

The Future for Member States in the EU

The ECJ is the EU's in-house legal system which upholds all the EU Treaties; all test cases go through that court system - which interprets them in terms of the treaties, and more importantly, with regard to furthering integration of member states into a single state, to be ruled over by, an all powerful Elite under a single government in Brussels (Berlin) - as the EU goes forward.

We have seen the problems with the EU attempting to push migrant quotas onto reluctant Hungary and Poland, which effectively developed into an ECJ case which was decided in the favour of the EU - as that is the true role of the ECJ within the EU.

Once the member state is seen as being in breach of an EU law then Brussels (Berlin) - and a new EU law that can potentially appear "out-of-the-blue" - the EU can apply sanctions against any member state in breach of that law.

Based upon integration through biased ECJ rulings, any member state can fall foul of some EU law, and be subject to sanctions - the Catalonia Independence Referendum was deemed to be illegal in Spanish law - and the EU did not condemn the violence on that basis - so perhaps we should assume that violence by an EU member states against its own population is acceptable to the EU, as long as it has a "legal" basis.

Do we need to extrapolate further?

Update 8th October, 2017

European Union steps up legal action on 'anti-Soros' NGO law in Hungary

According to Agence French-Press (AFP) 4th October, 2017 - the EU are objecting to new Laws in Hungary which target "Non-Government Organisations" (NGO's) which operate with Hungary (and throughout the world) - many of which are funded by George Soros.

"In June, Hungary's parliament approved the law which will force groups receiving more than 24,000 euros ($26,000) annually in overseas funding to register as a "foreign-supported organisation", or risk closure for non-compliance. They will also have to use the label "foreign-supported organisation" on their websites, press releases and other publications. "

Victor Orban, the Hungarian President argued that it ensures transparency of the NGO, and their funding - but the EU, maintains that the law violates "Freedom of Association" rights in EU Treaties and has given the Hungarian government one month to provide a "reasoned response", otherwise the matter will be referred to the Court of Justice of the EU.

So once again the EU are planning to obtain legal rulings against Hungary from its own in-house legal system, the ECJ.

This is really just an extension of the fight between Hungary and the EU over mass migration and migrant quotas - Soros has long advanced the notion of Open Borders with his "Open Societies Foundation" and is funding anti-nationalist fervor throughout the western world - encouraging mass migration into the EU and the USA, in order to breakdown national identity and national boundaries through numerous organisations - in concert with Merkel, Juncker, at the EU and Sutherland at the UN. This is what Hungry is fighting against,

The irony being that the EU plans its own super Nationalism - it already has its own Flag, Passport, Oath of Allegience, Motto, Currency, Anthem and EU Armed Forces, and is in the process of finalising all other controls it needs to be considered a state in its own right in International Law. The EEC -> proto-EU Army has been in existence since, at least, 1963, after the joint German-France Elysee Treaty was signed - during which they agreed to control the EEC for their own benefits.

Once the EU has secured sufficient legal backing to take on Hungary and other non-compliant states it will almost certainly act more aggressively, including violent confrontation - perhaps releasing the EU Army, if all else fails - and only then will we see the EU in its true light - hopefully this happens before March, 2019 - not because we want bloodshed, but because we want to see the real EU exposed - before it is too late.

For a detailed analysis of the ambitions of the EEC(EU) see Heath's EEC Deception.