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29th April 2018

President Trump's UK Visit

Donald Trump evoked riots and condemnation in the USA and in Europe when he became the President of the United States - vilified for his outspoken, brash behaviour and alleged misogyny - but his behaviour is no worse than some other American Presidents - even President Clinton, especially when it comes to the opposite sex. When it comes to misogyny when will the Feminists and their supporters tackle institutionalised misogyny in some ethnic minority groups in the UK instead of attacking Donald Trump - or are such women less important?

But he hasn't killed anyone, he hasn't fomented any wars, as others have in the Middle East, for example - so why is he now, and was, throughout his election campaign, and during his Presidency continually being attacked? When so many odious dictators from other countries - and under the Labour party even hate preachers - were so warmly welcomed with open arms in the UK, for example?

President Trump - the Democratically Elected President of America - made it clear that he wanted to look after the interests of America and its people - and he certainly has moved in that direction - and often against concerted opposition  - even from his own Republican Party - so why is Donald Trump so hated?

The answer is plain for all to see though never really discussed - opposition distractions point to his various comments about women, his previous liaisons and his attempts to make America safe by trying to prevent terrorists entering the USA. 

The simple truth is that Donald Trump is really hated because he is not Hilary Clinton - if he had lost the election it is doubtful that he would have had too much press coverage - certainly not the level that he has had to endure.

The opposition to Donald Trump and the bile thrown about to try and discredit him mostly stem from the political Left in the USA (Democrats) and the UK who support the EuroCommunists in Europe (EU) - in their long dreamt of World Communist Government - and everything that is wrong with the direction that they are moving.  

The smear tactics, attempts to have Donald Trump's election result overturned and the continual attacks have followed the same pattern and tactics used by the political Left (largely) to overturn the 23rd June 2016 British - EU Referendum result since we voted to leave the control of the EU.

The one thing that unites the Political Left, whether it is Sadiq Khan, Corbyn, Blair, Merkel and the rest is the dream of a new Communist world and Donald Trump is standing in their way - and more - he is threatening their worldview - the EU itself and he is supporting "Brexit" - he supports free trade, sovereignty and identity - everything that is anathema to the Left. 

That is until they are in charge - then it all changes and it is enforced Red flag waving and Military Parades - and updated versions of Orwell's "Animal Farm" and "1984" become a reality in the West. 

The hopes and ambitions of the political Left have been heightened by this particular period in History - the Centenary of the Bolshevik Revolution (1917) and the bi-Centenary of Karl Marx's birth (1818) - as their dreams snd anticipation of a Democratic win in the US and a Labour win in the UK were dashed.

We welcome the visit to the UK by President Trump and trust that most people in the UK will see past the atrocious behaviour of the EU supporting UK political Left and also welcome his visit.