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24th December, 2016

Recent Events


The terrible events in Berlin mark another low point for the EU and its laissez-faire policy of uncontrolled and unlimited mass migration through open, unmanned borders. The fact that it appears that anyone can cross into the EU without any checks and be simply left to roam freely throughout the members states, even if they do not possess any form of documentation is appalling. Such behaviour by those running the EU and the members state governments totally destroys the trust between the populations and their leaders - whose primary responsibility it to protect their citizens. We hope that no more deaths will be attributed to such wanton negligence in the pursuit of the EU's neo-Marxist dogma in their desire to achieve the single government in Europe. 


We finally see that America has not abandoned its commitment to Democracy, in spite of all the attempts by the political Left in America to prevent that actually happening. There has been a shift away from the establishment and the Media and, ironically, many so-called Democratics have acted in unison to attempt to overturn, by any and all means, what they aspire to represent. The election of Donald Trump was fair and legal and the fact that Hilary Clinton lost was down to a realisation by a majority of Americans that what the Democrats were offering was not what they wanted - more of the same.

The UK

Just as in the USA we have seen the same disdain for, and the attempted subversion of, Democracy. Coordinated by the political Left  who will do everything in their power to prevent Britain escaping from the clutches of the despotic EU and spoiling their dreams of a single government controlling every action of every person and every aspect of their lives. We will not allow the EU to beat us into submission.

We are fighting for our freedom and the freedom of our children and their offspring, as much today as our parents did in WWI and WWII - after 43 years of infiltration we have been taken over from the lowest local council to the highest levels of society, all acting on behalf of Brussels and Berlin. - Quick EU Summary  - for more about how Britain became entangled in the EU. 

The EU is no friend to any of its member states - it has shown exactly that in the Lisbon Treaty (2007)

Happy Christmas and Happiness, Goodwill and Peace in 2017