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23rd September, 2016

Recent Events(23Sep16)

Watching BBC Question Time last night it was clear that Carolyne Lucas, Liz Kendal and Norman Lamb were singing from the same "hymn sheet" certainly related to the EU and frequently cited was loss of environmental protection and worker's rights; despite the fact that they do not seem to realise even the most basic facts related to either of those concerns. Even if we ignore that fact that Germany is one of the most polluting countries in the Europe, burning highly polluting coal instead of using nuclear power following the Fukushima nuclear power station disaster in Japan. 

Also ignoring the fact that some German car manufacturing companies deliberately ensure that their vehicles can get around the pollution limits with software manipulation, and French workers have to strike in order to maintain their rights and protect them from the EU - and because of deliberate austerity programmes in the EU; much of the southern EU member states have mass youth unemployment ranging up to the high 50% in Greece, 44% in Spain and 39% in Italy  - not forgetting that free movement of people has put massive pressure on wages and jobs throughout the UK. How can Kendal, Lamb and Lucas possibly support Britain staying in the EU and still keep a straight face - but of course their only real objective is to overturn the Referendum result on behalf of the EU and keep Britain trapped within a protectionist bloc, to be totally absorbed and made invisible on the world stage.

Out of interest why do we in Britain have the LibDems, Greens, SNP and Labour parties when they all spout the same nonsense, when in reality they are all flying the same flag of Socialism - a movement with only one objective - to prepare the way for Communism - by bringing to their knees, by any and all means, the very Societies within which they seek power and influence. But therein lies the real connection with the EU which has the same, common purpose, within the Nation States of Europe, to bring about their downfall.

It does not even matter whether they are Right, Centre Right,  Left or Far Left versions - except that those pretend to be Centre or Centre Right are the more dangerous, such as New Labour - who were only elected three times by pretending to be really Tories with compassion - and managed to almost completely destroy our public services, infrastructure and economy; with a little help from the Clinton administration through sub-prime mortgages. 

Meanwhile the EU is descending into turmoil through its own ineptitude and reliance on dogma over proper governance, and is desperate to form a single government before Britain leaves them behind - even as the world finally sees the reality that the EU's plan was to build an Empire by stealth in Europe which is finally being exposed as a giant EEC confidence trick - the EU's single government would never come about once it became clear what its true objectives really were; then the game was up.

Now the EU is in its death throes and looking to its apparatchiks in Britain to administer CPR and breath life into its convulsing torso - the only way it can effectively survive will be to rapidly reverse the Democratic will of the British people - hence the rise of Owen Smith, David Miliband and the ghost of Blair - since all other options would take many years, with a very uncertain outcome, since the fantasy of a trading block between sovereign Nation States has been exposed as just that, an illusion designed to lure unsuspecting European populations into the web of deceit that is the EU.

The world moves to save the EU

The moves by the UN, Soros, the OECD and Uncle Tom Cobbly and all to try to force the removal of the internal borders of the EU member states has been pushed through the UN General Assembly in order to give the EU a chance to flood migrants across its members states in order to attain its goals, is being met by increasing opposition. It is also being recognised, and resented by the members states, that it is in the interests of the multinational corporations to have a single government in Europe through which they can secretly negotiate deals which can be pushed upon their member states through Regulations. In turn the multinationals and investors also realise that an unstable and fragmented EU does not represent a particularly smart investment, particularly without key markets like the UK, and are not willing to continue to negotiate trade deals with an organisation whose populations are becoming agitated by the mismanagement by their "leaders" in Brussels, particularly related to uncontrolled mass immigration, terrorism, overcrowding, loss of identity and fear of Islamisation throughout Europe.

Brexit Negotiations

Brexit is a massive opportunity for Britain and must not end up as a compromise on the Referendum result - the idea that we do not know what Brexit really means is a fallacy and a propaganda mantra put about in an attempt to overturn the Referendum and keep us in the EU. Brexit could not be clearer which is why the opposition is desperate to prevent it. Brexit means a total shift from our normal dealings with the EU - it means no free movement of people - such deals already exist between the EU and other countries  - and even if that means we have to pay tariffs.

It means we will repeal the 1972 European Communities Act (1972) and show no allegiance to any foreign power nor bow to their will; our politicians will represent their constituents and not pay homage to foreign leaders and we will make our own laws once again - without having to refer to the laws of other powers for permission or adhere to Directives or Regulations from faceless bureaucrats  - that is sovereignty in its real sense.

Britain is in a much better position than the EU, which has never actually come up to scratch internationally, it is an amateur organisation with ambitions beyond its capabilities. Its real problem is that it can only be effective as a single government which makes the decisions without having to obtain agreement from 28 member states, but it is clear that the member states won't allow that to happen - because they weren't knowingly signed up to that idea - so it is on a hiding to nothing. 

Britain needs to cooperate with European countries and companies, but we must be in control of our actions and not under the control of any other organisation or country. We need to get the negotiations out of the way quickly - the details can be concluded in their usual way without affecting trade or cooperation - we will not be paying into the EU, nor will be supporting the Eastern European populations nor the new populations from Turkey or elsewhere - we will decide who lives in our country, based upon their contribution, our needs and their acquiescence to our society and our values.

We will however, not turn away those in genuine need.