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3rd February, 2016

                                                      Re-forming the Reforms

This topic was examined briefly before under Cameron’s Reforms and will be expanded and updated here.

Yesterday we were treated to a set of “Reforms” created by the EU (not negotiated by Cameron) and designed to ensure that in Britain the outcome of the “Referendum” will be in favour of the EU, as was previously devised in the case in the 1975 Referendum. 

Cameron has to present the case for the EU, as do all the Political Party leaders in the UK, including the SNP as prescribed in the Foreign and Commonwealth briefing notes FCO:30/1048

“After entry (to EEC, 1972) there would be a major responsibility on HMG and on all political parties not to exacerbate public concern by attributing unpopular measures or unfavourable economic developments to the remote and unmanageable workings of the Community."

Which is also why our leaders haven’t gone around advertising the fact that the recent flooding results from the EU preventing the UK from dredging its rivers, or tried to blame it on something else e.g. so called Climate Change”.

The FCO documents were released under the 30 - year rule and more details are available on this site.

When Britain joined the EEC in 1973 it was generally not realised that the British people had been sold to a pack of wolves in Europe by our Political leaders and our Queen who signed the Treaties. 

The result of which has led us from being a once proud nation to what we are today, a political non-entity within the EU grovelling at the feet of a bunch of power mad, largely failed politicians with ambitions to create a Totalitarian Superstate, but who could not efficiently run a village fete.

Elizabeth I and those who have given their lives for freedom since then and more recently during WWI and WWII must have been spinning in their graves at the signing of each treaty and the adoption by our supposed governments of laws made by foreign powers.   

This latest offering by Cameron is simply a cynical attempt by the EU to present itself as a caring, listening, co-operative organisation whose interests are only those of a society that everyone would wish to embrace. 

The reality is that the EU is a hornet’s nest of vested interest, all with a similar attitude to the exploitation of the UK for their own benefit.

When you consider the ambitions of the EU, which are well documented, to expand not only to include Turkey and Ukraine, but further into the Middle East and North Africa.

Our interests can only be further diluted and sidelined by the interests of any new EU member, in favour of their own best interests. Therefore, there will not be any promised changes in Britain’s favour unless that benefits the EU’s poorer countries in greater measure and in any event there are no legally enforceable changes under any circumstance.

Without any means of legal enforcement that could be relied upon, Cameron’s (EU) words are meaningless at best and downright dishonest at worst, as by (EEC) EU Treaty rules they must be such - even Treaties "set in stone" can be changed by Brussels (Berlin) - but it only works one way.

Now is the time for those in the our current or former Armed Forces, the Police and Judiciary, local and central Government in the Lower or upper Chambers, who know the truth about the EU and the danger that it represents; to speak out before the “Referendum” - you will have massive support.

We need to get out of the EU while we still can.