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18th October, 2016

Project Fear - Phase Two

Yesterday on LBC, Nick Ferrari interviewed Nick Clegg or "Mystic Clegg" as he was called after he predicted massive price rises for food and other goods because of the Brexit vote, and today a report says the exact opposite. Clegg also went on to state that it was clear that the EU was being run by Germany out of Berlin - well spotted. Yet he continues to push, along with many others, to subvert Democracy, although he (and they) claim that they really do not, and do, in fact, respect the vote in the Referendum despite plotting to keep Britain trapped in the EU where we would simply live in subjugation. Meanwhile the head of the German auto industry has let it be known that he would be willing to see massive job losses in that industry to save the German (EU) Empire (not his actual words though) 

As the months have passed since June 23rd, 2016 the Remain camp have regrouped and have manoeuvred to take any opportunity to delay the invocation of Article 50, so that it can be prevented until the 2020 General Election; where they plan to have in place a Blairite - Fabian - EU Bankers' Party; which might well be led by Blair or D Miliband, after they have removed Corbyn, by fair means or foul or the Corbyn Labour Party is opposed by another very New New Labour Party. Don't be fooled again - the only difference between New Labour and Old Labour is presentation they both have the same ulterior motives, as set by the Fabian Society membership which controls the PLP.

The solution to that problem is to invoke Article 50 in good time for either a negotiated settlement with or a complete separation from the EU before 2019 - and the sooner the better, during which time we can put in place trade arrangements outside the protectionist EU bloc. In the meantime we will have to suffer these phony wars between the EU and the UK through their pundits in the Press. 

"Child" Refugees from Calais  

Even the most cursory glance from Press released photographs clearly shows that this programme is a giant confidence trick designed to allow in migrants through a new system to circumvent the existing rules and bring in mass immigration through the family reunion programmes. The programme is predicated upon the idea that these refugees are children and clearly this can be applied to anyone under the age of 30, further, the idea of family member is also applied very widely and throws the entire system into disrepute. 

Anyone from the Calais camp who arrives here to join their "family" implies a relationship, such as a parent and an established family group, which provides for the care and well being of the individual throughout their lives, but it is more likely that they will be cared for by the hard pressed British taxpayer who will subsequently be required to support their parents and other dependants after they apply to join them. 

As the Labour MP Rachael Maskell stated in September, 2015 "Britons should just lie down and accept longer waits for hospital treatment and larger classes in schools in order to accommodate more Syrians and other migrants fleeing conflict overseas"  - (this does not apply to the celebrities though, who don't have to use the public services that our politicians give away at the drop of a hat) - and keep taking in the migrants until the system buckles. This is the attitude and motivation of those crying for more migrants to be brought to Britain - then we will all be equally disadvantaged in a society on its knees - apart from them.

The Labour Party's objectives, along with the rest of the Left in Britain are the breakdown of British society and to take over control from the resulting anarchy, as instructed by the Left (ex-Communist) dominated EU leadership and the *UN controllers of the Left in Britain - they are not motivated to help anyone else or for acting for anyone else's benefit - the migrants are just pawns of the political Left, for their own ends.


The notion that these "Refugees" from the Calais camps are equivalent to the Jewish children escaping the Nazis is entirely disingenuous - in the case of the WW II refugees, they were in a dangerous Europe where they were in fear for their lives, and they really were vulnerable young children, boys and girls - afraid from the Nazis and the collaborating Vichy French inside Europe, but this is not the case today, these are military age young adults - they are in a safe country and can apply for asylum in France or any other country through which they travelled, before reaching Calais.

* See Brian Wheeler's 2012 BBC report about the UN representative for migration - Peter Sutherland's meeting with the House of Lords Migration Committee - where he states "The EU should do its best to undermine the homogeneity of its member state in order to make them Multicultural" - just as Blair and New Labour had done in Britain after the 1997 General Election - obviously, the members states were not told that this was the reason why Merkel was inviting untold numbers of migrants into Europe - via Germany - they simply claimed that they were refugees.

After Merkel invited Syrian Refugees, anyone wishing to get into the EU suddenly became Syrian; Juncker added further migration by inviting anyone from anywhere in the world to come to the EU, and Peter Sutherland openly promoted mass uncontrolled immigration from Africa into Europe and proclaimed that these migrants should not have to integrate within European societies - not forgetting George Soros and his "Open Borders Foundation", along with a number of Jewish Charity organisations in Europe have also encouraged the free flow of migrants  - in what has become an orgy of unfettered abuse of the indigenous populations of the EU member states. The Visegrad countries are the only ones who have, so far objected to any real extent.  

The EU's avowed intention is to break down the societies of its member states in order to bring about its single government in Brussels (Berlin) - as is spelled out on the Plaque in the EU visitor centre in Brussels - we must resist the exploitation of the migrants at our expense, undertaken  by our politicians; and lauded by celebrities who seek only self-promotion enroute to the much coveted gongs, and look to resettle the migrants back in their own countries - rather than allow this UN sponsored depopulation of the resource rich Middle East and North Africa.

Apparently what is taking place in Europe is what the Remain supporters think is a really good idea, and they are determined that Britain sinks into oblivion along with the rest of the other EU countries who were "had" by their own politicians.