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13th November, 2017

Recent Events (13 Nov, 2017)


On the 10th November, 2017, J C Juncker, speaking at the University of Salamanca, stated that "Nationalism is Poison" as he supported the actions of M Rajoy against the Catalan attempts to gain independence from Spain - so the EU clearly supports the brutal actions of the Madrid government in its attempts to suppress the aspirations of the Catalan people, and sees no reason to apologise for that brutality - suggesting that such actions would be applauded by the EU should any other member state seek to suppress its populations; in the event that they express a wish for self-determination. Mr Juncker continued “I say 'no' to any form of separatism that weakens Europe and further widens the existing fissures."

Meanwhile those held in prison or released on bail are unlikely to be allowed to campaign for Catalan independence during the December, 2017 Regional Elections.

Reports suggest that over the weekend around 750,000 people took to the streets in Barcelona to protest the arrests and demand their release - Mariano Rajoy has urged Catalans to vote in an election on December 21 to "restore normality" to the area, and not to vote for anyone who supports independence.

Juncker's support for the actions of the Madrid government was more about the attitude of the EU towards its member state populations in general, rather than what was happening in Spain - in a remarkable display of hypocrisy Juncker critised and debased precisely what the EU are building for themselves - a "Nationalistic" Empire - at the expense of its member states.

The EU already has its own "Paraphernalia of State" - Anthem, Citizenship, Flag, Legal System (Corpus Juris), Motto, Oath of Allegiance, Paramilitary Police Force (Gendarmerie), Passport: EU Armed Forces since at least 1963 - under German control (instead of paying its dues to NATO); and plans to take over centralised control of all Fiscal, Financial and Social aspects of the lives of every person in the EU - all for the benefit of a few "rulers", living off the "fat-of-the-land" in Brussels (Berlin), while the populations of the southern member states live with austerity driven poverty and high unemployment.

The EU is also in the process of producing a new treaty to replace Lisbon Treaty (2007) - it is called "The Fundamental Law" - it is basically a formalised Constitution - the previous "Constitution for Europe (2004)"; rejected by the French and Dutch in 2005 was hidden within the texts of the Lisbon Treaty (2007).

This new constitution will be take account of the various obstacles that the EU has started to face, since it became clear that the EU was not a simple a union of trading nations - this time the "Paraphernalia of State" are being taken out from where they were hidden - because now the pretence of the EU's ambitions has disappeared. 

Corbyn and Johnson

Corbyn and his collaborators have stepped up their attacks against Theresa May's government last week in their attempt to bring down the elected government on behalf of the EU - this time Corbyn is calling for Boris Johnson to resign over his comments about Nazanin Zaghari-Radcliffe's reason for travelling to Iran  - it relates to disputed claims between a "holiday" or "teaching journalism" erroneously made by Boris Johnson; for which he has apologised and is working hard to bring about a satisfactory release of Nazanin from prison in Iran.

Corbyn's criticism of Johnson though took an unexpected turn when it was revealed that Corbyn is a firm supporter of the Iranian Regime and has been paid £20,000 by Iran over the years for television appearances in which he gives pro-Iranian support.

It is remarkable that such a man as Corbyn who supports terrorist organisation around the world, whilst actively trying to disarm the UK, should have such support in the UK for his faux "Pacifism", an anti-Capitalist happy to fill his wallet for demonising the UK and its allies - what a hypocrite Corbyn is - and how easily fooled are those who follow him.

After Blair, Corbyn is the most dangerous man in Britain at this moment in time.