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17th March, 2017

Ramping-Up Project Fear

Now that our Queen has signed the Article 50 (TEU) Bill into Law on our behalf (best result to-date), there has been a new phase of attacks against any notion that Britain should in anyway be allowed to leave the EU - and let's be clear we are leaving the Political EU - we are not leaving Europe nor stopping trading with the European Countries - The Political EU is the organisation that we never previously had any say in our joining - indeed the only say that we have ever had was one in 1975, and that was about the EEC (at least as far as the British public were told) and that was about trading with countries in Europe as a collective group, and for our mutual benefit - or so we believed - even though Heath gave away our fishing rights to Brussels in order to allow the whole of Europe to squander our marine resources.

Worse than not having any say, the British people have been deceived by every Prime Minister since, and including, in particular, Edward Heath, as well as by many Politicians, the Judiciary and others in the establishment - EUrophiles to a man (or woman).

None of the furore that we have seen, since the EU Referendum on the 23rd June, 2016, from the Liberal elite nor the Commons nor the ignoble Peers nor the Judiciary ever took place when the EU treaties were taking away our sovereignty and "carving-up" our country into regions of the EU - Where were the outcries then, when the Lisbon Treaty (2007) was Ratified using the Royal Prerogative to avoid Parliamentary scrutiny? - who paid the "High Court" and the "Supreme" Court of Justice which resulted in a ruling to remove the Royal Prerogative from Gordon Brown, in order to prevent New Labour selling the UK to the EU? No-one did, simply because the EU suits the "elites", who assume that they will be protected from whatever the rest of us are subjected to at the hands of those in Brussels (Berlin). 

Only now, that the "cushy" future of those "elites", who so despicably deceived us are under threat; not only from us, by leaving the political EU, but no doubt they are also under threat from their EU masters, for failing to block our attempts to escape from the inevitable servitude in the EU, and perhaps new orders, and schemes, to keep doing everything that they can to stop Britain leaving have been issued. The future of any member state in the EU, apart from the founding group, or maybe just Germany, is exemplified by Greece and other southern European member states, which have been "kowtowed" by their attachment to the Euro and Eurozone secured loans. 

Before our eyes the EU is turning into an elitist Germano-centric bloc with a rapidly growing vassal state subsystem on its outer flanks - which provides a wealth of cheap labour to be exploited to help Germany compete with China - and they do not like the fact that we do not want to pay for their ever increasing EU expansion or be a part of that system.

Question Time

Last night on question time the fury of the Remoaners' dominated proceedings, and in particular from the SNP representative, Joanna Cherry. It is not particularly clear whether Ms Sturgeon is being pushed into an Indy2Ref by virtue of circumstances, opportunism, or a push from Salmond, or even a push from the EU itself (whilst keeping its distance from an open invitation for Scotland to have a place in the EU). Unfortunately, it does appear that the SNP have two principle objectives (1) to destroy the UK and (2) to ensure that Britain gets the worst possible deal from the EU, by creating a distraction and a deflection from the process of the UK leaving the EU with a good deal - the SNP could not be doing any more to help the EU than this siding with the EU against the best interests of the UK.  Labour's Angela Eagle best summed up the SNP's actions at this time, when she stated that it was "Mischievous"

Is anyone aware of how Scotland joining the EU, separate from the UK, has any advantagefor the Scottish population - do they really want to have a hard border - do they really want to join the Euro?  The only advantage that might appear to be obvious, at least at first, is that Scotland would receive loans from the EU, as other countries, such as Eire have done - but those loans would be secured against Scottish assets, and this is precisely how Greece was impoverished and effectively brought under direct control from Brussels (Berlin) -  would the Scottish voters, really benefit - in the short term, perhaps, in the longer  term? - unlikely, unless they think that mass youth unemployment would make them better off.

The EU does not do anything that does not provide it with material advantage.