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4th February, 2017

Recent Events (4Feb17)

Article 50

Parliament voted to pass the Bill authorising the invocation of Article 50 (TEU) with a massive majority of 384 (498 to 114), albeit after being corralled by Theresa May with a promise of a White Paper on the principles of leaving the EU, that the government has adopted, following the EU Referendum on June 23rd, 2016. This vote also reflected the fact that this Bill is only an authorisation to trigger the article, and leaves open the chance for mischief by those opposed to the Bill to try to fix it in their own image and/or attempt to delay the actual triggering. Nevertheless, our Parliament did follow the majority EU Referendum vote, so congratulations to the politicians who did vote in favour, including Jeremy Corbyn - who perhaps had the most to lose.

To those who did not vote in favour, they have that right, and should not be condemned, unless they were amongst the "phoney" 50, who first voted to "allow" the British people a referendum on Leaving or Remaining in the EU, then voted against its outcome - their title of "Honourable" should be removed - after demonstrating that they do not display any such characteristic

At the High Court the Justices have thrown out another legal challenge  to block or delay the triggering of Article 50 with an attempt to make the use of Article 127 illegal - Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty sets out what a member state must do to withdraw from the European Union; Article 127 on the European Economic Area (EEA) sets out the mechanism for leaving the EU Single Market. The application was thrown out because Article 127 has not yet even been discussed nor acted upon, so its use could not be ruled unlawful at this stage.

It appears, out of every corner of the realm, as if coordinated by some dark sinister forces, they come to thwart the will of the people of Britain and trap their children, their grandchildren and their progeny within the EU, as is prescribed in the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - courtesy of New Labour (What Remaining Really Means)

Remaining as a Member of the EU Single Market has precisely the same consequences as if we didn't leave the EU.

The most important act that Theresa May must take care of first is the repeal of the European Communities Act (1972), so that we can then be sure that our institutions are acting in Britain's best interests, not those of the EU.

The EU is no friend of its members states - and, in particular, has never been a friend of Britain - except as a friend in need.

The British people were entangled in the EEC (EU) through stealth and deception over the past 44 years, at the hands of their nefarious politicians in 1972, and more so, by New Labour under Blair and Brown - and further subjugated, through five additional EU treaties, upon which they have had no say, and no Referendums - until 2016 - which was a Referendum on all of the EU treaties.

This is not the same for countries in Europe who have held various Referendums as the EEC (EU) has developed - the fact that these Referendums have been ignored is a problem for the people of Europe - our Referendum must not be ignored. 

Away from Parliament

Meanwhile, in Europe Tony Blair cosied up to J C Juncker, perhaps to discuss the interior design of his EU-1 jet for when he is appointed EU President for his efforts to destroy Britain on behalf of the EU, or to update him on his plans to "foil" Britain's attempts to escape the clutches of the EU. In France, Peter Mandelson was awarded France's highest honour for, bravery or civilian service - Ordre national de la Legion d'honneur, for his efforts to keep Britain trapped in the EU - though, those were not the exact words. It is significant that France or any other western EU member state should place such honours upon those who act against the best interests of the country that they claim to represent. Clearly honour means different things to different people.

EU, UK and USA

The EU is in turmoil because of the failed policies of the political Left who are in control of the EU, and who have brought austerity throughout the bloc in order to keep the Euro weak to give advantage to German manufacturing exports. Added to this is the massive burden being inflicted throughout the western member states due to mass immigration, which numerous eastern EU member states refuse to take into their own countries.

According to sources in Germany and Sweden, crime is rampant and mostly hidden by compliant media and government propaganda programmes.

Banks in the EU are awash with unrecoverable debt and the EU just steps from one crisis to another - all of their own making. 

The Lisbon Treaty (2007) lays out the plan for total integration of all areas of sovereign powers in the EU to be taken away from the EU members states and centralised in Brussels (Berlin) - and each member state has signed and ratified that treaty - but the EU are unable to just come out and enforce that integration; instead, simply look for excuses to bring about semi-integration by small degree - presumably afraid of a large scale backlash from those who have been, thus far, successfully duped by the EU administration and their own politicians.

This begs the question, exactly what information about the Lisbon Treaty (2007) has been relayed to the general populations of the newer EU member states - for example, Poland and Hungary seem to be stunned by the notion that they should take a fair share of mass Muslim "Asylum Seekers," and other unfettered and uncontrolled migration into Europe, from Merkel's big scheme for destabilisation of the EU member states.

Why were they not aware before they joined the EU? To add insult to injury, the Political Left in Britain call the British, quite falsely, "Racist," and say nothing about the attitude of the eastern European clear "Racist" attitude, as ridiculously defined by the Political Left - but that sums up the Political Left - as a dark, menacing movement, focused only upon their own self importance; without any morality and willing to use any form of deception to obtain its own ends.

This incredible situation is supported by ex-President Obama and the US Democrats, as it was with the previous Democratic President Clinton and former Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, in 2016, when Blair arranged for Bill and Hillary to endorse the EU, following Obama's intervention; so it is easy to see why the EU and the political Left are anti-President Trump.

The Political Left could not give a damn about President Donald Trump's behaviour or attitude in reality, the real protest is about the fact that he is not Hillary Clinton, which would have allowed the EU to continue the enslavement of the 500, 000 + population on behalf of the Multinational Corporations, without hindrance, and bring about the first stages of the much vaunted  New World Order - which the USA would be expected to follow, as part of the Common Purpose enterprise.

Fortunately, and as a result of attempts by the Common Purpose proponents to bring about the end of the Nation States of Europe, Donald Trump sought political office in order to protect the United Staes from a similar fate, under a new Clinton Administration, and protect the greatest Democracy on Earth. Despite his unorthodox approach, he is addressing the worries and concerns of ordinary, disenfranchised Americans, and fighting their corner. His lack of political nuance will gradually bring a more streamlined administration which will protect, not only the United States, but the whole world.