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12th Jul 2018

President Trump: You are very welcome

What a very welcome change you are to our nefarious leaders who possess little class, respect or integrity: who speak with  fork tongues; lie to our face and operate in the shadows through stealth in order to sell us out to the highest bidder; while they pretend to be honourable and above reproach; luxuriate in their titles, gongs, and privileges while they do their best to cheat the taxpayers' on expenses and indulge in bare-faced skulduggery at the expense of their electorate.

I hope you have a wonderful time here in Britain - but watch your back - Britain is a haven for EU supporting Communists - and most of them are in our Houses of Charlatans - but many are distributed throughout our society. 

We would like to sincerely apologise for the treatment that some in our society are attempting to impose upon you - their motivation is, of course, simply that they support the EU and you do not - you see it for what it really is - plus you are not Hilary Clinton - thank God.

Have a great time.


Baby Khan "Blimp"