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18th August, 2016

Recent Events (18 Aug 16)

According to an IMF Report

It has urged eurozone governments to improve healthcare and initiate worker training policies to help fight against the impact of ageing, stating that "Ageing will take a considerable toll on productivity growth over the medium- to long-term." and went on to state that "...frailer health and out-of-date skills of older workers over 50 has been found to hinder their productivity" according to a Daily Express report today.

The report claimed that such factors had not even been considered within the Eurozone previously - except that it had been cited previously​, by at least Peter Sutherland at the UN when he was promoting mass migration from Africa into the EU between 2012 and 2016 in order to undermine the homogeneity of the EU nation states particularly Germany and the southern European countries, and make them multicultural - in order to offset the growing population of elderly workers and the low birth rates in those countries.

Even ignoring the fact that the IMF is probably one of the most Europhile organisations around - aren't they simply singing from the same hymn sheet as the UN, and is this report a precursor to the promotion of further immigration into the EU?

Pensions and healthcare provision are Ponzi schemes which requires an increasing birthrate or increasing numbers of immigrants in order to function - as Merkel is pushing for in Germany - and assuming that they are productive and pay tax, in order to pay for the care of the elderly in the host population; but that also includes the dependents of the earlier immigrants who also grow old; have age related illnesses and have to be supported; as indeed the do immigrants themselves.  This does not take account of the ever groaning public services that are also taken up with mass immigrant birth rate increases, and, if we are to believe the Police and Politicians, an increase in Mental Health problems.

The only way the Ponzi scheme can work in reality is if the immigrants are actually dependent free, nomadic migrants who, after their working contribution is exhausted would return home  - as the Turkish "Guest workers" that Germany imported between 1950's - 1970's were expected to do - except that a lot of them took up residence in Germany, brought over their families and relatives, but many were unable to integrate.

Now we learn that some refugees in Germany are refusing to work since they had been invited into Germany by Merkel as "Guests." - Merkel would do better to encourage an increase in birthrate amongst the host nations in Europe, to be nurtured and trained to benefit their own countries.

Germany has been inviting workers from all over Europe and elsewhere since the 1950's; and the Eurozone austerity programmes which created mass youth unemployment in southern Europe helped mobilise labour into northern Europe - how can it be that Germany still needs more immigration?

EU Olympic Medal Table 18 August, 2016
The EU apparently published an Olympic Medals table today - placing the EU at the top with 78 Gold medals - by lumping together all the medals from the EU individual Nation States into a single government EU "superstate." 

Is this the beginning of the EU throwing away their pretence to be a collection of sovereign Nation States and now using open propaganda to promote its real intentions; as opposed to their usual stealth tactics. 

Nation States abolished - Totalitarian EU takes all the credit where they have contributed no effort; other than usurping a top table position. 

EU politicians basking in their faux glory on the backs of athletes displaying their own individual national characteristics and talents; honoured with their own National Anthem not the EU National Anthem - nothing to do with the EU - certainly not as far as Britain is concerned - UK lottery funded sports excellence and totally independent.

Other Items

Meanwhile, yesterday and the day before the major banks who backed staying in the EU, in particular Goldman-Sachs and J P Morgan Chase, and lost money betting against Brexit, continue to do Britain down with dour predictions of doom and gloom - apparently doing their best to bring about a recession - despite all the evidence to the contrary as well as the fact that, unfortunately, we have not yet left the EU. 

Worryingly more and more EU nationals are flooding into the UK. 

When will May and Rudd take action to protect Britain's borders and prevent further abuse of our generosity? - and when will May issue a timetable for the invocation of Article 50? Any delay at the request of Merkel or other EU politicians is totally unacceptable.

New New Labour

Also in the news this week Owen Smith accused the Tories of privatising the NHS, even though that programme underwent its most invasive attack under New Labour with PFI; courtesy of Blair and Brown.

What is even more astonishing is that Smith is seeking election under a banner of offering a "Second EU Referendum" - why would there be another if the first gave a majority - not a dead heat.  Everything that was stated was fact checked or easy to test - and both sides exaggerated - that is politics and that would not change second time around.

Having complained about privatising the NHS by the Tories - Smith apparently is not aware or perhaps he knows full well that under the EU freedom of workers, capital, goods and services; all the public services and infrastructure of the member states will be privatised, and that is true for our NHS - that is if New New Labour and its majority in the PLP can find enough support to overturn the Referendum result; as is the avowed intention of the Blairite Fabian cabal.

In any event, if Smith does win then he is only a temporary resident since he will be replaced by the arch Europhile, ex-New Labour D Miliband who co-signed the Lisbon Treaty (2007) and is only interested in the total absorption of Britain within the EU.