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22 June, 2017

Queens's Speech

Finally, we have reached the point where the diversions from "Brexit" have been pushed to one side, and we are where we should have been in early January 2017, but with a large majority and ready to take the EU negotiations through our Parliament In readiness to push for our exit from the EU on our terms - as far as that is feasible whilst maintaining working relations with the EU.

Our objectives have always been clear and well defined - a free trade agreement - without having to be members of either the EU Single Market or Customs Union, as many other country have, - and not subject to control of our legal system or Sovereignty from any judicial organ of the European Union. An arrangement where we can cooperate with partners in the EU, but as a Sovereign nation, not as a vassal state - administered from Brussels (Berlin), without punitive action being administered by either the EU or the individual member states - out of malice and resentment.

There aren't any real barriers to Britain leaving the EU, except those designed to prevent us from leaving - we could easily cooperate and get along just fine, just as we do with NATO and most other intergovernmental organisations, and we can trade freely, and feel just as secure as a none member of the EU. That, though, is not enough for the EU, because the EU can only grow and succeed under a single government - the current situation requires agreement between 27 members, which is ridiculous - and the main reason why the EU spends years trying to get trade agreements -  and only works if power is concentrated with Germany and France, which is the EU goal.

That arrangement would be good for the smaller, weaker and poorer EU members, and good for some of the better off ones, like Germany who control the money in the EU; systematically exploit cheap labour, and  subjugate the weaker EU states (the UK simply exploits the cheap Labour, whilst guaranteeing loans to the weaker EU member states) - but this state of affairs is totally anathema to the British - who value their freedom and independence - and that is the real threat to the UK from the EU. 

The Real Problem

The real problem for the Eurocrats is that the EU is only part-built, and sees the UK leaving as a major threat to its ambitions and, indeed, its survival - Was the Queen's hat a symbol meant to represent the EU having its spots knocked-off? - for if the UK leaves without being under EU control, then others will be more tempted. This is a terrifying prospect for the EU, and damaging to its reputation (ignore the bravado) the bigger the threats and attempts to keep us from leaving, the more worried they are - human nature.

That is why they have mobilised all their external "assets" to thwart the Democratic will of the British People. These EU assets are everywhere in our society and throughout the world (not a conspiracy just fact - including Obama and many others) they have been cultivated since we joined the proto-EU (EEC) - through bribes (devolution funds and regional development grants - actually paid for by us - since the EU funds derive from the UK taxpayer's), also through loans, favours, and include their backers, financiers, international banks, the IMF, and the UN etc. - civil servants and local government officials. Most notably they are in the Labour Party, some in the Tories, many in the SNP, LibDems, and one or two in the Greens etc.

Worst of all, is the treachery by former EU Commissioners, MEP's and other Eurocrats who receive remuneration, and who will receive EU pensions, who inhabit the House of Lords - where none of these remunerations have to be declared (and elsewhere) These Peers not only have financial links to the EU, which are paid from UK taxpayer's contributions, but they have also sworn allegiance to our Democracy, via our Monarch, and they only vote in their own interests - that is, in favour of the EU.

With a deliberately weakened Tory government in our Parliament, the EUphile jackals, and vultures in our society are circling to strike blows on behalf of the EU - in order to keep the UK trapped in the EU - we will, at least this time, be able to see the true extent of the EU sponsored corruption in our Parliamentary system - and identify those who we should ensure never acquire power again within our Parliamentary system - in particular, by reorganising the House of Lords, making it transparent and depleted of external vested interests. This assumes that we have not been subsumed by the EU before the end of this Parliament.

For more about our corrupt Parliamentary System please see: 2017 – 015 British Politics 2017. Lies, More Lies, Deceits and Ripoffs.

Brexit related Bills in the Queen's Speech (after the BBC - 21June, 2017)

The Brexit related Bills in the Queen's Speech are listed below, and the treacherous Corbyn crew and others have "sworn" to force the Democratically elected Tory government from power - in order to bring about an EU friendly "Brexit" - which involves not leaving - thereby thwarting the will of the British People, on behalf of the EU.

Repeal Bill
This measure will repeal the 1972 European Communities Act and convert EU law into UK law. The UK Parliament (and where appropriate, the devolved legislatures) will be free to make any future changes to its laws

Customs Bill
The bill will ensure that the UK has a standalone UK customs regime on exit flexibility to accommodate future trade agreements with the EU, and others changes can be made to the UK's VAT and excise regimes on exit from the EU, whatever the outcome of negotiations. The government can collect payments of customs duties, administer the customs regime and tackle duty evasion and take control over the import and export of goods.

Trade Bill
Puts in place a legal framework to allow Britain to strike free trade deals with countries around the world while ensuring domestic businesses are protected from unfair trading practices

Immigration Bill
Enables the government to end the free movement of EU nationals into the UK, but still allows the country to attract "the brightest and the best". EU nationals and their families will be "subject to relevant UK law"

Fisheries Bill
Enables the UK to control access to its waters and set UK fishing quotas once it has left the EU

Agriculture Bill
This measure will ensure an effective system is in place to support UK farmers and protect the natural environment after the UK leaves the EU and therefore the Common Agricultural Policy.

Not surprisingly, none of the Tory Manifesto promises which sought to drive its core voters into poverty and despair were included in the Queens Speech.